Soul Urge Number 5

Some experts claim that in numerology, there are numerous numbers that depict different parts of our lives, different times of our lives, etc. – the Soul Urge Number is the one that indicates the existence of a Fate in our lives, in its divine connectivity with our soul; as the most important part of our lives.

The soul is the center of our being, and it is the aspect that rules all others, so if you base your knowledge on it, you can rule all other aspects in life.

Every living person could benefit from the knowledge that exists in the Soul Numbers – it is used in numerous secret disciplines, is based on an ancient idea that teaches us how each of us is a spiritual being, or soul, can connect to it, regardless of a time and place.

Also, if you go into depths of it, you can find the soul and its incarnation on earth many times in order to advance to higher levels of consciousness.

Today we are looking into a soul of people who belong to the Soul Number 5; what is the main message of that Number, and how you can use the given knowledge that comes from it?

Read in the texts below, and be open for information that is in it.

What is the meaning of the Soul Urge Number 5?

This Soul Urge Number is deeply connected to the communication and movement, and in this sense, all people who belong to this numeral love to be on the move; they are youthful, and they are quite childish.

But we must also say, and this will come as a negative trait, is that because they do not like responsibility, they will have problems in life, except when they decide to accept something.

In those times, people who are Soul Urge Number 5 are becoming very persistent, despotically geared towards the environment – so in a way they are doing anything they can, so that their idea is implemented, as they imagined it.

Sometimes because of the speed of their lives, and numerous issues that come from it, people who are Soul Urge Number 5 will suffer from stress, and have neuroses, neuralgia, problems with heart, etc. They need to learn to be relaxed and to take care of their well-being.

But, we must say, that they are very imaginative human beings who are extremely free-spirited, they love to travel, to have full freedom over their choices, and the ability to make choices in life.

This is one very relevant aspect to know, if you want to find out what these people are doing – they must be free, if they want to “live and work” without many disturbances, and for that matter, their environment must understand how freedom and not interfering in their choices will soothe their soul.

What is the symbolism of the Soul Urge Number 5?

Now, we ask you one simple question – who do you think is their symbolical ruler, as a planet? You have probably guessed that that place belongs to the planet Mercury, as the fastest planet that shares warmth and that is in charge for communication and fast pace life, and it also gives those smarts and knowledge.

So, Mercury is the planet that is giving them their young spirit, and it gives them the ability to communicate and to listen; it gives them their expressive intelligence.

Also, they because of all of this become good speakers, cunning, they can also be artistic souls – often times they do numerous jobs at once and they all do it with the major success, only if they want it; if they do not, they will become the laziest people in the world. They become people who are excessive in their behaviors, but the good thing is that they can come out of it very fast.

Also, the Mercury, as the symbolical ruler is in charge, that in everything they do they take a decisive approach – love to plan, but only in a new and modern way, so they are happy and remain their material status.


Mercury is also the place of risks, so their ambitions are great and are willing to take risks for it, as is knowledge and education. What we are trying to say is that they are able to use all of this and calculate the risk, and start something new.

Sometimes they run into risky challenges, and they can be gamblers, especially when they are young, but the best way is when this is just a stage in their lives, and not a permanent or a chronic state.

Mercury, in the end, brings them incredible charm and attractiveness, so they are loved by many, but at times, they cannot be dedicated to just one person, at the time.

If they work hard on their lives, these people become very self-aware, adaptable but difficult to change, and all people who are close to them must be aware of that fact. Friendship with people is a key problem because they should work their way up in terms of forgiving and returning friends.

Soul Urge Number 5 in Life, Love and Work

The best jobs, these people could find in the area of math, architecture, design, they love being the center of attention, and they can be musical and excellent negotiators. They rarely do anything to their detriment, except at a young age.

Aesthetics with a sense of design, music, and film are also occupations that are suitable for those with the Soul Urge Number 5. This is important to know since it is a known fact that number 5 is one very expressive Number for people who are constantly hovering in the clouds of love dreams.

They love freedom, travel, adventure and everything else that is beautiful and unusual -can you imagine them in one boring, the same relationship that does not give them that inner feeling of joy and movement.

They possess an unusual charm that leaves no one indifferent, but, they need to work really hard on the process of achieving stable relationships, both in love and in friendships.

They seduce energetically and passionately, which is directly related to their temperament that is connected to the movement, and constant search and Change that is their inner state.

When they finally conquer the right person, when they feel that this is the right thing (no one is saying that that process is going fast), they calm down and remain faithful to them for the rest of their lives.

So, it is just about the connection and the right timing when it comes to love.

We must add one more thing in this section so that you can fully understand what kind of people they are.

Many say that Soul Number 5 is the most contradictory Number because it represents both freedom and independence, and loyalty and attachment. So, it can give a constant struggle, and it can shift them out of balance.

They enjoy adventure, danger, and can be adrenaline addicts who work the best if they follow the principle of Change; since they are known haters of any routine.

They have to do something new every day because it excites and motivates them – but of course, the energy can be wasted on different and completely unnecessary projects that are simple loss of time.

They do not have plans in mind, so what comes to mind – they are realized immediately regardless of the circumstances, so it takes them to risks.

However, the fiery nature does not allow them to enjoy relationships for a long time, whether friendly, business or emotional.

It is the aspect that takes time and attention so they can calm down, and makes the best out of any interpersonal relationship.

Advice for people who are Soul Urge Number 5

In some earlier stages of their lives, people of the Soul Urge Number 5, often work in the way that they sought physical and emotional attention to the point that you have become attached, demanding and greedy.

But, at the same time, they were unable to connect to the deepest core. It is very likely that they are using their pronounced charm to achieve their goals, even if it was not in the best interests of those around them – it could be a contradictory aspect in their lives, leaving them unhappy.

So, the main advice for these people who are Soul Urge Number 5 is that they never enter an affair or manipulated others to get things done the way they have imagined.

From now on, they should return to learn to respect others and create healthy boundaries in relationships, and then they can also come to the realization how to healthy express their truth without the need for manipulation or false feelings.

The best and the healthiest way of interpersonal communication in life is this; of course, if their inner feelings are free.

In the end, one additional advice for all those who are Soul Urge Number 5, based on the fact that they are great visionaries, and if they were able to stay a little longer on one thing, they would achieve much more in life. They easily get into the heart of things, so they get bored quickly, and in this sense, such a task could be a problem, but it is not achievable.

They have to learn to be patient, to enjoy the little things, and to focus their life energy to that center; they are sick of being distrustful of the world, because if they don’t give – they won’t be able to win.