Spiritual Meaning of Blue

Spiritualism is a metaphysical concept that suggests that all of us are essentially composed of spiritual matter, and the bodies are merely an illusion of spiritual reality.

Our main goal and purpose in life must be the idea, and the attempt to reach this state – all religions across the world are teaching us of this concept.

The ways of reaching spirituality in our life can vary, and it does not have to be solely connected to religion, on the contrary, we can find it everywhere around us, and many common, and seemingly ordinary things can elevate us to this state of mind.

Here we come to this interesting concept – the spiritual meaning that is behind certain colors; in this case, we are going to speak more about the color blue.

If we are sometimes are not aware of their meaning and significance in our lives, colors are very meaningful for people – for example, it is commonly accepted that red encourages action, green represents a direct association to plants, health and nature, the purple is the most vivid color in the world around us, white color is associated with innocence, and the list goes on.

In this sense, the psychology of colors inquires emotions and reactions of observers to certain colors – it has been proven that people react differently to certain colors and that they cause different emotional states, expressions and moods in them.

On the pallet of main colors, blue is defined as a basic and cold color. The first association with all its subtleties is the sea and the sky.  There are many nuances, and perhaps the most famous is the so-called. “Royal blue”.

There is a study that says blue reduces appetite and is associated with intelligence and calmness.

Blue is the color that represents the skies and heavens, and the color of the sea, and for that matter connected to all waters.

Blue is connected with profundity and durability.

It symbolizes trust, integrity, knowledge, intelligence, faith, sincerity, and paradise in the end, and here is the moment where we can find the spiritual meaning of this color as you will be able to see in the next sections.

General characteristics

The blue color is the least material color if you know what we are talking about: in nature, it is seen as transparent, that is, it is formatted from the accumulated emptiness, the voidances of air, water, crystals or diamonds.

Its traits are clearness and coldness in some way – and this is the reason why blue is the coldest of all colors, but this certainly does not mean that it cannot be connected to the warmth of some kind, or positivity for that matter.

But it also should be said that this color is the one that has the absolute value and is the purest – nothing can compare to it in this sense and all traits that are about to come do not carry the same purity.

Since the blue connects with water and sky, and thus purity – often times it is recommended for people to be in rooms that have something blue in it.

According to some researches, it is blue, and it is widely accepted among men -for the majority of the male population, this is the most favorite and even masculine color of all. Dark blue binds to base, expertise and confidence.


Blue color may be passive and cold, but it looks comfortable and nostalgic for some people, and this is the aspect that brings them a feeling of joy and comfort.

It is one of the most picturesque colors; it mostly dampens and cools, stimulates concentration.

It is believed that blue is good for both body and soul since it slows down personal metabolism and provides a cooling influence. It is firmly attached to calmness and tranquility.

It can be a symbol of commitment and sincerity.

Spiritual Meaning

Now, the main and the most interesting piece has come, what is the connection between the blue and spirituality, and the main question is, does this color carries such meaning? Of course, it does.

It is said that blue is the road to infinity, where it reality turns into an imaginary world, the world that we have just listened, and that may be the world that was promised to us, as the salvation (the symbolism of following the deep sky, or the place where these two connect).

The bird of happiness has this color, a bluebird that is very rare, and quite interesting.

When it is very bright, blue is the day of dreams, and when it is dark, then it becomes the road of dream – it is connected to both sides of our lives, the one that we have in our reality, and the other that is connected to other sides of our minds, precisely the place where spirit can rest.

As it comes to the spiritual meaning of blue, one thing must be remembered, and this is not a color that we connected to human traits, it is the color related to the calm and greatest infinity, which is superhuman or not human at all.

As we have said, blue is connected to water and sky, the two things that are vast and carry immense power with them – that power can vary in many segments but it always remains power that can change things for people.

Spiritual meaning of blue suggests that it belongs to the Great Mother and it expresses truth, intellect, revelation, wisdom, loyalty, stability, honor, majesty, peace – all of these things are elevated to another level, and there is not one trait here that is common or grounded.

But also, in it, there can be emptiness, old primitiveness and boundless space – but in the spiritual sense, this is more connected to the primordial feeling in people, and their capacity to understand and learn.

For example, if we out this color in the Christian context, it is the color that symbolizes heavenly truth, eternity, faith, loyalty.

It is connected to the Virgin Mary- purity, and sacrifice.

In this sense, we must speak of one more spiritual aspect of blue – this is the color that is always connected to white color in any symbolical meaning.

These two, when connected, express the separation from the values of the earth and the release of the liberated soul towards God, from pure white to the heavenly blue.

In the end, this color is always connected to the belief in the Heavenly World is positively evaluated by the meanings of blue and white.

There are seven basic color spectra that are connected to the seven chakras in the body – every one of those spiritual spots is connected to a certain part of a human body and mind.

Although I say that each chakra is related to one color, this does not mean that this chakra has that color, but that particular chakra and a certain color have the same vibration – and the blue has the most interesting connotation.

The blue color refers to the fifth, chakra expression, and speech, ability to communicate about our emotions, needs and demands. It affects communication, dreaming, artistic expression, good judgment, wisdom, truthfulness.

Good or Bad sign?

Blue is a color that is related to the sky and the sea – two things that are vast, powerful, that can be angry and unpredicted, but also calm and loving.

The blue color is most often associated with the sea (water), and in the sea, there can be strong and sometimes harsh forces – it is present to neutralize the opposition of the human world, just to eliminate the hostile nature of man.

This is the color that has the power to calm down and relax, and for many people, it is the color that is most favorite among people in the world.

The symbolism that is connected to blue is all positive, and among them are certainly these: trust in yourself and this kind of vibe is seen by other people, and also we have to mention reliability, this is the color that makes others believe in you and your qualities.

Also, we must say that this is the color that is connected, without exception with terms such as elegance, calmness, reality, loyalty, security, understanding, warmth, relaxation, professionalism in all matters.

Blue – transmits the vibrations of peace, understanding and truth.

Blue is the color of inspiration and artistic inspiration that reflects the higher or spiritual levels of existence.

So, this is the color that can vibrate on the same level that is necessary for human growth and that is responsible for the creation in the best sense possible.

It is a good sign, although we cannot say that it does not bring some temptations and pain, but in the end, this is not the spiritual vibration that everyone can receive.

Additionally, in healing, it is used to reduce tension, fear and insomnia – it is said that this color is the strongest protector of all.

In meditation, by visualizing ourselves in a blue cover, we create a protective field, and nothing can harm us, we are in a state of calmness and are protected completely.


Blue, in the first place, symbolizes water (as well as the sea, rivers, lakes, oceans). It represents the element of water and is associated with emotions.

In different cultures, symbolizes fidelity, truth, silence, immortality, clarity, aristocracy, spirituality and nobility.

In color therapy, blue is used to calm headaches, relaxation; it calms down and relieves the pain, especially pain in the neck and back, normalizes the hypersensitive and inflamed skin, and helps with insomnia and weight regulation as it affects the appetite.

As that color of the throat or the fifth chakra is the ability to express, communicate and, above all, the ability to express the truth – and by finding and accepting the truth, we, as humans can find the answers that we are looking for, and find that spiritual significance in our lives.

It has a distinctly soothing and meditative character, and it is said that it is the color that depicts heavens in the best way possible, and here we mean that it is the representation of a place that should be our place of spiritual elevation and growth.