Soul Urge Number 3

The best way to understand the numerology of any kind regardless of its type or a place of origin, we can say that it is the study of the meaning and lessons that come from the numbers (based on a belief that numerals carry particular vibrations that change our reality).

So, in some general sense, each numeral signifies one large area of human consciousness and experience: all numbers together cover all possible levels of cognition, experience, talents and characteristics that could find in the human world.

But this is the world that comes even further, and it covers all aspects that are connected to the Universe (we all know, for example, that numbers are connected to the Planets that belong to the Universe.

Every analysis starts from the Main, Integral or Archetypal Numbers – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – as well as the Charismatic or Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33.

Today we are expanding this story, and we are talking about Soul Urge Numbers, focusing special attention to the people who are/have Soul Number 3.

What is the meaning of the Soul Urge Number 3?

When we tackle in the world of the people who are Soul Urge Number 3, first we must notice that this is one very expressive number that belongs to artistic souls that intertwine imagination, inspiration and unremarkably even through their emotional lives.

So, unlike people who are Soul Urge Number 2, who are mainly emotional, these people are both emotional and imaginative, and creative.

So, their personality is much more versatile. They are always comfortable with changes, because they are happy to share their positive energy with others, and in this sense, these human beings are positive and like to have many friends, and numerous acquaintances during their life path and they often choose those who are similar to them.

These people are also those beings, who live their lives in a way that they crave recognition, and on a daily basis, it doesn’t matter if they are family members, friends, bosses, colleagues – for their “happiness and joy” they need to be supported, and this does not have to do anything with the fact that they are smart and witty.

For that matter, we must say that those who are Soul Urge Number 3 are always or usually convinced of their talents and skills, so they think they are above others at certain times of their lives. This is not a negative trait, but it is not either useful for progress.

What is the symbolism of the Soul Urge Number 3?

For the people who are Soul Urge Number 3, two symbolical rulers are Jupiter and Mercury – the first one is one that heavily impacts them, but in one small percentage, this symbolical impact belongs to the Mercury.

The combination makes them talkative, unreliable, charming, youthful, musical, constantly on the move, intellectually curious – they do everything they can to have a change in life, to be on the move, and to experience as much as they can.

In their youth, these who are Soul Urge Number 3 love material things and the physical world more than the soul, your intuition or feelings. They can truly fall into the trap of your ego and neglected the spiritual or creative calling of your soul. With maturity, these human beings can come to the experience the other side of life’s joy, creativity and pleasure.

It is really relevant to know that they are present in this world, to let go of the burden of the material world and instead seek pleasure and purpose in what they can do for the benefit of the world (at least their environment). Maybe life will serve them in many situations where they will be forced to look outside and focus on the inside.

In this sense, the planet Jupiter takes them into such a direction that they may feel guided and truly follow their passions and trust that little voice in their soul.

Some say that such an influence makes them weak in some way – like decrease in immunity, possible injuries due to speed, psychologically unstable, often go from crying and that it changes into the laughter.


All that they do is connected to the process of a change, and this means that they have to take care of themselves to preserve their health, both psychological and physical. They need to be aware that they are lost if they lose their health.

Soul Urge Number 3 in Life, Love and Work

They tend to be the centre of attention all the time, especially attracted by the public scene – often their careers are connected to this area of work.

They are good speakers and are able to “hypnotize” the masses, even when they sell “colorful lies” – additionally, this does not mean that they are bad people who want to gain some success just because they will lie to the public, they are “white” lies and they are doing it just to make themselves entertaining and even funny.

For that, acting is the ideal interest for them, and in some sense, they can choose what they want to do in life, cause, talents are numerous.

As lovers, partners and companions, people who are Soul Urge Number 3 are very emotional and passionate. When in love, they don’t mind being in the shadow of their lovers, and because for them, love is a sentimental game.

In this sense, these people cannot be with someone if they do not have strong emotions, so this is one mandatory condition that has to be present in their lives, in personal relationships. Otherwise, they do not surrender to it.

A problem occurs in their lives comes at the moment when monotony suffocates them and their love, so their warmth will consequently, leave them, and it can never survive. Then they turn around and leave irretrievably in an unknown direction if that happens, so this is one more aspect that their lovers must know if they want to be in love.

Now, when we speak of love, we must also say that these beings, regardless (or just because) they are very emotional, are very impulsive, and can make some interestingly weird decisions, that can cost them a lot.

But there cannot be anything that we will say and what they love to love; they are in love in that feeling, they adore sensual pleasure and will often change their lovers.

Since they are blessed with the strong intuition and do not have any problems in learning, these people with the Soul Urge Number 3 can learn a lot of the world, and they adore to travel. As far as their occupations go, they can be easily turned to par psychological research, philosophy, religion, art.

There is no doubt that they are creative, inspirational, and talented, they can’t handle money, they spend it easily, they earn it easily, and they are born lecturers, writers, artists.

What does this mean? It means that they can earn a lot of money, they can gain a considerable wealth, but they can also easily lose it; but the most relevant thing is that they do what they love to do in life, not what they have to.

Advice for people who are Soul Urge Number 3

What can we say for the people who are filled with many talents, but they can struggle in life just because they cannot fix their energy on one focus, one thing; so they can wander in life.

As we have said, people who belong to the Soul Urge Number 3, have two stages in life – first is the one where they are not mature and awaken enough, so they are focused more on material things and the physical world more than the soul, or all blessings that they have (and they do not see it.

This means that they fell into the trap of their ego and neglected the spiritual or creative calling of their soul – but there is not a thing that they cannot change, so in the next phase of life, they can reach something better, they can get to know their souls.

They can, just as we have said in the previous section, they can enter that next phase and return to experience the other side of life’s joy, creativity and pleasure.

In some sense, they can go back in their natural state, free of the burden of the material world and instead seek pleasure and purpose in what they do.

This stage often comes after their lives give them so many situations where they will be forced to look outside and focus on the inside, their soul and heart, their inner voice that knows where to take him.

They can feel that some bigger force is guiding them to one of the most important lessons in their lives is to follow their passions and trust that little song in them.

Additionally, we must add one more tip – although this may not seem at first glance, these individuals who are Soul Urge Number 3 are great pessimists, and their self-criticism contributes to this.

They should change their view of the world a little, so the advice is that they enjoy every moment of their lives – they should never think about who is saying what because it is important how they feel themselves.

The only right way is this, and one note for the end – instead of living off someone else’s praise, pay attention to someone else’s work. And follow your inner voice; it is the only noise you should hear.