Soul Urge Number 8

Often in life, we think that we have to work so hard and that our lives must be difficult if we want to succeed in life, and have fulfilled life.

Restrictions and problems, such as those associated with health, money, overbearing and dominant parents or partners, may alternate to our life to the sad place and create difficulties on the way to progress.

It is truly remarkable how people could derail in their lives, and never to progress, let alone to prosper.

But, what if you know that there is a way, there is a way when you can change your life, and there is one small thing that can tell you how.

Until the moment the person decides to act correctly in their activities, there cannot be changed, but the Soul Urge Number is the tool to act correctly.

Therefore, Soul Urge Numbers give everyone what he or she belongs to, with a lot of love and care for everyone around.

Today, we are looking into the world of the people who are Soul Urge Number 8.

What is the meaning of the Soul Urge Number 8?

In an article that is connected to the number 8, you can see the word energy stands there besides. This is not such a surprise, and this is reflected the people who are Soul Urge Number 8.

They are strongly attracted to power, control, and domination – if such tendencies are directed in the right direction, everything is great, and these people can archive a lot. If not, this is one way to hell.

So they act on others, even if they are as poor or in a seemingly indifferent situation in life, they do not give up on their ideas and general attitude toward life.

These human beings are natural-born leaders, and they like to have their hands free because others are holding them back (or they have that feeling, so in a way, these people are loners who prefer to work, live and create their reality, alone).

So, people of this Soul Urge Number know how to manage situations (especially negative ones), but also how to manage others with their dominant nature.  From whatever social background they come from, they will always secure high positions in society, even if others may say that they are doing this by showing authority and dominance (we are not talking if this power is with or without basis).

Looking at things from another side, we could also notice that these strong characters are true hedonists, relaxed, in fact quite arbitrary, easy to come to the money, prone to laziness, love flattery, and they love to be in the center of everyone’s attention, even if that attention comes from fear.

Also, we must add that they have fate in their own abilities, and that’s how they feel, regardless of the circumstances in their lives. They are not particularly sacrificed unless they are highly motivated with future rewards, in those situations they can achieve a lot, a be surprisingly altruistic.

In interpersonal relations, these human beings are great seducers, but not very discerning and sensitive to their lover’s feelings. This does not create them good or bad, or this does not mean that they are not capable of loving; on the contrary, it is just their way of showing love is different from the rest.

What is the symbolism of the Soul Urge Number 8?

When you know that the symbolical ruler of the humans who fall under the Soul Urge Number 8 is Saturn, then you know that it is the reason of their coldness, and at first glance, they may seem to be very cold maybe even rude beings.


But their heart is warm, and their inner self is showing something else to the world, only if they let others to see their heart. These beings are very humanitarian oriented and caring individuals who will be happy to help, but their attitude and way of doing things in life make them misunderstood.

This is the main issue that comes from the Saturn, but what also comes with it, is their strong attitude, so people admire them for that (or fear them, but the respect is definitely present).

Also, and we could not emphasize this enough – the life of the Soul Urge Number 8 is full of struggles, and they do not surrender easily. They are rarely satisfied with little success (everything in their lives must be big, must be powerful and must change the world), so the eternal struggle and desire to prove them makes their lives unpredictable.

Saturn gives them something else, and these energetic people have a strong will, they like money (and it is not just about the money, it is more about the material security, and it is more about their need to own).

They are humans who love enjoyment; they can be aggressive when they want something to achieve, they feel have some kind of protection from the above, they have the impression that nothing can happen to them, and that they can endure every pain and difficulty.

Saturn is a mysterious planet that can turn people of the Soul Urge Number 8 to become violent, sanctimonious, intrusive materialists, obsessed with them, and such an attitude can be pretty selfish when it looks from the point of view of interpersonal relations.

They believe that they are blessed, magical powers and can seduce anyone they want consciously and awkwardly.

Soul Urge Number 8 in Life, Love and Work

Human beings of the Soul Urge Number 8, when feeling relaxed and intimate in the interpersonal relation, regardless if it is friendly or passionate, are very loyal, sensitive and affectionate.

They never hide their emotions and are very eloquent when they show them – this is also the moment when they show their full potential and strength.

Their attraction is very positively reflected through intellect and strong personality, which acts as a magnet to the people they want to be in a relationship with.

But, there is one more aspect to speak of when it comes to their personas, these humans act in such way that they can be scary, and in this sense, they do not, by any means, tolerate infidelity and do not forgive adultery.

For that matter, they are always first to end a failed relationship (failed by their views), regardless of the partner’s attitude and opinion about it; so they can be ruthless in this sense.

They are very principled and never return to an old love. More likely, they remain alone or enter a fling just for the sensual pleasures.

When it comes to the work that is suitable for people of the Soul Urge Number 8, they work the best in all occupations where they can be independent, and where they can listen to themselves, so they can become artists. Or they can become very successful politicians, who often have numerous opponents and enemies, but they realize that it is just the part of their journey.

Advice for people who are Soul Urge Number 8

Maybe at a young age, humans who belong to this number may not have been able to live life to the fullest and have had difficulty taking responsibility for their actions; they simply did not know what to do with the immense energy they possess.

In fact, these people may have always found a way to avoid seeing reality and instead of relying on their “inner feeling” that they can do everything, regardless of the difficulty that may come; this was not true when it came to picking up the pieces of their life.

Also, these strong, but overly dominant beings may have had problems with “addiction” (and we are using this term here in such a way, to show you that they may have been addicted not just on some substances, but on power, or wealth) or failed to set their life in a direction that actually supports the growth of their soul.

In this life, in some mature years, they have a chance to return to the source to learn to take full responsibility for life and the direction of the soul.

If they listen well, to the advice that comes from the core of the Soul Urge Number 8 are here to learn how to see the truth of their life and get to the core of soul and mission purpose.

Instead of losing in “addiction” and trying to escape from reality, in this life they will be guided into situations where they will have to deal with everything that life brings to them, but not in any forceful way, but in a calm and peaceful way.

In the end, and maybe, this is one more aspect to speak of, having in mind, all that we have previously said – too much arrogance can be damaging, even for the strong characters that are people of the Soul Urge Number 8.

They need to learn to pay equal attention to all people, not just the powerful and influential, so they can gain something that will benefit them in some way; they need to stop doing it if they want to progress and find the purpose of their soul.

In the end, the most valuable lesson is this – they should not ever be afraid of loneliness because they do not know that it is their greatest ally. It helps them to penetrate and discover what they really crave because that is certainly not power (even if they live their lives believing so).

Specifically, there are things that make us happier, it is just the process of letting go, and being open to the numerous and new opportunities that may come along the way.