Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

If Taurus man and Aquarius woman would want their relationship to last, they both would have to make many compromises. And in this combination, this is not likely to happen. Even if one of them eases up a bit, the other won’t.

Taurus man and Aquarius woman are two different kinds of personalities. They also search for different qualities within the partner. This relationship won’t last long, that’s for sure.

Taurus man

Taurus man is probably the most sensual zodiac sign. He is all into loving and kissing, hugging and sharing. This is a type who likes to be physically close to the partner. In a relationship with Taurus man, a woman won’t lack tenderness and attention.

Once a Taurus man falls in love, it is definite. Of course, he won’t fall in love with someone every single day, it takes time. Taurus man searches for something special. Knowing how hard is to find it, he will take care of it very well when he finds it. Taurus man believes that true love really exists. Once he makes up a decision in his mind, this is definite. He is devoting himself to a woman for eternity.

You must admit that this fatal approach to love can be dangerous in some way. A person who sees love as something that’s for life would be hurt to the bone if that image shutters to pieces. Love is in some sense imaginary from the perspective of Taurus man. Be careful with the emotions of Taurus man. This is not the type who would forgive cheating. Also, playing with his time and emotions can turn him to the other side. Play with him and you will get a real, furious bull. His horns are not an ornament, they have a purpose.

However, even if Taurus man is a dreamer when it comes to love, in every other life scopes he is very grounded. Clear head and mind are his characteristics. Further, Taurus man looks at the things realistic, which is good for the living. When he promises you something, be sure that he will fulfill it. According to that realistic nature, he won’t promise you the moon and the stars. Taurus man is aware of his possibilities and knows his limits.

Now we come to the reliability. You always know on which terms you are with Taurus man. If you need help, he will be 100% with you. Taurus man is a person who will be your best friend. However, don’t try to use him and call him only when you need help. He can easily see through your intentions and outrage.

He is not friends with everyone, don’t get this mistaken. He has many acquaintances but will keep close to himself only a few. His humor is and charms attract people to him. Sometimes it is hard for Taurus man to get his own time and space from the bunch of people who want to spend time with him.

Confidence is the Taurus man’s characteristic. If you notice he is not confident, it is because he is financially unstable. Money and wealth are the sources of Taurus man’s stability. He just needs it to be at peace with himself and the rest of the world. His dedication to have a good, comfy life is very strong. A comforter, he won’t accept anything less than a big double bed, a spacious living room, a terrace and a big garden with swings. This is something like heaven to him. However, without a woman and a couple of kids, that’s not it. He needs materialistic things so that he can share it with the others.

Taurus man is hard working and never takes a shortcut. You can be sure that a job given to him will be done with the utmost care and attention. He will do it no matter what. Oppositely, he is impatient. Not with the others, but impatient about himself.

Aquarius woman

Aquarius woman is greatly affected by Saturn and Uranus. One gives her cold and untouchable and the other eccentric. As you can assume by the main characteristic and the name of her sign, she can be wavy and hard to get. That is why men usually think it is hard to approach to the Aquarius woman. Whatever relation you have with her, she won’t leave you lukewarm.

Aquarius woman is easy to recognize. If there is a person in your surrounding who always has special thoughts and attitudes, in many ways different than the others, that is an Aquarius woman. She doesn’t have the need to be accepted. People usually tend to fit in the society and be at least a little bit similar to the crowd. Aquarius woman has her own film in her head and doesn’t care what others think of her.

She is open-minded, with wide views. Almost nothing is strange to the Aquarius woman. Whatever she sees or hears, she will accept as normal. That is because the Aquarius woman is also unpredictable and weird in many ways.

Whether you like it or not, an Aquarius woman will say whatever is on her mind. Be ready to hear both praises and critiques from her. This can be very tricky, as she doesn’t take reserves. When you want someone’s honest opinion, just ask her. She is not aggressive, but a little bit tactless. If you can’t bear to hear the naked truth, try not to be in Aquarius woman’s company, as you can get offended. However, you shouldn’t.

Aquarius woman is not talebearer. Some fresh and juicy gossip will spark the interest, but for a short time. But as she doesn’t like the others to talk about her, it is not her style to talk about them also. She likes more the story about someone’s life, so she can maybe learn a lesson from it. Concluding, she doesn’t dent into the little things. Her motto is “Be and let the others be”.

She is a kind of person who overthinks and over analyses. Whatever she hears will be stored somewhere in her head. Once she has some free time she will reassess it. So it is almost impossible to lie to her. She will always find the truth.


Negative aspects of her personality are the stubbornness and the rigidity. Aquarius woman will always come to the goal. She is unstoppable. If there is no way, she will invent it. Ideas in her mind are endless.

Aquarius woman likes to be comfortable. There is no need for the latest fashion pieces. This doesn’t mean she looks bad. It’s just her style is simple in some way.

Love and Marriage

Taurus man is an earth sign and Aquarius woman is a water sign. This basically means they don’t get along well. Taurus man is steady and doesn’t like changes, while the Aquarius woman is extremely changeable. This side of hers will probably annoy the Taurus man.

Also, the honesty and sometimes brutality with the words might hurt the Taurus man. Aquarius woman has a lack of tactness and feeling for him.

This relationship can go that wrong that they might have nothing to talk about. This is a rare situation, but with these two it is possible. Aquarius woman searches for a partner like her. Taurus is too slow an boring from her perspective. He won’t realize that some ideas of Aquarius woman might help him in achieving some goals, and it is a pity. As we said earlier, the Aquarius woman has many ideas and knows how to get what she wants.

In this relationship, every quarrel can become a war. It’s maybe not on a conscious level, but the things just turn out this way. They both are thinking way too often about a break-up. It is just a matter of time when one of them will get the courage to say it out loud.

Their life values are different also. Taurus man strives for money and success, while the Aquarius woman longs for freedom.

It is hard to make these two compatible. That is why their relationship won’t last long. Marriage, in this case, is something that happens once in 1000 years.


Taurus man and Aquarius woman might have some things that can connect them. Some nice moments can occur, for sure. But, after the initial excitement there comes the cold shower. Sooner or later, the two will spend the ties that tie them up.

It is the different energy they bring. So the best solution for these two if they want to remain, friends, is to meet once a month. They should split out the activities together so they won’t use them up fast.

Interesting facts

Believe it or no, there are some couples that really made it! Famous couples of Taurus man and Aquarius woman are Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley and Harry and Bess Truman. Yes, the president himself and his woman. So Aquarius woman, if you marry Taurus, you can become president’s wife.


Taurus man and Aquarius woman are one of the most complicated combinations in the zodiac. This doesn’t mean they will never attract each other. They will, but the chances for the two to make it through are tough. It takes a lot of understanding and adapting. Their marriage will last only if the interests are in the first place.

Some romantic feeling will exist of course, but practical sides of them both are what can keep them together. But, we must repeat, with a lot of changes or understanding on both sides. Otherwise, they won’t make it.