Soul Urge Number 6

If you look at the history of humankind, if you take a look at everything that we have achieved and done, you can come to some interesting facts.

What you can find out, is that during this long evolutionary journey we made some serious mistakes, but at the same time, we have accumulated an abundance of wisdom, of knowledge and many interesting experiences.

All of which we could use to make our lives better than they were before, or at least, this should be the idea.

Based on the freedom of choice we possess, we do many good works that may be of use to us in the future, and in this sense, the numerology has its saying, and Soul Numbers are just the right thing that deals with this idea.

Today we are trying to discover what does the Soul Number 6 has to say to the people who are this number, and how can they make the right choices in life, and make their future better.

What is the meaning of the Soul Urge Number 6?

People who are Soul Number 6, are those types of people who often fail to control events and despite their best will to organize their lives, something happens that makes them subordinate their needs to others.

In this sense, they are often in the position of a victim who is not powerful enough to overcome their position.

They consider themselves a victim of affection, often falling in love with someone just for his beauty, prone to flirting – or in some way, they are prone to fall in love in wrong lovers, who do not have anything to give them, at least at that time when they are in a relationship with that person.

But, on the other hand, these people are, seen from the outside (because often they are not aware of it) the most beautiful persons who give to the world something that is not seen.

One more positive aspect in the lives of the people who are Soul Urge Number 6 is that they are able to find the focus in life, often in the family. This crisis comes because of the fact that they are quite insecure and constantly draw strength from the family environment; it is their moving force, a strength that is helping them to achieve all that they want.

But, it is not advisable to become depending on the confirmation of their family, cause then they could never be truly happy.

They do not know how to draw the line between work and home, so their business problems are burdened on the household, and colleagues are hurting on family matters – once again, as for the majority of us, they must find a balance, and do not give up one or the other.

These individuals are very sensitive and caring for others, and they have many hobbies (if they have support, they can turn it into the business).

For example, these humans enjoy cooking, and for that matter, home, and cooking represent a nice setting to show others how much they care. Or they can write very well, and they can find, in it, the best way to direct their emotions or confusion.

What is the symbolism of the Soul Urge Number 6?

All that we have written in the previous section now will find its reason; and it lies in the symbolical ruler, the planet Venus, the one that we all connect to justice, beauty, and of course, loving emotions.

Now, when you know who is their symbolical ruler, you know that it makes them creative, extremely cheerful, volatile, but also easily adaptable.


Venus makes them very romantic and sensual creatures that are adorned with the refined taste – that could be seen in everything they do. For example, their house needs to be artistic, beautiful, and all of their creativity is seen in it. When they cook, they are the best in it, and this applies to everything that people with the Soul Urge Number 6.

These artistic, creative souls, who are seen as very noble, they love luxury, and will often do things to maintain that luxury, leaving themselves in debts, but this is not something that will do to change.

But the planet Venus makes these eternal souls who adore travel and joy, to be wasteful.

If they succeed in the process of self- development, if they maintain their balance, they will become very happy. It is advisable for those with Soul Number 6 to think well and plan as much as they can so that they can prevent as many risks as possible.

In the end, knowing what the Venus planet brings, they need to correct their own habits that they can become addicted to (the tendency is present, but there cannot be any guarantees in life).

But if they feel that someone is manipulating them, and then they will burst easily and extinguish all their discontent – be aware of the Venus, when it feels that someone or something is not right in their lives.

It is almost impossible to expect them to forgive people who hurt them; but in the long run, people of the Soul Urge Number 6 must learn to forgive, and more importantly to let go. Holding a grudge for a long time can lead them to jeopardize the health, and most importantly, their emotional health. And from that point, the comeback is not an easy one.

Soul Urge Number 6 in Life, Love and Work

The most important aspect of their lives is love, and in life, love, and in any other aspect of their lives, they are those who are making the sacrifice for all rest. It is not that they oppose this role in their lives, but they do need to become accustomed to this role.

They love family (and this is maybe the reason why they are often in the role of victims), home and are very affectionate but since love is paramount to them, it can happen that they have two marriages, that they are quite confused in love (often they find themselves with wrong partners, that are making them even more confused).

They can’t get it right, or they can, but they should try, love, should be their sanctuary and place of comfort.

Because of the planet Venus, the Soul Urge Number 6 is the numeral of harmony and love – they are human beings who are fascinated by beauty, gentleness, human kindness that is shown to all leaving creatures, especially to those who are close to them, like family members.

They are supporters of tolerance and fidelity, as she also expects from the opposite sex. But, they are not those fatal lovers; they just often have turbulent relationships.

They knew how to subjugate them and master their hearts forever. They are loved, respected and desired in every situation, from the objective side of the situation, but looking at things from one another side that is more subjective, they themselves do not see themselves as loved and respected, not even as a desired lovers in the environment.

They are talented beings who can work successfully in the department of art, medicine, and they also have a strong sense of aesthetics.

If they try and if they explore and love their job, just like they love their hobby, then they are becoming bearers of uniqueness and success in every respect. And can choose what they want to do to in life.

Advice for people who are Soul Urge Number 6

We have written so much that relates to people who are Soul Urge Number 6, we tried to show you their personality from many different perspectives, and it is up to you to come to a conclusion what kind of people they are.

Now, the advice for these people is to stop neglecting their feelings, and their emotional health -even if they may also find it difficult to manage their time and find a balance between work, rest and fun.

This is a task that is mandatory for them if they do not want to become unhealthy and even emotionally sick. This is probably due to the fact that they are not able to express emotions; so their behavior makes them becoming victims of their societies, and this is a sure sign that they cannot be happy.

From now on, in moments when they learned a lot of their personas, people of the Soul Urge Number 6 are present to nourish and heal their emotions and to understand that their feelings play a significant role in their physical health, but more emotional state of their souls.

Life can send them so many challenges to make their emotional health a priority, so they can begin to take care and provide the soul with the care it needs.

Healthy thinking, exercise and meditation are definitely needed in this number, so this is the main advice for these human beings who are incredibly talented and well-deserving, but on the other hand, they are often victims of their closest environment.

In the end, people with this Soul Number 6 are advised to carefully take care of their personality and above all their integrity.

Family is important, we do not deny it, but it is not the center of the world – they should become the center of their world, not their families.

Let go, and do something nice for yourself, is the best advice for anyone who is trying to find a balance in life, and make it better. It is time to take life into their own hands and let others adapt to their needs.