Sparrow – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Sparrows are small, but powerful birds. They are a symbol of joy, simplicity, creativity, friendship, protection and productivity. Their power and their safety are their numbers. They are always in flocks, and do almost everything together.

They can’t be easily seen. They are fast and use those advantages to outsmart many stronger and bigger birds and animals. They hunt and travel in huge packs, and make up the strength they lack with numbers.

A sparrow as a spirit animal is very significant, because this animal is small but very powerful. As a spirit animal, the sparrow symbolizes self – worth and higher ideals. It inspires us to take things lightly.

What does the Sparrow Symbolize?

Sparrows symbolize many things. They symbolize power, regardless of size. They are also a symbol of persistence, diligence, productivity and hard work. Sparrows also symbolize courage and caution. They are a sign of intelligence, skills, abilities and creativity.

They remind us to be happy, joyful, friendly and compassionate towards other people. They are also a boost to our self – confidence and dignity. They teach us self – love, but also to care for others.

They are a reminder not to accumulate other people’s duties, but delegate them to the ones who are in charge of them.

They also teach us the importance of the group we belong to and the need to adapt and creatively solve problems in various life situations.

The Meanings of Sparrow as a Spirit Animal

The sparrow as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Caution. Being surrounded by a lot of predators which prey on them, sparrows are very watchful birds. If a sparrow is your totem animal, you probably have the same traits. You are cautious and don’t let anything to chance. If a sparrow suddenly appears in your life, maybe it’s warning you of something, so pay attention.

Hard work. Sparrows are very diligent as well. They always do something, whether they are gathering food, feeding the young, building their nests, etc. If this is your spirit animal, those are your traits also. You probably never waste time or procrastinate. You are a very organized person, always doing something.

A sparrow might be an indication of a busy schedule expecting you in the upcoming days. Sometimes it can be a reminder to stop procrastinating and begin finishing your tasks.

Sparrow symbolizes hard work, and inspires us to be vigilant and productive. These birds are constantly doing something to ensure their survival. They remind us to stop wasting our time.

They also symbolize hard work for achieving one’s goals, because once we do that, we will feel useful and proud of ourselves.

Capability. A sparrow is a small bird, but uses all of its other advantages to overcome its size issues. The message of the sparrow might be that power doesn’t always have to be in strength and size. Everyone has the capacity to succeed, just has to use the resources it possesses the right way.

Creativity. A sparrow can inspire us to have a creative approach towards things especially towards problem solving.

Dignity. A sparrow is a survivor, despite its small size. If this bird is your totem animal, it might appear in situations when you feel down, with low self- esteem and worth, to help you overcome those feelings. It will awaken your sense of self-worth and dignity and remind you that you are as good as anyone else.


Protection. The same way sparrows are protected in their groups, if a sparrow is your spirit animal, its message might be to seek shelter in your community. It may also represent your protective attitude towards the members of your family or your friends, or maybe they are behaving like that towards you.

Adaptation. Sparrows are adapted to use all their traits as an advantage. They protect themselves, doing almost everything together, they are fast and can camouflage easily. They teach us to take life lightly and don’t always be too serious about everything. They also teach us about different ways of solving problems and difficult situations. We just need to let the creative part of us take the lead.

Community and team work Sparrows are social animals and do almost everything in groups.

If the sparrow is your totem animal, the message is to rely upon the people you are close to, and don’t hesitate to seek advice and help, when you need them. The strength of sparrows is in their multitude, so that can be a reminder that you shouldn’t always rely solely upon your own strengths.

They are also a symbol of protection in numbers and of communal involvement. Their group is their strength. They act as a team and as such they are unstoppable. They share their responsibilities and rely upon each other. That can also be a thing that a sparrow as your spirit guide can teach you. To be a team player, help others and start contributing to a common goal.

Pride. Sparrows are small but proud birds, often disregarded. They are small but don’t let that stop them from achieving everything they want. They are considered weak, but in fact these birds are much stronger than appears.

As a totem, this animal is very powerful and productive. It reminds you to be persistent and never quit and is also a reminder that we don’t have to be big to succeed. We should be proud of ourselves and feel worthy no matter what personal obstacles we might be facing or regardless of what others might be saying or doing.

Self – love. Sparrows are inspiring us to love ourselves as we are, with all our flaws and qualities.

Compassion. Just as sparrows do almost everything together, they are inspiring us to be compassionate towards others and never be hesitant to help. We are all a part of this world and it’s our duty to respect and help each other.

Joy. Sparrows as our spirit animals are inviting us to enjoy life and get rid of stress and all the things that bother and worry us.

Be happy with small things. A sparrow’s lesson as your spirit guide might be learning to enjoy and be happy with small things that life is made of. Learn to appreciate the things you so often take for granted.

Start delegating duties. This bird can sometimes be a reminder that we are not supposed to do everything by ourselves and undertake all the burdens to the point of getting exhausted. Instead, it’s calling you to delegate your duties and tasks evenly among the ones in your community who are also in charge of them. Maybe you have been doing their share of the work all the time and that has got to stop.

Sparrow as Your Totem Animal

Although a sparrow is a common small bird with apparently no significance, its traits as a totem animal are pretty powerful. This bird is doing all it can to survive, and compared to its size that makes her a giant.

If a sparrow is your totem animal it is a reminder to be dignified and appreciate yourself. You are as good as everyone else and deserve a good place in this world just as anyone else. This bird is teaching you dignity, self – respect and self – worth.

Everyone has its own unique contribution to this world and your contribution is as valuable as anyone else’s. Just as sparrows, we are all a part of one big world team.

What if a Sparrow as Your Spirit Guide Appears in Your Life?

When a sparrow spirit animal enters your life, you might ask yourself if you have been appreciating yourself enough lately or maybe someone might have been undermining your dignity and self – worth.

The appearance of this small bird might be a reminder to start standing up for yourself and believing more in yourself and your capacities.

A sparrow as your spirit guide appears in your life in times when:

-You have problems with or are questioning your self – worth.
-You feel down and underappreciated.
-You need to stand up for yourself.
-You need to be more humble and merciful to others.
-You want something, or have some unfulfilled wishes.
-You want a new love relationship.
-You want to be productive.
-You don’t understand something.

When to call on Sparrow?

Calling a sparrow as your spirit guide is advisable when:

-You want to manifest desires.
-You are feeling down and unappreciated, and you want to boost your self – esteem.
-You want to understand people from other races.
-You want to express love.

Dreams about Sparrow – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about sparrows usually have a good meaning. A sparrow in your dream might be indicating receiving some good news in the near future. They may come as a surprise to you, but you will surely be happy hearing them.

A sparrow in a dream might signify some problems or weight that you’ve been carrying on your shoulders for some time. The message of the dream might be to try to ease yourself and share your duties and tasks with those around you. It may also guide you to seek advice how to solve your problems from people that are close or even ask them for help.

Frequent dreams about sparrows may be a call to believe in yourself more.

Sometimes this bird is a sign of an overloaded schedule. Maybe you should consider delegating your duties to the ones that are actually in charge of them. Or, if all of them are yours, maybe this dream is a sign to ask for help from your friends, family members or colleagues.

Being a symbol of joy, a sparrow in your dream might be foretelling some pleasant moments that you will be spending in the company of your friends or family in the near future.

A sparrow sitting on your window is a good sign which signifies good times and luck approaching. It is most likely a sign of increase of profit in the near future.

Several sparrows in your dream might be foretelling unexpected guests in your house very soon, which will pleasantly surprise you and bring you joy.

Catching a sparrow in a dream is also a very good omen, and signifies wish fulfillment soon.