Spiritual Smells and Their Meanings

In the term of a human continuance in the world that we live in that is hard and filled with the obstacles, we need any help that we could get, the has been used since the dawn of time, and many people say that even today it is not the sense that we could not live without, it is certainly a sense that is meaningful, and any spiritual teacher will tell you that is most important than any other.

This sense is connected to the survival, and it shows the instincts that are mandatory for our life (similar connotation you can see in the animal world, where the sense of smell operates a significant part in getting food or hunting their victim. Animals also “speak” by using their smell.

One thing must be clear in this opening section, and it is really important for all of us to know, that all predators in the animal world use the sense of smell in this way, but for us, it does not have such role, and many say that it has a deeper role.

Many of us neglect this sense, but the advice is that you should pay attention to it.

What we try to say is this – a sense of smell comes after all others, and the fact is that we lose the intensity of this sense and that the most intensity is in infants.

But the real important part of this piece is this – never smells truly lose their importance for human beings, since many believe, that they are one of the manifestations of the secret messages that we receive from some outer source that is present for some Higher purposes.

In the next few sections read what they are and what they could mean for you.

Smells that do not have a clear cause

In this section, we want to speak more about the smells that all of us felt once or twice, but we could never know from what place they come to us, and in this sense, they are not common, but all of us had such an experience even if we were not aware of it.

And the confirmation for such theory is this – even the people who lost their sense of smell have such experiences, where they smell something that comes from nowhere.

It appears in many cases, but some of us have just more pronounced this feeling, and the experts like to name its inherent smelling.

Now, such an event occurs in the times when you smell something that comes from nowhere, you could not define what it is, but it is truly present.

Experts say that this is a universal happening, but some personalities could really sense and acknowledge the power of a critical odor, not many people are able to do so.

Those who can do it have this unique capability to sense fragrances that are not materially near and the best part is that they could learn something meaningful data for our life.

The mysterious origin of smells

But the question is -were from those smells come from and are the real, or they are just in our heads?

The event of unnatural odors is often present just for the sake of proving that you are among those people who can communicate with the Universe in such way, or that you are among those who are chosen to understand these messages that are there to change our lives.

This is the way of speaking to the High organizations we cannot logically understand in any way, and many say that this is the way Angels communicate with us (those guardians’ beings that take care of us).


It smells that appear in our lives are in fact, a different mechanism to interact with “ghosts”, particularly those of the dead humans who meant something meaningful in our lives.

It is also important to know that smells are pure occupancy is exposed to people in different spiritual practices because spirits and all kinds of intangible, complex powers that cannot perform to us in fleshly mode.

Now, the most common smell is the one that comes from a place that we had in our past and that connect us to someone who is no longer in our lives – such smells evoke reminiscences of them.

Like perfume or nail polish that your mother used – that is dead for some time.

Such an event could mean that that person is still with you, and at the moment when you feel that that person is at that moment very close to you.

It likely indicates that the essence of that character attempts to interact with you, maybe you are in the time of need, or you are struggling, maybe you even miss that person, who knows.

This energy is one of the most influential flows of conversation with that other dimension.

Additionally, such smells are even deeper – it does not perpetually must to be a person who is actually died, but someone you have isolated from your life.

In this case, spiritual teachings are saying to us that it is not the soul from the dead loved one who is attempting to interact with you, but your own attempting to achieve some things and help you treat your senses.

It smells that occur in this case are those that are usually very pleasant and comforting – we do not feel scared, but happy.

It smells that connects us to the spiritual world

Now, we have come to the main part of this piece – smell is regularly connected with visions of people who are gone, but try to interact with us, in order to redeem themselves, to attain harmony, to view over us or else, these strange odors could be the evidence of the proximity of some mystical authority that is much bigger than anything else.

In this case, for sure, such scents are definitive signals that we get from our guard spirits, from spiritual beings that patrol over us and lead us in every situation and every problem we may have in lives.

Many claim that all people in the world have their spiritual protectors – and even if you are not conscious of that, because sprites infrequently are among us in their regular form so that we could see them clearly. But they are always there to protect us from any harm and to guide us, and maybe such a thing is more important than anything else.

It is said that the majority of people see these symbols, and among them, these smells, in times when they are in problems – from repeated numerical symbols to scents of any kind.

Both of these two things come from the same source – your Angels that want to tell you that they are present in your life.

What are those smells – it can be sulfur, smoke or something flower-scented.

But some people associate such scent with the smell of danger, like something bad is going to happen – the devil is close, which would suggest you have passed near to a place where our world ends, and something else starts.

There are different levels of odors that are very suitable to be taken to be connected to the world of spiritual – they could be common, regular every day that we know that we know, but there is nothing that could be the source of that smell.

We could surely appreciate them as holy, and it is essential to concentrate on them and attempt to express their power, after recognizing there is no visible origin of the odor.

But there are present, there is no doubt about it, and you should accept them as such.


The smell is always connected to humans in the sense that they reflect our emotions, they are considered to be the best channels for our communication with the spiritual world – the more pleasurable smell, the better the sign, and vice versa.

Therefore, that world sent you the particular fragrance to bestow you happiness form the Universe truly cares; that care is usually smelled like something beautiful, and the one that it could easily differentiate from others and record them.

Pure scents, simultaneously with the strength of innocent smelling process, you could learn what the danger is, how to avoid it and to avoid that danger to ever come to you.