Taurus Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Taurus man is a strong, confident and down-to-earth zodiac sign. Libra woman is gentle, feminine and soft. These two signs can make an interesting love story. Venus can do miracles here.

They have many things in common and can complement each other. If they overcome the existing difficulties in the relationship, it can turn out great.

Taurus Man

Taurus man can be described in a few words: dependable, independent, patient, stubborn, possessive and materialistic. Of course, they have both positive and negative characteristics.

The good side that you can really rely on their help. Taurus appreciates his friends and family a lot and will do anything for their well-being. You can trust them and be sure they will feel for you. Everybody should have Taurus as a friend.

One of his goals in life is to be independent. He wants to be stable and self-sufficient. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want another person in his life. He just wants to be able to take care of himself without asking for help from the others. This independence is in other words, financial stability. This is the good side of Taurus man’s personality, especially good for the family. But, on the other side, it can turn Taurus man into a real materialist. He wants to impress the others with the money and the power. This is most expressive when they don’t have the emotional partner.

When we talk about the love life of Taurus man, he is the type that will wait for a woman to approach them first. Because of this lack of the initiative Taurus man is often single for a long time. Of course that he can start a conversation, but it will sometimes take the eternity. Taurus man wants to be sure about the feelings of the significant other. And to be fully assured of those emotions, it will take a lot. The person he wants to start a love relationship with will be put on many tests.

Everything matters to Taurus man, how she talks and acts, her relationship to the friends and family, sometimes even her past relationships. Not everybody can put up with it. Some women will have the patience, the others won’t. But this type of a “natural selection” will suit Taurus. As we mentioned, he is a little bit lazy in love, so if something feels wrong from the start, he will pass the chance. This over through analysis is definitely Taurus man’s characteristic.

But, when the Taurus man finds something special in the person, once he is sure about the feelings on the other side, and in his own feelings, he will surrender completely. He will give a lot of love and attention to his beloved one.

You probably know that the Taurus man likes to enjoy life. He is the biggest hedonist out of all Zodiac signs. Prepare yourself for nice presents, dinners, romantic surprises and more. Taurus man can make his woman feel like the queen.

On the other side, jealousy is another characteristic of this man. What’s his will remain his. Sometimes this can be a great burden for a relationship, as he can exaggerate most of the times.

Taurus man usually has the problem with showing off their emotions. The emotions are definitely his weak side. His emotional partner can easily get to thinking that they don’t love them. It is totally not true. Taurus man builds up a wall and hides the emotions. This can fool you. It takes time to get to know Taurus emotions. And when you understand that he is only afraid of getting hurt, you will also be sorry that you thought he is cold or cheating.

As you can see, it is a little bit complicated to understand Taurus man. He will like you, but won’t approach.  He is emotional, but hiding it well.

Libra Woman

Now we come to the sign which is considered as one of the prettiest among the zodiac signs. Libra woman is affected by Venus. This is the planet of love but the beauty at the same time. It is hard to keep up with this kind of woman, as she is on the top wanted list. No one can ignore this beauty. And what is more, she is aware of the impression she leaves. Libra woman won’t ever miss the chance of a flirt. She is confident and knows she can have anyone she wants.

Libra woman is definitely fun. There is no way you will be bored by her side. Her laughter is very catching. Hearing a Libra woman laugh, you will start laughing the same second. She spreads the good energy.

Further, her spirit is free. It is important to remember this. Don’t try to tie that spirit down. Luckily, her temperament is mild. Even if you are a grouch, she will find a way to balance it. It’s nothing weird, as the name of this sign signifies equilibrium, or balance. Her motive is to keep everything chill. There is no need for tension. She will find the way to neutralize the negativity, or will simply walk away if she estimates she has a lot to cope with.

Woman Libra has a dream about love. She is hoping to find a perfect one. Not the right one but the perfect one. And if you don’t fulfill the criteria, she can eventually lose some interest.


Her sexual side is also highlighted. Libra Woman is well-known as a good lover. Barely any zodiac sign woman can compare to Libra. This is a mix of a virtue and passion. In one word, this kind of relationship with a Libra is called pleasure.

We mentioned that Libra woman runs away from the tension. But, it doesn’t mean she is immune to it. Whatsoever, it hits her hard. Libra woman is very sensitive and her emotions get hurt easily.

The bad thing is, she won’t show it. Maybe you will break her world into two, without even knowing. She won’t cry or argue. And this silent enemy of Libra woman is the worst. Keeping the emotions inside can affect the organism and cause health problems. The answer to it is to talk about everything with Libra. Never let her think too much without you noticing it.

Love and Marriage

This encounter is just meant to be. Depending on both partners will to adapt to the flaws of the other they will survive as a couple, or not. The only one look is enough and these two can start a connection. It is well-known that a Taurus man is not an easy type when it comes to falling in love. He may like someone, but it takes time to actually love someone. And believe it or not, this is the case with Libra woman also. She is flirty and catchy, but hesitant at the same time. This is something they have in common, which can also be a stumbling block in the relationship.

They have different characters.  Taurus man is pretty close and doesn’t have the need to talk about the problems. Libra woman is open and likes to discuss the problems in the relationship in order to solve them.

And one of the problems can be the stubbornness of them both. If they are not willing to ease up a little bit, the relationship is about to break. This aspect is especially important for the marriage. But, it is the Libra woman who will have to bend her character. This can be something for a long term only is she get to knows how to deal with his tough character.

What they both have in common is a streaming for a true love. This ideal is something they can achieve together. Taurus man can give stability and Libra woman is somewhere the type of a housewife Taurus man needs.

Their physical attraction is great, under the influence of Venus. But, what is the most important, their intimate relation wouldn’t be the one based on passion only, but the romance also.

All these factors imply that the marriage of Taurus man and Libra Woman can be great, with a few Libra’s efforts. Even though they are different, they complete each other. He has what she doesn’t and the opposite. It is the fact that they want to find a soulmate. Further, both of them doesn’t like to argue. Meaning, they will overcome the small discussions.

Taurus will be a perfect father from the perspective of Libra woman, and the opposite.


These two simply have to same interests. For example, his passion is food, and she likes to cook. If there is no chemistry between them, it is sure that her intellect will interest Taurus man. Libra woman is one of the most sociable zodiac signs. She loves to hang out! That is exactly how they can meet; somewhere out, in a restaurant perhaps.

Taurus man can initially be withdrawn into this social game, but he will also get out of it very fast. His most pleasant atmosphere is his home and the quietness. But, it is hard for this combination to stay on friendly terms. Libra woman will often flirt with Taurus man, sometimes even subconsciously. And he wouldn’t be able to resist it.

Interesting Facts

One of the most famous Taurus man and Libra woman combination are Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith. He is the typical Taurus type, strong and confident, and she is is a true Venus shaped woman. Even after 17 years of marriage, these two look like two teenagers, madly in love.


As you can see, Taurus man and Libra woman might have some ups and downs in their relationship. That is because of the different characters and different approaches to problems solving. But, this is not a real obstacle for this couple. Lovely Venus has a harmonical impact on this relation.

If they are both willing to fight for their love, they can turn out as a true match for each other. This type of relationships can easily turn into a marriage. And what is the most important, a long lasting one.