Spiritual Meaning of Birds Hitting Window

For birds, it has always been believed to possess magical properties due to their ability to fly. They are regarded as messengers of gods, even to disguised gods. According to legends, birds announced success or disaster. For example the eagle’s wings are a universal symbol of the existing well-being. It sprang up on the basis of the way the birds sang, graceful, or the formations and directions in which their flocks were flying.

In North American ceremonies, the Indians used four feathers, especially the eagle feather in the east for spring, the hawk feather in the south of the summer, the ravine feather in the west in autumn and the owl feather to the north in the winter.

Feathers would be placed on the 4 sides of the world on the floor of the circle and their purpose was to protect those who were moving in search of visions – on the path to enlightenment or initiation.

The feathers were also used as amulets because they were believed to possess the properties of the sacred bird. Such a feather of eagles and falcons, like the predators, give the shining eye and courage to the warriors through the magic of transmission, according to the giveaway of the flight closest to the sun.

Eagle is the chief of the bird tribe and he sails high in the sky, yet he sees everything and knows everything. It is believed that people’s prayers are transmitted to the heavenly Father. It connects with mythical Grom-bird that brings rain. When her gaze shines – the sky is melting lightning, and when the wings swing with the wings of the sky beat the thunder. Eagle’s feathers can often be found among medication agents, and warriors wear them when they perform a dance of the sun.

Falcon is also called a ghost messenger and his feathers are used in healing ceremonies. The tribes in the southeast used falcons to call for rain at the time of drought. Like the eagle, the falcon sometimes binds to the Grom-bird and the power of the sun. Pueblo Indians of red-haired falcons call red eagle.

Owl is also known as the night eagle, because it is a powerful bird and government for a month like the eagle rules the sun. For tribes from the forests of Southeastern America, the owl is the master of the night and the patron saint of all who must crawl or work when the darkness falls.

Raven is a magic teacher and is also called a great cheater or creator. Sometimes they call him a great grandfather, a man – a raven. Raven, together with the Hawk, renewed the world after a dive. According to the legend, Raven stole the sun, which is why today he believes that he is attracted by everything that is bright, but he is also the messenger of the Great Spirit. He keeps holy laws and is considered to announce changes, so he is a bird of transformation that brings new challenges.

Birds and prophets

Although ornithomancy as a kind of prophecy existed in many cultures, it was mostly written in ancient Rome, where it is most commonly used. Bird prophets would interpret their flight and sounds that were regarded as Jupiter’s messages, and on the basis of these signs, advisers were appointed, and war issues were resolved.

It sprang up in the sacred space or templum, but it does not mean the building, but rather the part of the heavens or the soil that the prophet determines. He then turned east and with his curved rod divided that imaginary part of the sky into quarters, so that the south was on his right and the north from the left. He waited for the first bird to appear, remembered the place to land, the entry and descent of its flight from that point to the point where it disappeared. But it also prophesied out of the flock, and so did the prophets and the common people.

Interpretation of the bird’s flight and appearance

  • Light and dark birds

If more than one species of bird appears, then those lights indicate the steps that should be taken urgently, while those dark ones mean delay. If a question is raised with a possible choice, then the flight of sacred birds means that it is going to action, and those dark ones are waiting. Sometimes, light and dark birds find themselves in the same flock, so fate is then interpreted by which one of them flying away.

  • Direction

If a bird flies right or left, it means that some business venture will flow smoothly and therefore have to work confidently. If you fly to the left or right, it is interpreted as a sign that you should wait, seek advice, or do not give too many statements for some time. If a bird flies in the direction of the prophet, it means that happier times are coming. If it goes away, it announces fewer opportunities, but it can also be interpreted as an old sorrow that leaves us.

  • Height

The higher the flight, the prediction is more favorable. If the bird flying high, then we will without much effort quickly and successfully solve every plan. If a bird flies horizontally, upwardly or sequentially spills and sinks, then it indicates potential obstacles that can be overcome if it persists sufficiently.

  • Changes of direction

If a bird suddenly changes direction, it announces changes in emotional life, instability or sudden suspicion. And if he rides directly above our heads, it’s a warning to some secretive criticism or new friends that will not be too direct.

Why do birds hit the windows?

There are two grounds of collision type. The first happens during the day when birds hit the windows because of the resentment of nature they see through the glass, such as Scottish plants or the glitter of leaves and skies on the other.

The other sight is night colitis when birds, who migrate at night, strike in a brightened window. Some of these night collisions are just a coincidence, but more of them are caused by the light that drives the bird to death.


However, it is not entirely clear why night migrants move from their path and fall so low especially in misty weather conditions. In the illuminated area, they roar and often collide with each other or on the illuminated object itself.

Why are birds attacking the windows?

The third type of collision is far less deadly, but much more “boring” to people – a situation when birds attack their own reflection in the window. This is most commonly occurring on daylight in the spring as in the early summer when birds defend their nesting and nursing areas. The bird observed its own reflection and experienced it as a territorial rivals. Battle around the territory with the windows can be so strong that the bird is completely exhausted. These collisions do not end most deadly.

The best solution for these as well as all other collisions is that the windows cover the outside of the net or the stickers so that the reflection of the bird is not visible, which keeps the bird at a safe distance from which it cannot be hurt, and thus less disturbing people. There is also a variation that people rarely decide – you can use soap to draw lines across the windows that will break the reflection.

Symbolism of Birds Hitting Window

So, if a bird hit your window there is another reason and that is the symbolic one. If a bird hit your window, this means you are about to encounter an obstacle in your life that you might have a problem resolving and getting over.

This also represents a symbol of overcoming obstacles in life, especially if the bird survived. In the Bible it is said that as soon as one door closes the other one is going to open and you are going to have a chance to get new opportunities to make your life much better.

This occurrence can also be a symbol of something malicious and evil. In the movie “Omen” a bird hitting a window represented a scary scene that announced that something bad is about to happen.

Since then, many people associate this happening with something bad even though it doesn’t have to be so. If you are not superstitious, then this occurrence will probably be just a regular thing that happens.