Soul Urge Number 4

All Soul Urge Numbers, in all of its glory and fascination, are the representation of a particularly high level of potential, unlike other – they speak to you, they are talking to your soul.

And for starters, you should look at each issue that Soul Urge numbers give you as a one interesting and valuable lesson to learn. This is really important to know – Soul Urge Numbers are present in our lives for communication with our soul, and giving us the lessons that we must learn so that we can heal our soul.

In this piece, we will analyze Soul Urge Number 4, including its key symbols that describe its expression in the simplest way, and then describe in more detail the lessons it contains.

It brings the lessons, as the essence with which all experience and characteristics are related.

What is the meaning of the Soul Urge Number 4?

If you want to find out what does the Soul Urge Number 4 means, first we need to think what is in the deep need of the people who have this number. In them, there is a deep need for a safe, warm haven – in this way; they need to have a place of comfort where they can feel safe.

Also, those with the Soul Urge Number 4 are practical human beings who follow their logic and the rational place in their minds and are in this way rigid, as far as emotions go.

The inherent fear of leaving them makes them very inaccessible and reserved, deep inside they are not able to overcome the fear of feeling abandoned.

However, when they accept a person, there is a momentary transformation of their personality. Then they become the most loyal, noblest and most tolerant human beings that you have ever met in your life.

In this case, their partner is free to relax, because they will have an extraordinary personality. These people have a routine that they follow rigorously, is their favorite condition, so as soon as they step out of it, they feel anxiety and panic – one aspect of their personality that makes a lot of trouble.

People with this Soul Urge number do not have enough self-emphasis, so they miss many opportunities that come on the life path, and we will say it once again that this is such a shame since they could truly accomplish so much in life, they just have to go for it.

In the end, their lives are often times very turbulent or in a complete opposition where they live their lives in peace and calmness (all of this comes from the symbolic impact of the planets, as you will be able to read in the next chapters of this piece).

They are very honest, and when they are fighting for what they believe they are “poisonous”, they do not choose words and are able to say what they think openly.

People who belong to the Soul Urge Number 4 are endowed with attractiveness and beauty, they are intelligent and courageous when they need to fight some of their deepest beliefs, they are honest but they do not like the rules and are happy to violate them (as a way of dealing with many fears in their lives); and they are above everything else curious and unconventional human beings, who are deeply struggling with their inner pains.

What is the symbolism of the Soul Urge Number 4?

The symbolical value comes from the strong impact of the planet Uranus, and we can come to the conclusion that this is the cause of the all troubles in the life of the Soul Urge Number 4 people.

From the Uranus comes their prominent discontent, apathy, and on the other hand, these individuals may be insatiable hedonists as well as revolutionaries – so the symbolical spectrum of the Uranus has to oppositional sides, and according to it, their lives can go in a different direction.

They can become sinners and people who look for the gratification of their needs, that are often negative; or they can move mountains with their strength and willpower. What kind of life will become from this influence is variable, and can even come from one to the other side of the specter, and they should always strive to maintain the balance.


But, some say that the Soul Urge Number 4 is under the small impact of the Saturn planet – so they have a great desire but also a hard road to the goal because they achieve it through hard work.

Their life path is very hard and filled with many temptations, and it does not go easily, where ever there is an opportunity for a problem, it will certainly come their way. And, from the other side of this story, they are strong enough to endure it.

Maybe the best way to understand these human beings is to look at them as humans who can always surprise you, who can always do something that no one had expected from them; and this all comes to the variety of their planetary impact on the Soul Urge Number 4.

Soul Urge Number 4 in Life, Love and Work

Now, when we come to the varieties in the life of the people who are Soul Urge Number 4, you can see that they can do various jobs, because they have numerous talents, but on the other hand, they can do nothing, and struggle in some jobs that do not take the entire potential from them.

These people can be artistic, they can be blessed with the painting talent, for example, writing and design, and are attracted to travel abroad, they want to discover, even if they sometimes want to do a stupid 9-5 job as well. They have a big problem because they know how to be curious and quick-witted.

At a young age, they may be exposed to the negative impacts of society, and this is the moment when these fragile human beings lose their path, and never develop their true potentials to the fullest capacity.

When they find an occupation of their dreams, these people can look bleak and very serious, but it’s just an illusion. They are very responsible and relieve stress through good communication with the people who are in their work environment.

As far as their friendships go, these people are great friends, and this only comes from the situation when they do not feel threatened, but when they do, they become dangerous, withdrawn and ready for revenge.

Once again, we will say that you can never know what to accept, and what kind of treatment you will receive.

The fact is that every way that they take in life is a difficult path, they draw on the family heritage in the form of illness or are burdened with family, parents – often time’s people who are Soul Urge Number 4 have a lot of burden on their hands, and it is one additional aspect to struggle in life.

They work hard, and they are hardworking and hard to achieve. All of them can be trusted because they will not betray anyone.

They are tied to the family, good organizers, patriots, often dedicating their lives to higher goals. Good organizers. It’s hard to see their true feelings. They long for a peaceful family environment, harmonious relationships, and this is difficult to achieve.

People who belong to this Soul Urge Number 4 are prone to flirting and short-term relationships.

But these are the consequences of their insecurity, seclusion and vulnerability, once again we will speak of their deep fear (we spoke of this matter in the first section of this piece, and we said that this is the cause of numerous problems in their lives, love and work also).

Advice for people who are Soul Urge Number 4

These people who are Soul Urge Number 4 need to understand that they do not always have to control everything and that it would benefit them to indulge in some things, but they must maintain the balance in life so that they do not fall on the totally good or bad side of the spectrum.

They should learn that plans can change, adapt to the new situation that not everything in life is black or white, and this is the belief that they need to change so they can live in the equilibrium.

Spontaneity is something they should strive for, but it is very hard for the people who are filled with numerous fears.

The most important aspect that they need to overcome is their belief that their home and family life were not a place where you felt comfortable and safe and that it is the cause of all burden that they are carrying in life.

The peace and quiet that comes from staying in a nice home, having a good family is something they have never experienced or taken for granted, but it cannot be used as an excuse for personal failure.

So, in this life, they have been sent to learn the value of family and home and how relevant it is to create a safe and peaceful environment to flourish – they should direct their actions toward this life, not something that will pass.

Also, you have come to learn the importance of the support and love of those around them – and what is promised is that they will certainly get many opportunities in this life to repair family relationships and provide a stable and safe environment for loved ones.

This may be the basis for personal growth.