Soul Urge Number 2

If you understand what your Soul Urge Number is, you can truly connect with your inner being and discover who you are and what you want – these two things, regardless of how we feel that we should know what we want and who we are, are most puzzling questions that we struggle with in life.

Many of us, even in mature years of our lives, we do not know the answer and that little thing is something that bothers us and enables us to grow because we do not know where and how.

But, the good news is that your Soul Urge Number can truly help you, and you will stop belonging to the majority of people who are burdened with how others see them, which is a mistake.

It is important how we perceive ourselves, and knowing your Soul Urge Number will help you connect with our inner being, with our soul (as the name suggests, and many say that this the most important number). It represents your essence, spirit, predetermines our path and choices that we make in our lives.

Today we are looking into the world of the people who are Soul Number 2, with an attempt to use given information for your own well-being, and happiness.

What is the meaning of the Soul Urge Number 2?

We will start this section by revealing what the two most important things for the description of the people who are Soul Number 2 are – they are inner peace and harmony.

Above all other things in life, work, fame, success, relationships with other people are extremely important to them; they value emotions well and show them to others without difficulty.

This is maybe uncommon for the majority of people, but not for them, their soul is created from pure emotion, and they are unafraid to show them to everyone.

This is their driving force, emotions, and they are going along the way, by listening to their sentiment (they know by feeling), and are putting reason aside.

This may be a problem when it comes to the aspects that take these people to the places where they are lonely, and where reality does not give them back what they give.

The motivational force of these people is their deep need to help others – they love to do it. In fact, people who belong to the Soul Urge Number 2 will do something to their detriment just to do well to others.

Also, we must say that these human beings do not work under pressure – it’s a lot of stress for them. That is why, in those moments, they do not need to make important decisions at all.

What is the symbolism of the Soul Urge Number 2?

The Moon is not the sole symbolical ruler that is in charge of the people who are Soul Number 2 – but additional, it must be said that the planet Venus can partially influence them also. This impact is not so strong; still, it can be felt, and if they are aware of its impact, they should use it.

Now, you can understand why emotions are so important for them; and in this way, the impact of the Moon is seen in their personality – they are very suggestive, insecure, and can suffer from uncertainty (oftentimes they doubt everything they do and their mood is changing).

They like to be helpful and love the feeling of being needed – compassionate and love to do humanitarian work, and this is one of the aspects that keep them moving in the lunar direction, where they are leaders in life by emotions.

All those who are ruled by the Moon, and partially with Venus, are often interested in occult and mysticism, but the best way to describe them is to say that they are gentle souls.


Because they are under the impact of the Moon, and Moon affects many aspects of our lives, and in this sense, they can suffer from poor assimilation, problems with the body, various diseases can affect them due to poor immunity, change their body weight constantly, lose weight or grow fat.

But, one aspect cannot be neglected – Soul Urge Number 2 people are “maternal” (even if they are males) they are caregivers and those who love children.

Symbolical value tells us one more thing about these people – they are sensitive people, intuitive and prone to mysticism, learning, making money, but they are not materialists. Intellectual, curious and sensitive.

They are easy to influence and can suffer from numerous fears and doubts thanks to their suspicious nature. They try to be of service to others, they are very good as a person, but they are constantly changing their moods, they are difficult for the environment.

Just like the Moon, it is one of the most beautiful objects there is – but at the same time, its impact on us is seemingly “invisible”, but it is definitely present in our lives, and, besides all other things, it influences our mood. And you can imagine how big impact is on the people who are under its rule, as the Soul Urge Number 2.

Soul Urge Number 2 in Life, Love and Work

If we come from the premise that number 2 gives incredible sensitivity and insecurity, and when we look at the people who are Soul Urge Number 2, we can see that they are susceptible to environmental influences, have a high tolerance threshold that reflects their insecurity.

They are attracted to hedonism – often time they can find a perfect job in some area that is connected to travel, food or beauty industry.

They are also peacemakers, sometimes a little timid and withdrawn, sometimes even allow others to manipulate them; but the fact is that such an attitude helps them work well in humanitarian work, but their interpersonal relations can suffer because of it.

Because of their changeable nature, people who are Soul Urge Number 2, there is a possibility that there have been major educational failures in childhood – it is not uncommon for them to change numerous careers in life, etc.

In love affairs, they are seen as very seductive, attractive and charming; but there is one thing that we should mention – these human beings, these delicate creatures often pay tribute to their independence.

Since they cannot live alone, they find a compromise solution even in relationships with inadequate partners – such a bad choice for their soul, such unneeded choice in life. But in such situations, they do well by adapting and often making concessions to the opposite party.

So, things are not so bad and dark as it seems, and we could say that human beings who belong to this numeral give their best to turn things in the desired turn.

They are very open to their surroundings, and they are happy to reveal their emotions, as we have said previously at the beginning of this piece. Maybe for some, it is too much, but it is just their nature, and they should find a lover that is capable of accepting them for who they are – emotional and spiritual being.

They are satisfied with the least care of a loved one, which gives them the incentive to fight for their love to the end – now, when you know all of this, you can understand that people who are Soul Urge Number 2 can be a desirable lover and even an amazing partner and, why not, a parent.

Advice for people who are Soul Urge Number 2

First of all, one tip for the people who are Soul Urge Number 2 is that they should deal with their emotionality in a way that they devote themselves to their inner being before they give emotions to others.

Instead of selflessly giving to others, they should focus on their own priorities, what they want and need in life and love, not to waste time in revealing what others want or feel.

Also, these people should stop being scared that someone will turn their back on them because they are not real friends, good partners, or amazing lovers. They are who they are, and there is no condition that they need to fulfill before they enter in a certain relationship.

Also, they should become aware that in certain times of their existence, they have appreciated material things and the physical world more than the soul, intuition or feelings (but they should not ever feel guilty because of that, or go to the extreme).

One aspect and problem that they should avoid by all means is that they should take care of themselves, in times when they have fallen into the trap of their ego and neglected the spiritual or creative calling of their soul. In this life, they have returned to experience the other side of life’s joy, creativity and pleasure.

So, there is always a choice, and there is nothing that could not be altered in life, they must learn that evolution is one of the best ways to live.

You have returned to let go of the burden of the material world and instead seek pleasure and purpose in what you do – maybe life will serve you many situations where you will be forced to look outside and focus on the inside. That inner being, that inner sense is the thing that will give them completion and joy.

They may feel guided and truly follow your passions and trust that little voice in them; and that little voice inside of them is the one that speaks nothing but the truth.