Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Sulfur

Where you a fan of chemistry in your school? Few of us was, but maybe if we knew what we know now about many elements in our Universe, then perhaps we would look differently on these subjects in school.

Maybe if knew that alchemy is equally important just as the chemistry, we would look at elements completely different, because alchemists believed that they could do wonders by using components.

Most often they treated ill people, believing that they could heal them or that even make people immortal.

Now, they believed, and much research confirms this statement even today, that all elements in the Universe have their special meaning and spiritual symbolism that makes an impact on human beings more than they could ever imagine.

Sulfur is one of those elements, and in this piece, we will discover what its spiritual meaning is.

Even if you do not believe that elements have a much deeper meaning than the one that we are all used to, proofs that come from different parts of the world, showing us something else.

General Characteristics

Sulfur is a chemical compound that is necessary for humans in order to live – it is the element that is mandatory for the process of keeping our health on a proper level.

It is also believed that this element has its purpose in preventing certain diseases (heart illnesses and obesity even). This element is also used in different industries, including the beauty industry (It is usually a common ingredient in soap, face cream or masks).

Sulfur is essential for human life. It is a constituent of two amino acids as well as many crucial biological compounds such as vitamins. More important sulfur compounds are sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid, their salts, sulfur (IV) oxide and sulfur (VI) oxide.

It can be said that sulfur as an essential nutrient has been forgotten in previous years, but it is still a critical element necessary for maintaining health and preventing chronic diseases. What is characteristic of sulfur is its odor.

Now, we have come to the main event of this piece – have you been ever the witness of such smell and asked yourself what does it mean?

Maybe you have wondered what that smell is, you are sure that is not rotten eggs, but something else. It was sulfate definitely, but is this a sign that only you could feel (smell)? Probably yes, and you should regard it as such, one of the many signals that Universe sent to you when all other messages were missed.

Spiritual Meaning

What also needs to be said is that sulfur has one purpose that is even more important than all others – in some spiritual sense; this element has a protective purpose.

It is believed that sulfur is the mineral (or the secret and important element) that all of us could use to protect yourself from evil influences and undesirables: If an unwanted person comes to your house, take salt and sulfur, mix them well. And throw it behind that person as he leaves -he should not see you, and the evil spirits will go away. That person will never come again.

This is the ritual that is known for many years, if not centuries, and many cultures used it for protective purposes. The harsh smell is here for a reason – it should be so strong, so it can make all bad things, negativity, evil intentions to go away as far as possible from you.

That smell can appear in numerous situations, like for example when you sleep, and when there is no reason to smell it, but you do.


It could be a mild smell, just to draw your attention to some things in life, mostly your lost spiritual sense (others say that Angel guardians often draw human attention by using this method).

In other cases, smell has such potency that it could be unbearable and that you will feel like you are about to faint and maybe you will, but this event is here for the reason that you must understand before it’s too late.

Sulfur is considered to be the compound that represents the world, and it is considered to be the fire of the world, the element that gives things its passion, and the power to “work”. So, when you smell such an element, you smell the fire of the Universe that is burning all around you, and inside of you.

The negative aspect of such fire is the fact that in the world, there should not be too much of this fire, or it can burn uncontrollably. It needs to be taken into control.

Good or a Bad sign?

Sulfur is yet another of the chemical elements necessary for human life, and as you could see, we need this element to sustain life, there is no doubt about it. It is a constituent of numerous compounds, occurring in both pure and mineral form of sulfides and sulfites.

Spiritually speaking, sulfur is an image of the complexity of the human being. In it we see the diversity of human nature, but also the constant longing for the accomplishment of perfection, enlightenment – thus sulfur (along with mercury and salts) contains in itself an image of an unbreakable holy trinity.

These three elements are crucial for the functioning of the world, and Alchemy recognizes such potential a long time ago and played with it in numerous experiments.

It is also a good thing to remember that sulfate, besides these other elements, before they had their earthly and material manifestation, were just spiritual elements.

So, the Universe, when it sends us the smell of the sulfur (this is considered to be the sign that will best draw our attention, having in mind its harsh smell) when it wants to remind us on that spiritual origin that sometimes we suffocate in us, or we have already done it.

It is the element that is necessary and that we must have in our lives if we want to live, but not just in the physical sense, but in spiritual.

We could not say that it is the good sign, or that it is the bad sign, but if you look at it from the perspective that when Universe speaks to you, you should see that as a blessing, not a curse, and then it is a good sign. Universe speaks through many symbols, and sometimes they are quite surprising and even absurd, but everything that could draw your attention is very welcome.

In the other case, where this element has its protective purpose, we could not say that this is a positive symbol (just the fact that it appears and that you need to be protected is not good.

But the fact that there is something that could protect you from negative influences is a very welcome sign that we should not forget, but should be aware that there is some negativity around us.


Everything that is around us has a soul, a spirit, and metals are also present in this group – they were not only thought to be alive but also to grow inside the country.

For ordinary metals such as lead, the belief was that they did not possess the spiritual and material maturity as precious metals. Every metal, therefore, is at some stage of development to precious.

Sulfur finds its spiritual place among many elements in the periodic table.

First of all, it is said that it is the element that shows incredible complexity of human nature, of all things that make us humans, but also our deep and unbreakable connection that often forget.

But here, we are talking about the smell of the sulfate, as the one element that has a very distinctive smell that often occurs as the Universe (God, Nature) whatever you like to call it, is speaking to you. All in order to draw your attention to things that you are missing out in life.

Another equally interesting meaning of these elements is its protective feature – it is the mineral that can make evil spirits go away (this is the practice in numerous rituals in the world).

In the end, let us remind once again, that sulfur besides Mercury and Salt is the creative force of this world, that has the origin in the spiritual world, and when we smell it, we should know that such scent is sent to our world for a reason – to wake up our long-buried spirituality.