Spiritual Meaning of Finding Pennies

The best place to find coins is in the remains and in the field. With permission from the owner, a metal detector and extensive research, much can be found on fields. These include finds from all sorts of times.

Another advantage is that digging is usually easy and the fund spectrum is simply the largest.

Where do you often find coins?

Often in old mills, because the millers were in the past often very rich and respected people. Since mills were also always goods and delivered, there is a high probability to find coins. Other good localities are isolated, old trees. For large, eye-catching trees were often used as a marker or meeting point for break etc.

Also heights in a valley, especially at entrances and exits from valley levels, served as lookouts, where watchtowers were set up. Likewise, bridges and fords are good localities, because hikers threw when crossing coins into the water, which should bring good luck.

Of course, wells are also a magnet for people who ask themselves, “Where do you often find coins?”. But also ammunition, imperial coins, weapons or old equipment from agriculture can be found in well shafts.

For ruins or castles, however, the treasure hunt is subject to approval. Particularly interesting is the surrounding area as well as the ramparts. Even under kitchen windows or former toilets you can sometimes find something. Rock formations or stand-alone stones, which served as places of sacrifice and worship, are good localities. Where else do you often find yourself?

Wine cellars, caves, old sunken paths – Paradise for coin seekers

In historical half-timbered houses, wine cellars or in old cellar vaults, the floor should be inspected. But even the old walls sometimes hide treasures. Since caves have fulfilled many functions in the past, they are a favorite treasure hideaway, especially the lowest corners and possible slots in the rock walls

. Another tip is the medieval highways, the so-called sunken roads. Germany is still covered in these old streets. The sunken paths were deepened by the water over time. This means that hollow paths are recognized by the fact that today it is already very deeply cut paths.

Springs, moors, battlefields, fairgrounds

Many bogs and springs were especially sacred to the Teutons, and in those places was sacrificed to the gods. However, if you discover a Roman battlefield, you can speak of great luck. More often, however, they are battlegrounds of the last two world wars. Coins, badges, emblems, etc. are buried there in the ground. At parks, old fairgrounds and playgrounds and fairgrounds, one can almost speak of a probability of finding 100%. The discovery of modern coins is guaranteed.

Finding a coin or pennies – Good or Bad Luck?

Our ancestors have taught us that finding a coin on a street of pure happiness and has everything to do with spirituality. Allegedly, that means you will be respected among people on earth, but also in the spiritual world. This is one way in which angels and souls communicate with us, and this can be a message from someone close to us who has died to love us and tells us to have it here and to take care of us.

Chinese, for example, believe that finding money is a sign of good luck and that belief has spread throughout the world, which is why many of the coins found are kept as talismans. Pay close attention to what you thought when you found a coin, because the number on it may be the answer to your thoughts.

* Coin Count is a sign of a new beginning, fresh ideas, and hints of success, great achievements and progress. With such a coin, angels and souls tell you that you have great success and remain positive.

* Coin number two tells you to devote yourself to exchanging with others, partnership, harmony and communication. It is the unity of darkness and darkness, jin and jang.

* Coin number five indicates that there is biological and spiritual development. This number is a symbol of the universe, perfection and symbol of divine power. According to Chinese belief, this number is happy because it points to the five most important blessings: wealth, happiness, longevity, health, and progress.

* The number 10 on the coin is awakening and the sign is that you have to pay attention to some things and trust your instincts in connection with some important decision. You have the good support of the spiritual world and everything will be resolved properly.

* Coin Count 20 tells you that there is a period of increased sensitivity and passion. It contains zero and boosts vibration of number 2 and is considered as a number of strengths, intuitions and high ideals.


If you feel lonely when you find the coin, it is your message of the spiritual world that you are not alone. If you were in a hurry when you saw a great coin, it is a sign that you have to slow down and dedicate yourself to yourself and your free time. If you are concerned about financial problems, the coin found is a sign that everything will be solved and that people from the spiritual world who love you will send help. Believing this or not, in fact, it does not matter, anyway, it’s a great way to have fun if you find a coin. Keep it as a talisman or throw it behind your back for happiness, it’s completely different.

Symbols of wealth and prosperity according to Feng Shui

There are a handful of symbols that appeal to the richness of feng shui theory in your life. You do not have to use all of them to increase your revenue. Decide for those who like you the most and who personally associate you with the wealth and prosperity most. Coins and pennies are one of these symbols.

I’ll just mention the frog and turtle, because you can read more about them in special articles about Feng Shui. The model of a merchant ship loaded with various treasures, which testifies to his successful underdogs, is an extremely good Feng Shui symbol of wealth and prosperity. You can use any boat you will fill yourself with “treasure”, coins, crystals and mini gold levers.

Depending on the material from which the boat was made, you will decide which sector it is to set up. The wooden ship is advantageous in the eastern and southeastern sectors, metal in the west, northwest and north, and ceramic and crystal in the northeastern and southwestern sectors. The image of a ship loaded into the harbor has the same effect as the model, and the most favorable is in the east. East is the space of the oldest son in the family, and this picture will increase his success in life and transfer him to the whole family.

Wood of coins can be presented to any plant with heartwood leaves. It is best to locate it in the southeast, which is a money sector, but you will not be mistaken either if you place it south or east. Take good care of your plants, and as soon as they start to trump, replace them with new ones. The dying plants are damaging to your home and all who live in it.

Another variant of wood of money is wicker wood with coins instead of fruits and crystals instead of leaves. It’s not difficult to get them, and you can do it yourself, if you have the sense of making decorative items. The coin’s symbolism is clear in itself, and crystals are believed to increase concentration and favorably affect people. Exposed in the office, this kind of tree will bring you happiness in negotiating and arranging jobs, and at home, money and well-being.

When we are on the subject, we also mention Chinese coins. You must have seen them already, rounded up with a square hole in the middle. On one hand (Yin) they do not have a caption, and on the other (Yang) they have four Chinese characters. Always place them with Yang side up. Wear the three coins tied with the red ribbon in your purse or wallet to attract wealth, and then paste them into three important business papers.

If you have a job related to telephone communication, attach three coins to the handset. Place six coins in your car if you are traveling often or business, and nudge nine over the front door or paste it from the underside of the mat or carpet in the lobby of your home for prosperity and prosperity. If you wear them like jewelry on yourself you can opt for a combination of three or optimally nine coins.