Taurus Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Taurus man is stable and Pisces woman is often overwhelmed with the emotions. She needs someone who can stabilize this side of her personality. This man represents a real support for a Pisces woman.

She, on the other side, gives him love and a warm home. They will look one after another and care about each other’s emotions. They won’t have a need to cheat. This loving couple is very likely to get married in the future.

Taurus man

This guy is a tough one. He is strong and stable, but not very dynamic. Sometimes the Taurus man seems too slow. However, you know how a bull acts. In case you wave with a red flag in front of him, you will see a furious reaction. Concluding, don’t play with the fire. Once he is raged, the Taurus man demolishes everything. Probably that he will regret it later, but there is no time to think about the consequences when he is angry.

In other cases, the Taurus man is calm. He is a personification of the person who can handle a lot. The Taurus guy is very persistent also. He has many goals, and many of them are connected to a carrier. The Taurus man wants a good job, a good paid one. It is not an option to have an average life and average salary. Ambition keeps him awake. His head is full of plans that he can’t sleep at night. You are probably thinking he is doing this just for the show, and you are wrong.

The Taurus man will choose to be single for some time. He will devote all his time to building a carrier and making money so that he can offer a safe home for his family. This is a family guy and wants to have many kids. His conscience won’t let him grow a family without having a house, a job, and enough money to maintain all the family obligations. You must admit, this is an adult thinking. We can only praise the Taurus man because of this.

As you can see, the Taurus man is someone who likes to plan – a carrier, family, trips etc. This makes him more secure. And even if there is no plan at the moment, one sleepless night is just enough. For that time, the Taurus man will think of a thousand options.

Once the Taurus man achieves his aspirations, there is no more need for changes (at least from his perspective). It is hard to give up on something you like, right? And the Taurus man adores the situation when he can control everything. There is no need for change, it would scare him. Therefore, you won’t find this man cheating. He will stay with his woman for life, once he marries. A family is one of the highest values, and the Taurus man is a real traditionalist. Knowing what he has, there is no way that he would risk losing it.

Even though this man is stubborn, he will never accept it. Logical, right? You will hear him defending himself, telling you that he is only patient. But yes, he is stubborn as a mule! That stability of his is a little bit under covered by this stubbornness, but still, it is something that can be handled. In comparison to his qualities, you won’t care that much about this one thing.

As in everything else, he is serious about love. If you are with him, you are 100% with him. Don’t even try to take a break in a relationship with him, or ask him about the open concept of a relationship. If he is with someone, the only two options are marriage or a break-up.

Pisces Woman

If we would need to describe a Pisces woman in one word that would be – a dreamer. Even though the Water signs, she is “in the clouds”. Her interests are about the intuition, spirituality, and religion. She has that special sense for the things and is always one step ahead. She pays attention to every detail, and once she is alone, she will process all of it and make her own vision. Maybe we can say for the Pisces woman that she is some kind of alien. This world is sometimes just too small for the mind and the spirit of the Pisces woman.

Pisces is the most romantic among the zodiac signs. Still, she can put that aside when it’s needed. That is when her strong side comes out. You know fish is slippery. The Pisces woman can be slippery also. She likes power and will find a way to come to it. And you wouldn’t say that the Pisces woman is like this. However, she is. This kind of flexibility will bring her some kind of good position. On the other side, she has that seducing side and will use it if she has the interest.

Venus is the ruler of the Pisces. The exact aspect of this planet in this sign makes the Pisces woman very special. Neptune’s daughter can have whomever she desires. There is no one who can resist her look, a hypnotizing one. You just can’t say no. It only keeps you wanting more of her.

We mentioned the fish is slippery. In the transformed meaning, the Pisces woman is hard to get. Even though she will have some interest in a couple of men, she will act distant. This woman can seduce you, but what’s the point of this? She wants a man who will seduce her! And in no case, this will be one adventure, but only a serious relationship. Her emotions are as deep as the ocean. Of course, the right way to seduce her is a romantic one. Use your imagination.

Dreamy Pisces woman can go over the edge sometimes. It is nice to sometimes let everything go its way and relax into your own thoughts. But the Pisces woman will apply this to every sphere of life. When she is in love, she will idealize her partner. This can cause problems. For example, he is not rich, or successful, or beautiful, but she will make him that way. Until now, it is okay. Still, she can enjoy herself too much into this that her partner would feel bad. If he doesn’t have money, she will still act as he does. She will buy expensive clothes, jewelry, go to expensive restaurants. This behavior will push the man from the Pisces woman eventually.

Her sexual drive is strong. This woman enjoys sexual relations. Sometimes it can go to extremes. Even if she wants a serious relationship, she will have a one night stand with a complete stranger, just to get that special feeling. Her partner will have to experiment with her, as she isn’t shy at all. The astrologers sometimes say that this sign has a nympho characteristics.

Love and Marriage

We mentioned how dreamy can the Pisces woman be. Lost in her visions, she can find something truthful in the Taurus man. His stability can give her comfort and peacefulness. It is good that this side of her personality doesn’t bother him. What’s so ever, he understands it and tries to fulfill her expectations. There is no need to hide anything from this couple. There is nothing better when you don’t have to pretend to be something you aren’t. This openness is achieved in the Taurus man and Pisces woman relationship.


There is no need to talk too much. They are more interested in each other’s actions. She will patiently wait for his next move, knowing how caring her partner can be. Taurus man will prepare romantic surprises, as he knows how to impress her. Words sometimes really don’t mean much. It is important to understand each other even without, or with a few words.

Taurus man’s goals are usually all about the materialistic things, while Pisces appreciate loving the most. Even though these are completely different values, it won’t affect the relationship negatively. Taurus man is not the cold type, and besides money, he wants a family. Pisces woman will understand the security he is willing to achieve and will be okay with his way of thinking. Concluding, their shared value is love. Just because they look at it from the different perspectives, it doesn’t mean they should break up.

The Pisces woman sometimes tends to become distant once she is sure about her partner’s love. Somehow, she is pleased with the feeling and then loses interest. The Taurus man will for sure notice this, but it won’t affect him very much. Aware of some imaginary love between them, the couple will be prepared to separate in a calm way, or to accept it and get married.


You already read that these two are not too talkative. This lack of communication can be a problem if the two want to become friends. It is much different to be friend with someone than to be in a relationship. If they get together, the power of love will overshadow this talking issue.

In addition, the Pisces woman likes changes, while the Taurus man doesn’t. She will enjoy the time spent together for a while, but for a long-term friendship, she won’t see a perspective of it. The Taurus man is inert, and won’t understand the Pisces woman in her chase for excitement. This steadiness will annoy the Pisces woman and probably that she won’t call him ever again.

Interesting Facts

One of the most famous couples in these zodiac signs is Eva Longoria and Tony Parker.


Taurus man and Pisces woman can accomplish a healthy, long-term relationship. They are both romantic in some way and love to spend time together. This time doesn’t mean they would talk all day, but more that they will just enjoy the presence of another person. The passion and desire are strong here.

Pisces woman is especially sensible and would initiate the intimate relations. Even though she might lose some interest in him, the Taurus man will give her many other reasons to stay. This dreamy relationship can be converted to a stable marriage.