Spiritual Meaning of Stars

We have all heard about spirituality, and in its true sense, it refers to two progressive performances or at least serious attempts to achieve these two traits.

One of those traits is the complete removal of animal traits, which still adhere to human beings and the union with the Divine – our focus should not be so directed on things that are “animal”, like food, drink, and sexual desire.

We should focus more on things that are something else, something that will complete us in some meaningful way, from the inside, and that will give us the feeling that could last, that is not temporary.

Spiritual values become a way of life, not only in words and abilities but mental behavior.

Worldly life, if you bring in the implementation of learned higher principles into it, then in all human activities, worldly thoughts and sensual satisfaction, transformation are visible.

Then metamorphosis is in everything. World life turns into religious life with incredible levels of spirituality.

And in this process, since people had these and similar desires (among them the one to explain the world around us) and often times people look at the stars, wondering what they are and are they something that rules our lives.

Looking at the stars for our ancestors gave them a sense of purpose and meaning in times when they could not explain what is going on in their lives, including aspects of life that were painful, like death, or birth, or disasters, for example.

And even today, when we know so much about stars, we connected to the many meanings, and many of them are much more profound than expected, and we wonder why this is the case?

Is there something that is deeper and more meaningful for people?

We believe there is, and in the next few sections, we will prove it to you, or at least provide you with some kind of evidence, and you can make your own conclusion about this issue.

General Characteristics

When you look at the starry sky after night, it seems to you that the star is countless. However, without a telescope, only about 6,000 stars can be seen.

We see stars in the sky as the celestial objects, there are an infinite number of them, and we see them as shiny bright objects that we feel are close to us -in fact, some of them are warm, and others are cold.

These magnificent lanterns make the sky above Earth incredible, and the trillions count their numbers.

Most of the stars bright objects that we see in the naked eye are two stars (binary) systems, but because of the distance, we see only one bright spot – and the thing that we are most connected to them, is the fact that the stars just like people here on Earth have their life – they have birth, life, and they can also die. And when that happens, all stars can turn into what is called a “white dwarf”. It uses everything it has to create such processes that it can emit light until it goes away forever.

But, the same as stars can turn into permanent light that can shines through space, they can move to chain reactions such that can lead everything into one big nothing, a black hole.


Once a star is discovered in the sky, then the name or the number to be recognized must be given. In the past, people from Arabia, Greece, Rome, or China gave the names of the brightest and other stars that were significant for something. So, more than 100 stars got their name.

All stars in our sky are the children of the mother of the Sun and father of the Moon – two most significant and the brightest stars, according to many traditions.

This significance is also seen in the astrology that is, described as the science of the stars – and in their center, these two take a serious place, but also other stars that influence other planets, and each other to affect our human life.

Spiritual Meaning

In almost all traditions, cultures around the world, the stars are the symbols of the deity and the highest achievement in the life of one, now it can be a human being, and it can be God.

It carries the traits – dominance, eternity, and it is always something that cannot be reached. It represents the Angelic messenger of God.

The star is the glow in the darkness, so in this way, it is the symbol of hope – the light that can help us find our way in the times of darkness.

When we look at our night sky, we can see stars often surround us, and they create the polar plate marks the center point in the sky, symbolizing the celestial gate.

And the same case is in almost all traditions around the world – in the Aztec tradition, the biggest star in the sky represents the upward, spiritual, male power of the Sun, while others represent the female power of the Moon. When these two combine, they create perfection and the Holy Unity, and the one that can create life.

In the Egyptian tradition, queens and kings wear a crown of stars – it is the symbol of High power, influence and status.

Very often, the symbolism of the stars is connected to God, the High power, etc. -whatever that High power can be, in an individual case.

In the Greek-Roman tradition, the stars are often shown with a star on the forehead or above the head.

In the Christian tradition, the star is a symbol of Christ’s birth, divine guidance, and affection. Virgin Mary, as a celestial empress, wears a crown created from a star.

In Islamic tradition, the star is a symbol of divinity and dominance.

In Chinese tradition, when it is with the Sun and Moon, it represents the ruling spiritual wisdom – here we come to the true meaning that is related to spiritual significance for us.

The star is a guide on the road to the victory of good and evil.

In the Old Testament and Judaism, the stars submit to the will of God and announce it. Be an angel above each one. Describing the fate of the people after the resurrection, Daniel symbolizes the eternal life of the righteous by the symbol of the star.

The Apocalypse’s Prophet, speaking of the seven stars that Christ holds in his hand, undoubtedly refers to the seven planets, to the seven Churches.

And the prophecy of Numbers influenced the Messianic symbolism, so the star was often regarded as the image or name of the expected Messiah.

Good or a Bad sign?

Having said all of this, it should be clear – spiritual meaning of starts is lies in the fact that they are all connected to the Divine world, to the Higher purpose in the life of the people.

All biggest qualities in our lives are connected to them – among them, and primarily, there are love and justice.

So, for example, the Five-pointed star is a symbol of the human microcosm – and just like our lives if it is directed in one way, it can be a symbol of all divine and meaningful thing that we should strive in life. Directed in another way, it can be everything opposite, negative and devilish.

And in this symbolism the Five-pointed star directed upwards is a symbol of striving, light, spiritual and education; turned down, it denotes evil, artificial and black magic.

In this sense, we should speak about Pentacle- a five-pointed star in the circle represents the Spirit and four elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. With a face from outside, it symbolizes human spiritual aspirations.

But, the same thing can be said for Pentacle, as a five-point star – turned upside down; it becomes a symbol of negativity, black magic and Satanism.


Closely connected to the sky, the star evokes and the secrets of dreams and night. In order to glitter with its own brilliance, one has to place himself in great cosmic rhythms and match with them.

In a way, we must say that stars symbolize creation that is perfect but that which is on the way to be realized; shows the movement of the shaping of the world or of itself, the return to water and light sources, the centers of earthly and celestial energies.

And they do not last forever, their light, the same thing is with people – our drive to reach High levels of life, where we can live according to spiritual rules, can be hard and long-term, but it is worth it.

Also, the symbolism of stars – is, by rule connected to High values in life, and as some would like to say, to all Divine aspects of life.

So it is not wondered why people believe that when a human dies, his should goes to heaven and it is created into a star – many people give them names from their past loved ones.