Spiritual Meaning of Bees Landing On You

The biodiversity of the bees developed over a period of more than 100 million years. In the Cretaceous, an earth age 144-65 million years ago, emerged the first flowering plants. About 100 million years ago, bees took over the pollination of many plants.

Both bees and plants have changed over time for mutual benefit in the context of co-evolution. In addition to the pollen, which was initially the only food of the bees, the flowering plants gradually provided the pollinators with increasingly sweet nectar juice, which the bees received as a reward for their work.

Through the targeted transport of pollen, the plants were able to reduce the production of pollen and thus reduce their nitrogen requirements. Flowering plants still attract their pollinators by optical and chemical stimuli – the bees have sharpened their senses by being able to perceive colors and shapes as well as the fragrance of the flowers.

The bees, in turn, adapted their coat to pollen transport and developed a long trunk that allows them to access the nectarines, which are deeply in the flower bed.

Revolutionary knowledge about bees at the end of the 18th century

This universal knowledge was revolutionary at the end of the 18th century. Christian Conrad Sprengel (1750-1816) observed, unlike most bee researchers of his time, not their biology but the flower visit of insects and came to completely new knowledge.

The abundance of prehistoric, mythological, religious, cultural and historical traces of bees and their products is immeasurable. Humans always felt that the honeybee was the crowning achievement of creation, and that it hummed as the praises of nature. This is how an Egyptian legend from the 4th century BC describes. The sun god Re also cried. Tears flowed from his eye to the earth. They turned into bees. The bees created flowers and trees. This is the origin of the wax and honey from the tears of the god Ra.”

Beeswax was considered sacred

Also in the Christian church the bee as well as its products honey and wax are assigned a special meaning. The legend says, “When Christ was crucified, his blood dripped to the ground; attracted by the sweetness of the red drops, bees flew in and collected the blood of Christ. “Thus, honey becomes the symbol bearer of the blood of Christ and the Holy Scriptures.

The bee, on the other hand, who only feeds on honey, which she herself gathers without damaging nature, embodies the believing Christian, who receives the word of God and gives it selflessly. The beeswax was considered sacred because it is produced pure and incorruptible by the “divine” bee.

The church as a drive of beekeeping

Thus, the Christian church of beekeeping from the 5th to the 16th Century helped to unusual boom, as they increasingly needed beeswax for their cultic acts and even prescribed the use of pure beeswax candles in worship. In the castle church Wittenberg should have been burned at the time of Luther annually 36,000 pounds of wax.

At that time a carpenter earned 24 pfennigs a day; a pound of meat cost four pfennigs, a pound of wax 40. To this day, in the Catholic Easter praise Exsultet the bees thought: “… accept this candle as our festive gift! From the delicious wax of the bees prepares … “.

Bees as symbols of purity

Bees are a symbol of purity, pendency and diligence. Since the digestive system in the larva bee is not connected to the anus, digestive waste is deposited in the body, thereby preventing that waste from coming into contact with food inside the honeycomb.

The nuts lay eggs only in the cells that the bees prepared – they are cleaned and covered. It is really worth the attention and every lesson of the fact that bees have for thousands of years, and without the slightest mistake or deviation in the account, build these superb structures in which the right architectural art is only thin layer propyls.

Therefore, before the tummy is lowered, the nut pulls the head into the cell and feels it with its antennae, then takes one egg, which at one end clings to the bottom of the cell.

At the moment when the larva moves into the doll phase, it expels unwashed matter and lays them to the bottom of the cell.

And as soon as it arrives in the phase of maturity, it will, as if learned, clear its cell.

At the same time, crankshafts near the nuts are very carefully taking care of its cleanliness. It is also known that during the summer months, bees do not eject their scum within the hive.


And when the winter period comes, the bees deposit their waste in the rectum area (the last hose) and with the first spring flight they are released outside the hive.

In cases where the bees are not able to bring out the intruders they stabbed after they entered the hive they will mummify it with their propyls, not allowing it to fall apart inside the hive and rupture the space around it.

Spiritual meaning of bee landing on you

Now we can safely answer the question that is asked in the beginning of this article. It is absolutely considered lucky to have a bee land on your shoulder or anywhere on your body.

Bees are harmless and will never attack first, so there is nothing you should be scared of. Bees will simply land on your body for couple of minutes and wonder further on to search for pollen. Having a bee land on you is even considered very lucky by some cultures, that it can bring you money, good business deals and luck in love.

Of course, if you are allergic to bees, it is best to have them as far away from you as possible, especially if you overreact when seeing them or if you try to scare them away by attacking them.

Simply relax and let luck come into your life, even though it might be through something as simple as a bee landing on you.