Taurus Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Be aware of the eruption of the volcano that stands between Taurus and Leo! Exactly. These two have the most intense love and most intense arguments. There is great love compatibility and strong physical attraction. There won’t  be lack of passion and even if they had a hard argument they will make truce in bed. Apart from this, they appreciate loyalty and admiration for each other and can be pretty good match.

Leo needs constant confirmation of her beauty, skills and personality and Taurus can complement her all the time and give her nice things in life. She will be moved when she gets the proof that she is desired and that will be enough for this relation to last. 

Taurus Man

Steady and calm when in his best mood but don’t get confused that this man will remain like that forever.

Taurus makes nice company and pleasant person as long as someone takes him for granted. He actually doesn’t like conflicts, arguments and drama as during that time he suffers and feels bad.

That is why he avoids that and won’t let something to disturb his psyche and inner peace. He needs harmony and nice climate to live in.

It is true that his will is firm and he can bear many on his back. His nature is mild and not impulsive but he has his limits too.

He won’t react at first and you can barely see that something moved him. He has   in his mind all the things that happened and will put it out one day so people will stay petrified and with mouth wide open when this happens. It is because of his quiet nature that people don’t believe that Taurus can react like this.

In most cases, he controls his emotions very god, hates scenes and arguments but he is very aware of someone’s behavior. Before he gets the girl he wants he will probably spent time with her and then when the moment is right will go to action.

His subtle seducing is done with grace and style he would almost never be that direct or transparent. His manners won’t let him rush anything as he needs time to get emotionally attached.

He is romantic and and his concept of love is quiet traditional. He likes courtship and likes women. Taurus will almost never have  a ‘’one night stand’’ because he must fulfill his needs for emotions.

Concerning intimacy, he is not shy and has great stamina. He cares about the needs of his partner and he is not selfish or self-centered.

Taurus knows how to please his partner and enjoys even more when they both enjoy. He is tender lover and very passionate. At first, he can be slow but when his passion is awaken, nothing can stop him.

This man is appealing to many women he can provide them many things. Although he is oriented on material things he also knows how to make happy other people. He is reliable friend, prudent business partner, great father and husband, excellent lover. That is why most of women like to be in his surroundings. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

Leo Woman

It is not enough to say that she is a diva. She is a queen, and she likes to act like royalty. All the mortals must worship her and she is the center of the universe. As the Sun rules Leo and it is the center of universe, that’s how she place herself .

Also, she very dramatic and she depicts herself in a very theatrical manner.

Those are just some of the very typical features of all Leos and that is how you are going to detect them.


Concerning women of this sign they are true leaders and they don’t need somebody to guide them. She wants a man who will walk proudly along her side.

She has many demands that sometimes is hard to accomplish.

She likes the shine in every possible form, that includes nice jewelry, shiny expensive outfits simply because she must shine like a star. She is the star of the show and everybody must know it.

As she easily attracts people and men she will only let a few to be in her company. She would even let them fight about her.

In love, as in everything else she has great expectations. You must satisfy her financial, love, professional and intellectual needs so you can be the right match for her.

In bed, she likes to dominate and likes to be the one will lead the game but also needs a man who will know how to please her. He must share the same enthusiasm and same passion so she can be sure that she is all that he wants.

Making love with Leo is nothing but boring, so she will give her best to make innovations and have great time with her partner. The visual effect is important so she will wear sexy lingerie or some costume.

She will not tolerate ordinary treatment so can be disappointed if a man does so. She nothing but humble and she will make it clear.

The frustration can come when she realizes that the man she likes can’t give her what she wants.

She wants to shy in the fullest and can’t do it in front of few people. She must do it in great style in front of big crowd. She likes powerful men, with good social status, recognized people and even celebrities ,so she will strive to be surrounded by such people.

If she can be more ‘’down to Earth’’ and try to not ti be superficial she might have people of quality by her side. That also refers to relationships and men.

It is okay to be less self-centered and try to associate more with people. When she realizes this she will gain more respect and love toward her personality.

Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

Love compatibilty

In this love Leo and Taurus will have to work hard to reconcile their fixed natures if they want it to work. That requires a lot of tolerance, patience and compromise.

So, these are strong personalities that will rarely change their attitudes, beliefs or habits. They are both determined, ambitious and will try to dominate each other.

That refers to Leo’s ideals, wishes, requests. She won’t mind showering in in many luxurious things then with affection and love but she will always want more than that.

They surely know how to live life to the maximum and they share the same appetite for life.

Similar points of view concerning security and stability in life can unite them and make them a good team.

Taurus appreciate Leo’s inner strength, warm and noble nature , optimism and abilities. He  has good sense for business and knows how to put her great ideas into action so they can both profit.

Business is where they can unite their forces and abilities to make something big. That will fulfill Leo’s need to do and be part of something big as she considers herself predestined for big things in life.

Their relation is a bit complex but very productive in many aspects. If they succeed to overcome some of the obstacles and challenges there are looks for good union between these two.

There is amazing physical attraction and they both enjoy warm and passionate nights.

Taurus’ passion needs to be awaken and Leo girl knows exactly how to do it. She will stimulate him visually and will please his other senses so pleasure is guarantied.

She is not shy but she seduces with grace and style. Taurus likes this kind of girls and will be happy to be with her.

He will be stimulated by her desire and will give in to the sweet impulses that he feels around her. Their making love can take all night as Taurus has big appetite and Leo woman spends all of her energy and passion. Seems like in this aspect they are pretty good match.

Considering other aspects, their ambition and wishes go in different directions.

Taurus likes to save and make money and spend it in a rational way while Leo spends a lot of money on expensive things, trips, cars, houses and similar. Just to make it clear, Taurus also enjoys luxury and fine things but he does prudently.

One of the things that separate them is that Leo lives to be in the spotlight and Taurus hates it. He likes his own little world with a few good friends. So, Taurus is a humble soul and Leo is  just the opposite. 


They can become friends working together on some project or can be business partners. Throughout the whole process they can start to get to know each other, collaborate, help in many situations.

Taurus will give all if his support to Les and he will appreciate her ambition and efforts that she puts into work.

It can happen that if Leo girl needs some kind of financial support to bust her projects probably will get it form Taurus. This is how they will become more close. Apart from this, they can have great time celebrating their success and can go out or have a fancy dinner.

If it’s an intimate dinner, it’s when Taurus will probably tell her how he feels about her. A nice gift can be included.

So, they will enjoy drinking wine, eating something tasty and chat about many things. If she likes it, he will definitely continue doing it.

Their friendship will grow and continue visiting places such as cafes, interesting gastronomic events. Surely, they will have great time satisfying their senses by going in these events.