Spiritual Meaning of Bald Eagle

All things that we see in nature, plants, and animals are part of the world, in the same way, we as human beings are – and all of us are connected, so the mutual respect and care for one another are essential.

Through human history, many different animals had a different meaning for people, and some of them were worshipped while others were hated (in different countries those were different animals).

We spoke on several occasions how birds had been worshipped for centuries and often compared to God, and Higher Power that sees all and knows all. It is not hard to understand how this is possible, since birds are the rulers of the sky, and people, regardless of how we try to be a part of it, are just not the rulers, but users of it.

Now, the Bald Eagle is a bird who is characterized by its strength and ability to prey – so many believe that it genuinely has a deep spiritual meaning, and this is something that is recognized all over the world, even in those countries where the Bald Eagle does not naturally lives.

General Characteristics

Even though it is a bird of prey, it is the bird that is loved by many – we are all familiar with its white head and whitetail. This Bald Eagle is a protected bird in the U.S and is a symbol of government, and on emblems, it is seen from a profile.

There is no doubt that during life, the Bald Eagle is fearless and brave, an eagle with incredible precision when catches its prey, and the most considerable emphasis is on an enormous and sharp beak, and claws that are even more powerful than human hands. There is no escape from his grasp.

What also needs to be taken into consideration is that the Eagle has the most extended lifespan among birds, and it can live up to 70 years.

But, here we can see on more trait regarding this amazing bird – to live this long, it should make a decision that will change him forever.

He loses his strength and his claws, and his beak is not so sharp and durable.

In this sense, in many cultures, this bird is connected to the authority and the fact that we must become one and earn respect.

The Bald Eagle is not a cunning bird – it has an evident attitude and knows what he wants – he is determined and one of the rare birds of prey that never eat his all catch, but he gives the half to other birds. He is not doing it for fun, but he has the purpose — all the time, he has dignity and poise without compare.

Spiritual Meaning

The Eagle, also known as the King of Heaven, has always been regarded as a symbol of freedom, inspiration and unimaginable heights that not many people have the chance to reach.

This is the bird that has a distinctive look, but the most fantastic part of the Bald Eagle is his wings – they are connected to the feeling of willingness, while at the same time it associates itself with the complete takeover of control and innate authority above all others who are far bellowing it.

As it flies, the Bald Eagle really seems to be the whole sky in its possession. That’s why it’s not surprising that this bird is one of the most commonly used symbols in heraldry – having an emblem that speaks of all things great is a must-have.

The symbolic qualities of this powerful bird are linked to the divine power of man and looking from a spiritual point of view, his wings are ready for the endless flightless spaces, and our inner eyes open to the new light of the day, including at the same time the humble and the great, the part and the whole, the time and the infinity.

Above the pain and misunderstanding of life, above the death and fear, the sun-bird of the eternal spirit elevates us – he is not scared to look at the source of fear with the same intensity.


In Eastern cultures, this represents a powerful solar symbol, and this symbolism connection has, above all the most sense.

The connection between the Eagle and the Sun should not surprise, given the fact that it is the only bird that can look uninterrupted into the Sun’s light, without any consequences for his eyes – he is the one who dares to look at it and to confront it.

The Eagle, and also the Bald Eagle is worshipped in almost all nations all over the world – in some mythology, this bird is seen as God’s bird. It is connected symbolically with the supreme deities, kings, royalty and warriors that are beyond compare to anyone else, endowed with great skills and courage.

The Indians saw him as a symbol of high power, direction and imagination – he is the representation of all things that are the best of the best.

This kind among all birds, and why not an animal (he is totally out of reach for all others, but he can touch when he wants to, all others), is the leader of the spaciousness of the sky and the untouchable mountain peaks.

It is no surprise why so many adore him and why he became a ubiquitous representation of various ancient cultures and remained a label of many rulers and peoples throughout history.

Good or a Bad sign?

The appearance of the Eagle was a good sign that brings happiness and success for the person who sees it (in dreams, vision, or similar).

In the broader sense, it is the symbol of justice, trust, intelligence and generosity – this comes from the fact that in many countries eagles is the representation of our father (ancestors), and also the wisdom that should be sent to the youth.

It is a known fact the Bald Eagle catches prey, and he eats a half and anther half he gives to others – this kind of unselfishness is an aspect and a virtue that people should look at.

This is the bird that has an extremely positive sign in religion, for example, Christianity, which attributes to its properties such as power, speed, and intellectual rationalizing. We could not find one symbolical attributed regarding this bird that is not positive.

Due to the sharp vision that can penetrate far and cover everything that is happening, due to the boldness of the flight and the view of the Sun against the Sun, they felt that it was close to God or that it expressed its embodiment, here, on Earth (this is the reason why in almost all traditions, it is bad luck to kill a Bald Eagle or to keep him in captivity).

He often has the role of a flying divine messenger and the enforcer of his (Gods, Natures, Universe, whatever you believe in, and whatever that Greater power is for you personally) will, moving fast through the winds and clouds between heaven and Earth. During that process, we must learn so much from the Bald Eagle.


The heavenly hunter, the Bald Eagle, symbolizes dignity, respect, strength, height, control, focus, well-planned development, holiness and freedom from all potential human attachments.

This is the bird that is supplied with an irreproachable sense of sight, and thus, for man always depicts a kind of visionary who declares the innovations and promotes creativity.

Also, the Bald Eagle is the bird that shows intelligence and summons us to designate our resources, to rely solely on our own energy, and to free even the smallest pieces of negative energy that we possess. This is really relevant to know how to do it – negative energy can be a stepping stone for progress.

It is the positive and inspirational symbol – the Bald Eagle is dominant in his flight; in it, there is no weakness. A message for all people is to try to devote to all those things that do not burden us, but rather encourage us always to pursue higher goals.

You should always want more from life and primarily from yourself – there is not anyone who can give you more. In this sense, the Bald Eagle teaches us that we need to respect the end, and when we cannot “fly” anymore, we need to able to retrieve and quietly reflect in all things that we have done during life.