Taurus Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

These two persons are quiet opposite one to another but sometimes two opposites can make a perfect couple. Taurus is fixed, standing strongly on the ground and Gemini is in the air , always on the move and waving in the wind.

They can connect and stay together only if they are not typical representatives of the signs. That means, that it depends much of the birth chart of the both.

Taurus Man

This man likes to do things slow with no rush and in his own fashion. He won’t do anything without thinking twice. It’s not that he is insecure or something similar, it’s just that he likes courtship and the game of the chasing.

He is a true lover and takes seriously any girl he has any kind of relation with. He will respect the other half as long as she respects him. He may be slow in his actions and reactions but he is nothing but stupid. He knows values and will valuate any girl very quickly. He will know exactly if she fits him or not.

So, Taurus is said to be the most stubborn sign of the Zodiac but in love he will not hang onto something that he feels that is not worth his love,time and money.

Physical love and chemistry are very important to him , but also emotions. It’s like ‘’all inclusive package’’ that he wants.  Although Taurus likes to enjoy the pleasures and love , if there are no emotions he wont be stuck for a long time around.  Unlike Aries whose drives are pretty raw, Taurus includes emotions in relations.

Above all, he is a sweet lover. When making love, he likes to make sure that his partner enjoys those sweet impulses and gives him the best love experience in life. His skin, hands and lips are very sensitive to touch and taste..

Don’t be surprised if you caught him sniffing you because he loves nice perfumes and odors. And long hair will make him crazy as he likes very feminine girls and likes to dive his hands into a long hair and play with it.

What attracts him is unusual beauty. If a girl has an usual color of the eyes, hair , nose or any other feature or just looks exotic to him , he will be instantly attracted. That unconventional beauty is like a magnet to him.

He likes true ladies, beautiful women with nice manners, sweet but essentially strong and independent.

As Taurus is a hedonist he will provide the best things in life but he won’t spend that money in vain. Until he is sure that the girl he wants is worth it he will be a gentleman but won’t spend all of his money on her. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

Gemini Woman

This lady an intellectual type. She  is very social and likes people, small and long conversations, exchanging information and she likes to be well informed about everything. It is true that she has great intellectual capacities and abilities.

Being a dual sign means that there is another side that shows up in certain situation. While she is mostly kind and pleasant, sometimes she can act arrogant and be distant.

This side of hers is hard to handle as she constantly changes her moods, opinions. She is always  in search of something new and better. Her curiosity is big and that is why she acts like that.

So, she needs to be stimulated intellectually to have an interest in something. If that not is the case, she will get bored easily. Above all, she is looking for someone who can play intellectual games with her and with whom she will have great time.

Social contacts are essential for but she is not interested in deeper relations. It’s hard for her to have a traditional relationship as she believes in her freedom.


That doesn’t mean that she hops up into bed with anyone. She knows to choose a guy who is smart and intelligent enough to keep her entertained.

She falls easily in love but in every relation she tries to adjust everything according to her needs.

She does that in a very subtle way so many of her partners won’t notice it at first. At the times she will be sweet and nice but in other moment she will get annoyed or be mad for any little thing. In those moments she can be pushy and arrogant.

If there is something that she wants she will use all of her charm and sweet words to get it. There can be small number of people that can stay immune to her words and charm.

In love, she is very playful and innovative. She falls in love easily and get seduced by someone’s charm, eloquence and intelligence. When making love she is more centered on the intellectual game than on carnal pleasures.

She enjoys much playing roles, having unusual scenarios than making love in a traditional way.  She play many roles but that confuses her partners so they stay in doubt if she really loves them.

Even if she is in love, she will act diplomatic and act in that way as long that fits her.

This type of women is pretty much rational and ruled by her brain not heart. Actually, she is afraid of being hurt and that is how she prevents for disaster to happen.

People find her superficial and shallow but the truth is different. She gets easily detracted and can’t commit to one thing that she does. That is why there is lack of trust in relationships. She is elsewhere and that is how she like to be. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

Love Compatibility

Maybe these two don’t make a perfect combination ever and probably won’t get along or ever get together but sometimes it happens that completely different people get well together. There are small chances that Taurus and Gemini can be together for longer time because Taurus seems too slow for Gemini as she is always on the move and gets bored easily.

Taurus is not usually a guy for ‘’one night stand’’ especially if he had great time and this can be something boring for Gemini woman.

It’s hard to caught her attention, she quickly shifts and moves on to another thing so it’s hard to keep up with her.

Gemini is a dual sign and that means that this girl is more than one girl in one women and can change her ‘’ personalities’’. That will bring a confusion and will eventually shut down Taurus.

If this is just a sexy adventure and doesn’t last for long time maybe they can have a shiny moment. Gemini has a sense of games and Taurus likes love games so eventually they can have nice time.

If both of them are not typical representatives of their signs there will be probably something more than one night together.

Interest in arts, love for poetry and literature, music, film can be a nice base for these two. Talking about favourite music, author or movie is the best way for Taurus and Gemini to unite.

Gemini likes talking and Taurus likes demonstrating, so if Taurus man knows to play an instrument that will fascinate this girl.

In general, there can be matching in some points but Taurus can’t be satisfied with some moments that Gemini girl can give him. He wants all the love for long time and that doesn’t quiet apply to Gemini.

Gemini may settle down later but that will be a great challenge for her. She is young in mind and body and happens that never grow up. But it may happen in some point of life and that’s when this couple might have the chance.


Having a Gemini friend can mean for Taurus a small change in his life and have more other friends. Taurus is social and likes people but in a different way. He loves to have a small group of people that will remain his friends for the rest of his life.

Gemini gathers any people around but not many true friends. Gemini is smart enough to know what she can get out of those contacts and people so will never be alone.

Gemini and Taurus can meet in some social event, poetry night, theatre, movies, panels, or some other events. If they are both artistic nature they can meet on a concert, playing music together or singing.

They can be occasional friends as Gemini has so many friends, so probably they won’t make it to something more. If they bump each other in some place they sure will have conversation but Taurus needs time to be sure if they like each other and Gemini don’t have that much time. She might even find him boring or just not interesting.

But if they are not typical Taurus and not typical Gemini they may find themselves getting close through some previously mentioned activities. Maybe that will be the perfect match and can tell the story that they fell in love with a person they never thought they would.