Strawberry – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams that we have while we sleep, regardless in what time of day, and to what extent we remember that dream, have a specified complexity that is for many is still a mystery.

Many theories tell us about why it can be essential for us to interpret our dreams, in a sense that all in our lives have some meaning and purpose, so dreams also have to have their usage for our life.

The fundamentals of the questions concerning “how” and “why” are still a very topical topic among scientists – and even if we are getting closer to find out what does dream are for, we are just scratching the surface.

Some of them believe that dreams have a symbolic meaning, and the boldest argue that dreams can even predict the future.

They see other dreams as random, insignificant information.

We are sure that the first version is the accurate one, and we will try to find the true meaning for the dream that is connected to one simple, but beloved “thing” – we are talking about favorite fruit of many, strawberries.

Meaning of a dream about Strawberry

Strawberries are fruits that are very sweet and healthy, and for a large number of people they are favorite desserts and foods, and they also signify some enjoyment and beauty, and are synonymous with joy, happiness and relaxation which is a “picture” or their red color, or a unique the tastes they have and that fascinate all the senses.

And like in real life when we use the word Strawberry is used when we say, for example, “strawberries on the top of a cake”.

This implies, just like in dream world, a final result or a great achievement and success, and satisfaction for achieving the goal, and the desire to celebrate progress and some or a solution, or a great gain and “fortune”.

The meaning of dreams about strawberries depends on the way you have dreamed of strawberries, their color, and other details.

The Symbolism of a dream about Strawberry

If you had a dream where you are eating strawberries, and the feeling that you have about this dream is very nice and pleasant, and you enjoy and are happy in your dream, its symbolism is often negative and can indicate potential health problems either yourself or some of the persons who are you close.

But, this may not be such an alarming perspective as you may expect, but you should be cautious.

However, according to some other aspects in a dream, if you are feeding someone else with strawberries, it signifies love, friendship and good and beautiful relationships with the family, as well as the fulfillment of your desires and hopes and great relaxation and enjoyment.

If you have dreamed of seeing lots of strawberries in the field or in the garden, and you are very happy about their very large “number” and the beautiful red color, it has, in fact, an implication that you are emotionally fulfilled, and very happy, because your partner showers you with gentleness, love and attention.

You are loved by all means, and this is just a confirmation of this fact.

The fruits that you have seen in a dream are a symbol of growth and success in all fields, and some of the good news or sudden joyful experiences that will bring you excellent and cheery days in the future.


If you had a dream that you are picking strawberries, it signifies your pride and happiness for achieving results, and it can also refer to the lovely moments that you will spend with friends, partner and family, in enjoying and socializing.

If you’ve dreamed of eating completely rotten strawberries, which are ugly and have changed color, this unpleasant dream has a connotation that your failures and losses are close in the near future, either in the business or private aspect of your life.

If the strawberries in your dream are black or they have a weird shape, it indicates that you are in front of a very difficult and painful period in the life and that you will experience sorrow, due to some great losses.

This dream is not so common, but it is not a good sign.

If you have dreamed that you were throwing strawberries on someone or something, this act is carrying symbolic that you are the person who has a wasteful attitude and is thoroughly careless with earned money and material possessions.

In the end, this is the dream that can show that part of your persona is calculated and corrupted and that you tend to damage others in some ways, to show that you are more successful, more powerful, better and more valuable than others see you.

Do I have to be worried?

No, absolutely not (if the dream falls under the category in the previous section) – you are one happy person who had the best dream ever, this is the dream that is a carrier of good news, and it symbolizes all things that make you feel happy and satisfy with yourself and your, for example, a relationship.

But, when we are talking about negative aspects that we have mentioned in some variations of this dream about strawberries (where the strawberries are acidic, for example) can mean that you have broken contacts and relationships with some people.

Also means that you are suffering for that, and that you are not able to reconcile with losing one’s love, support and friendship, and you are quite dark and hopeless, and you are not failing to master your dissatisfaction.

What should I do if I had this dream?

You should be happy, and the only thing is not to relax too much, but to remain ground-level and to act rationally, in order to avoid some mistakes in the future.

The dream about this delicious fruit can often be interpreted as your easy way to solve obstacles and problems, and the great work and effort you invest in your ideas, but there is a great opportunity for some people who envy you.

So, this is the only thing to be feared when it comes to this dream – there can be some people who are secretly jealous and upset about your progression traps or intrigues, and it is also desirable not to relax about this too much.


As a motive in dreams, strawberries are reasonably common, and have a connotation of some joys or beautiful news, and often indicate a realization and realization of plans, as well as the need to achieve peace and relaxation in life, and to enjoy the beauty and carelessness of each the moment, because awareness of short duration and existence, is very present and quite realistic and anticipated as a reflection.

The symbolism of the dreams of strawberries, as a rule, is quite positive and beautiful, but it can sometimes imply some ugly or bad things, but rather as the strawberries dream and in which context they are seen or experienced in somebody’s dreams.

So, the strawberry dreams generally have a positive symbolism and point to the pleasant emotions you are experiencing or expecting in the near future.

In some cases, depending on the other factors in a dream, they can predict something bad, especially if the strawberries are black or acidic.