Taurus Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

The combination of these two zodiac signs makes a perfect balance. They are unique in learning from one another, despite their almost invisible differences.

Taurus is calm and Aries woman is lively, and together they make yin and yang. Since they both love mutual respect, they tend to solve every conflict and to make their relationship as stable as possible.

Taurus man

First of all, he is a great hedonist. He enjoys everything he is doing, he likes to taste good specialties, but also local dishes, he loves good wines and good drinks.

Quiet, withdrawn, but in many ways he stands out from the crowd.

His balance reflects in the fact that he always tries to act calmly even in the biggest quarrels, and if a person continues to provoke him, he reacts violently.

Taurus man is not possessive, but he loves to protect his people and family.

He is open-minded, he realistically looks at all situations and you can always ask him for advice.

Taurus is an independent, strong and not overly two-fisted person. His appearance can often bluff, and to other people he looks like aggressive, too serious and slightly attacking human.

He loves peace. He wants to be alone with his thoughts and to think slowly and deliberately about every decision he makes. Therefore, he is considered one of the more stable zodiac signs.

He does not like when someone is forcing him to do something he does not want. Then he becomes like a stone and does not allow anybody to make his decision.

His persistence can be reflected positively and negatively, as you have seen in the previous situation. The positive side of his persistence can be seen in his lifestyle. He is doing his utmost effort for every part of his life, In sports, career, love, friendship …

Taurus needs a great motive to start and fulfill all his obligations. When he finally takes actions, he is ready for the toughest challenges. If he has an assignment to do, some project or report, he will do it in the last minute, but everything that he does or makes turns out to be great.

People often think that Taurus is sad or angry, and in fact it is only by nature withdrawn, calm and patient. The only time Taurus is loud and open is when he drinks, or when he is spending good time with his friends.

When he is talking with strangers, he does not reveal as much information about himself, but when it comes to his closer friends, he can say everything to one concern that he has in himself.

Taurus have a massive body structure and they are very strong. Most Taurus men have trained at least something in their lives, most of them were competitive sports.

Some of the famous Taurus sportsmen were John Cena, David Beckham, Andres Iniesta, Chris Paul…


Taurus loves material things and he likes to have nice things in life, house, car etc. Nutrition is a very important part of his life, they like to eat and to cook nice meals.

People often tell Taurus to eat and to drink more moderately. How they get along with an Aries woman, you will see soon!

Aries woman

Her exterior is as strong as a stone, but she is very emotional and tender in herself. Just like an Aries man, she is impulsive, lively, natural leader-that’s why she is the first sign of the zodiac.

She is a great fighter for justice and she does not allow anyone to hurt her or change her plans. Positivity is her stronger side. Always looking forward, she will not return to the person who hurt her.

Friends can often hear from her a story about plans and future events .. That’s why she is a true friend when someone needs strength and support for the future.

She knows every performance, concert or event in a city and she likes to be among the people.

One of the flaws of Aries woman is that she can’t save money. Her motto is “you only live once”, which can often be seen through her wallet.

The positive side of this is that she often gets to know new friends and everyone likes her and they think she’s a real friend. You will never hear ‘no’ from her when you ask her to go out, but if you tell her to do something she does not like, do not hope that she is really going to do it.

If you are a partner, friend or family member, she will look at you like you are part of her. If she likes someone, as a friend or as a partner, she will get in touch with him / her very quickly.

She does not like to hide her feelings, she is open, and at the beginning of friendship or the relationship she sets you limits that you have to respect.

Everything she wants she gets, her acting helps her and incredible charm she owns.

Anyone who tells her that she can not do something or that she will not succeed, she will prove to him that she can do everything and that the sky is the limit.

Aries woman loves adventures. She is attracted to men who know what they want an to the men who are achieved in life.

She likes to look beautiful and impressive, she often uses makeup and wants to look perfect at any time.

Love and marriage compatibility

These two signs perfectly fit into marriage. Aries woman is jealous, so she often searches for a partner who will give her 25 hours of attention instead of 24.

This offer suits to a stable and strong Taurus that will do everything to satisfy his finer half.

Taurus does not like to ignore his family and partner, and he decides to cheat only when he realizes that his partner does not suit him in any way. This particularly applies to sexual life, which is one of the most important aspects of the relationship.

Between these two signs, especially in relationship, in which the greatest effort is required, there is a great balance, just as I wrote at the beginning. In some moments, Aries woman is able to react violently, on what Taurus will calm her down and make her see her mistakes.

Aries will definitely change partners views on life, to prove to him that things do not have to be done just at the last moment, and that he could always enjoy life without any hesitation.

Aries often responds too quickly and bring ruthless decisions. Taurus is slower and he thinks carefully before he makes any conclusion.

Sexual life is ideal because they both look for the same things. Women want constant excitement and new things, while men want to show their strength especially in this field.

An Aries woman shows the Taurus her passion, how much she loves to love, while Taurus shows that he only loves her and that she is only his partner.

The only thing that can make the problem is that Taurus likes to seduce slowly, while Aries likes action and quick approach.

Taurus is very easy to get into the life of every woman, Spontaneous, gentle and full of understanding – this is what one independent woman Aries requires. Why?

Because she doesn’t want a man who will control her and be the leader. She wants to make decisions equally with her partner and to even more participate in common plans in life.


Aries and Taurus function well in business plans. Aries also arranges meetings, plans for future events, while Taurus is usually behind the curtain and thinks about the correctness of the plans.

However, it’s not all that ideal. Taurus often points to Aries errors, while Aries does not accept criticism so easily. Taurus always tries to calm an Aries, but that’s not always that easy.

When it comes to friendship, the question is when will love be born between them. If Taurus is ready enough to jump in an adventure with the wild Aries woman, something must happen here.

But even as friends, they can function well, as long as they make compromises. Taurus likes to go out to the park, he likes walking along the river, he loves quiet and peaceful places, while Aries loves parties and constant entertainment.

At a party, Aries contrives crazy games, she is amused, while Taurus still stays on the party only if the plates are full of food.

Although these two signs are more often seen in the love plan and not in friendship, their friendship can function really nice, with a little effort.

Interesting Facts

  • Although she is often jealous, an Aries woman often breaks up the relationship because of the jealousy of her partner.
  • Videos from famous festivals and celebrations show that Taurus men are those who hold a partner around their waist while someone is taking a picture of them, while they are walking and dancing. This is because Taurus is a little bit possessive, which suits to every relationship.
  • Famous Aries women are rebellious fighters for justice and actresses, such as Emma Watson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cobie Smulders ..


Whether it’s about friendship or about love, an Aries woman will in most cases make the first step, while Taurus will hold her hand while they are making every next.

They together represent a perfect song, only if they both work to create a beautiful melody.