Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

They say that love will last longer when the relationship is somehow average. And this is the case with Taurus man and Capricorn woman. Their relationship can be a very long-term one. This is because they both are earth signs.

They are also very realistic and will look at things without pink sunglasses. Stability and ground level is how we would describe Taurus man and Capricorn woman’s relationship. Intimacy here is mild, no fire emotions, but that is exactly what will keep the couple together.

Taurus man

His piercing look will not leave you indifferent. Taurus man is tall and big, with wide shoulders and big hands. This masculine look is what women are looking for. But, underneath the surface, there is a warm and in some way shy personality. No doubt that he is a real gentleman and will make his woman feel appreciated and respected. Romantic surprises are not strange to him, so better get used to it. This all tells you that he has manners. Politeness is definitely a characteristic of a Taurus man.

This guy will let you lead the game. However, sometimes even if it looks like you are in charge, he is the one who takes the decision. And this is great about Taurus man. He won’t ever use pressure. He is tactical and subtle when it’s needed.

But, this doesn’t mean he is always like this. There comes a time when Taurus man becomes aggressive and unapproachable. He will search for reasons to argue and it will be hard to explain to him that he is wrong. The horns are Taurus man’s trademark and he is not wearing them for no reason. Luckily, this phase won’t last long.

The relationship with Taurus man is usually stable… Until he sees a threat and gets jealous. His possessiveness will show off only if he has a reason. However, it is hard to convince Taurus man in woman’s loyalty and honesty. He will suspect everything and put her on many tests. If the woman passes it, she will experience endless love and sacrifice from this guy. In this way, you will understand him. We all want to keep something worthy and will fight for it. Taurus man will do this 100 times more.

Honesty and fairness of Taurus man are also a big plus. This guy will always make the effort in order to be clean-handed. It is so nice to have a friend like this, someone whom you can always rely on. One of the most important values for the Taurus man is to be on the good terms with everybody. There is no need for strained relations and quarrels. He is not very critical towards the others but expects them to be towards him.

Taurus man is turned towards the carrier. He will devote himself to it, expecting that his woman will understand. And she really should. He wants to be a stable figure. Primarily, financially stable. This is almost an imperative to him. He strives for success so bad that it can lead to phases of depression and dissatisfaction if he doesn’t achieve what he had planned.

Taurus mas is not grumpy, don’t get this wrong. We all have some periods when losing hope. According to the pressures the Taurus man has, this is somehow normal. He will be well aware of this period affects the persons in his surrounding bad. Because the Taurus man is sensitive, he will do his best to make up for his actions.

Capricorn woman

If we can say for some type of a woman that she is fierce, then the perfect example would be Capricorn woman. And more, she is very ambitious, organized and decisive. This is a lot to handle when you have all this characteristic in a female personality.

This ambition of Capricorn woman moves her forward always. She has a way and a goal, and there is nothing that can stop her. Whatever goes on her way, she will leisurely ignore it and just continue with her job. This can make her selfish sometimes. Capricorn woman eventually forgets about her friends. But, a family is always in the first place. They are the only thing Capricorn woman is willing to sacrifice a part of her ambitions.

The incredible strength Capricorn woman carries within can scare some men, while can impress the others. It is not strange that Capricorn woman can bear a lot, not physically but mentally. No adversity or a life problem can break her. Whatever happens to her, she will stay calm and clear-headed. She knows that she has to act that way because underneath is a fire. If that fire finds a way, she will burn everything. That is why Capricorn woman learned to control herself, knowing that if she is in peace, everything else will be.

Being strong for too long can result in a mental breakdown or a depression. No one deserves to fight all the battles alone. This is the case with the Capricorn woman. Even though she can do it all by herself, she needs support. She craves for the safeness.

Capricorn woman is so simple in love. She will not fall in love easily, but when she does she will be brave enough to approach the guy first. There is no time to waste. This woman has a lot to handle, she has ambitions and goals. Love is not in the first place for sure, but she is open.

In this sense, she will be confident. Flirting is a nonsense for Capricorn woman. She wants a serious relationship or no relationship at all.
For her, it is important to find someone who won’t mind her need to be equivalent. She wants to stay true to herself. No man will see the scenario in which Capricorn woman will give up her independence. Once she finds a man who gives her understanding, she will devote her heart to him.

Capricorn woman is the biggest support to her partner in every situation. A big plus would be if she meets a man who is turned towards success same as she. Then this combination would be perfect – two people in love walking towards the same goals.


In some way, the Capricorn woman is the greatest materialist. Success is important, but to her, it means the world. No one should feel neglected, and Capricorn woman often makes people think that way. Her emotions are cold at the time, but once she achieves the goals, her happiness and love for everybody are huge.

Love and Marriage

Taurus man and Capricorn woman can get along really well. Both of them think realistic and practical. Sometimes the opposite sides attract each other, but here the same characters get along. Taurus man and Capricorn woman are the two sides of the medal.

The same life approach is important for the future of a relationship. These two think almost the same. Earth signs aren’t too crazy about adventures and excitements. Adrenaline is not necessary here. They will make the plans for the future sitting on the living room couch, drinking wine.

However, for the beginning of the relationship, Capricorn woman will be pretty reserved. Taurus man is not like this. He will fall in love fast. These are the initial problems. Even though they are earth signs, Taurus man is under control of Venus and Capricorn woman under Saturn’s control.

Venus is the planet of love and romance, directing Taurus man to surrender to a woman. Saturn will, on the other side, make Capricorn woman careful and alert, until she is absolutely sure he is the one. That is why this woman will be cold to her partner. Taurus man will hardly accept it. He wants some kind of a feedback, that his efforts, time and emotions are not in vain.

But, these phases are passable. Taurus man and Capricorn woman are something like “meant to be”. That is why obstacles like these will only make their love stronger. It is normal that both of them will make mistakes, but the other one will understand and forgive.

The main problem if the two get married would be that striving for success and interest. They are both materialistic. Capricorn woman is even more driven like this, but Taurus man won’t let go either. And if the two surrender to a carrier, there is no place for love. Their marriage will suffer, there would be no romance. Their life together has to be enriched with the romantic moments, and they will last for decades.


It is not possible for the two not to be friends. Similar thoughts and interests will bring them together for sure.

It’s just they can compete with each other. As these signs are well known for their ambitions, they will have the need to overcome the other one. But no one is ambitious as Capricorn woman, and this is the moment Taurus man loses.

Still, Taurus man and Capricorn woman will be good friends with a lot of tolerance and understanding for each other.

Interesting facts

When it comes to compatibility, Taurus man and Capricorn woman are one of the best combinations according to the astrologers.

Kate Middleton is a true representative of Capricorn woman.

It is not rare that you can hear that the Taurus man makes the whole package.

Once Taurus man loses trust in you, there is no possible way to regain it. He might say different, but the trust story ends here.


Taurus man and Capricorn woman are just the perfect matches for each other. Maybe it wouldn’t seem like that from their perspective, but it is true. There is no other sign who can understand each of them better.

Forget about the emotions fireworks. These two are pretty calm and somehow cold. However, this is not a great deal for them. Taurus man will complain a bit, but will still stay with Capricorn woman.

Earth signs, horns type, will remain together for a lifetime. Once you meet someone in this sign, work on a relationship and the romantic side of it. Everything else is already there.