Soul Urge Number 11

Some people like to say that numerals are such powerful tools that could be used as a mechanism for the better understanding of the world we live in, and for that matter, they are just like a magic.

These “small and everyday” things can act powerful and share their strong vibrations.

In this sense, you can dig deep into your soul and find out what you’re most prominent and important part of your beings has to tell you.

Today our attention goes to the people who are Soul Urge Number 11 – maybe you know that in every numerology system, numeral 11 belongs to the most prominent, powerful and complex vibrations of all.

But what does that mean in the realm of Soul Urge Numbers, read in the piece below?

What is the meaning of Soul Urge Number 11?

They are very intuitive individuals, have potential and inspire many people who are close to them; and this is one aspect of their lives that are aligned with their personas.

They love to inspire people and are always ready to help for all those who need assistance, but what is even more important is the fact that they see this as their Divine purpose.

They are gentle and sensitive, tolerant, humble, and above all, honest human beings – they consider that lying is the biggest of all sins, and they will speak the truth regardless of the circumstances.

Others look at them as very sensitive and considerate beings who are much more fun then it seems at first glance, they have a very good sense of humor and are great friends, besides their ability to help others whenever they are needed.

If they are unaware of their potentials, these human beings can show somewhat different nature – people with the Soul Urge Number 11 are fearsome, but somewhat impractical, and humble individuals, who find it very difficult to receive criticism even if it is a positive critique.

Sometimes they can feel alienated from the majority of people, and it is true that they are different, and we are not saying this in some negative terms.

People of this Soul Urge Number adore living in a fantasy world and liking to daydream, and as a consequence, they may have some issues – maybe they can become a bit depressed when they do not have some realistic goal that they can realize in life.

In these times, people of this Soul Number may lack confidence, are vulnerable and easy to hurt. They avoid the criticism they are meant to receive, and if they succeed in overcoming this problem, they can succeed.

What is the symbolism of the Soul Urge Number 11?

Number 1 is an integral part of the Soul Urge Number 11, and what this means is that they are under the incredible impact that comes from the Sun; it is their symbolical ruler.

We also must add that they are, because of this impact, energetic people who inspire other souls. They have an eye for beauty and a sense of balance and rhythm – Sun puts them in the centre of attention and makes them very powerful beings, able to improve their lives.

Above all, they can be impatient people who can wait for things to change, but their love for helping people never stops. Sometimes they can be cheerful, hesitant and nervous. They are not made for leaders in some common and expected way, like in the case of the humans who are Soul Urge Number 1.


They are very sensitive people and have an understanding for other people, and there are able to use many of their talents and intuition to help others. What more they could ask from life?

We must also speak of one more things – the life path of human beings who are Soul Urge Number 11 can become one of the most difficult ones because it represents constant beginning (the double impact of 1, as a repetition). This means that they are blessed to have the chance to start over again if they make a mistake, but at the same time, every beginning is hard.

Also, they can be hardly understood from other people who are in some opposition with them, or to say it simply, those who do not see their souls.

Sun makes them energetic, courageous, very individual and independent people, but there is a great sensitivity below this surface.

Sun’s energy in their lives could be best described as imagination, fantasy, psychic and intuitive ability. They want privacy, even if they do not have it.

Soul Urge Number 11 in Life, Love and Work

When it comes to the choice of occupations, people who are Soul Urge Number 11 could become great artists, inventors, teachers, spiritual leaders, and healers (the capital word here is they could become, because sometimes the role of a leader does not suit them).

They would also be great writers, philosophers, astrologers, musicians – there is virtually no one branch of occupations that they would fail, but it is all up to focus and to set the realistic goals when it comes to their business.

These people can sometimes be frustrated and easily forgot things, obligations, and everything in between – this just slows down their way toward the top of the game. These are people who are easily depressed if things do not go in the direction they want, and it is because they are very sensitive.

Their nervous system is sensitive to stress, so they must reduce the tension in their lives. If they want to do wok and live in balance with their inner beings, these human beings must always listen to relaxing music to restore balance and peace to your life and to reduce stress.

Number 11 agrees with all numbers. People with number 11 are very passionate. They understand their partners and will do whatever they say. People with this Soul Urge number can easily change their mood, which is why it can be difficult to be with them sometimes, regardless of what aspect of life.

When they lose their nerve, they can react fiercely and can cause problems in their personal relationships, and even the fact is that they are amazing and giving people who have so much love to give.

They are in permanent struggle with their emotions, because of their hopes and dreams to reveal their opinions frankly, while being overly susceptible to other people’s opinions and emotions.

Generally, people of this Soul Urge Number 11, are often very unpredictable in the love department of life, so their friends and lovers are not having a good time all the time, but when things are good, then they are brilliant.

Advice for people who are Soul Urge Number 11

As we have said, these human beings have that special kind of energy that could not be compared with anything else, and their life path or a soul path is very interesting to look at. It is not usual, and the advice for them cannot be usual, common, or general in any way, shape or form.

But, what we can say is this – they once played by some rules and they have done what society expects of them. They have lived a fairly positive and enjoyable life, but the fact is that these human beings were not truly satisfied, they felt like something is missing, something important, and they missed out their soul’s purpose.

In fact, people of the Soul Urge Number 11 have missed listening to the call of their soul and taking advantage of the adventurous opportunities often posed to them. They have stayed in the comfort zone, for a really long time, and therefore they could not bear soul and find the answers they searched.

Now is the time to change it – stop letting the fear of the unknown stop their divine soul from moving forward and block them from experiencing the other side of life. And that another side of life is much better and even more it is the side of their lives that are meant to have.

In it, they have come back to take that chance, to make bold decisions and to learn how to follow their pronounced intuition.

Fear this time will not stop these beings who are Soul Urge Number 11 from doing anything they want, and will be able to relax and explore the many possibilities that lie ahead.

We will not start by talking about the opportunities that are in front of them, and not many people will have such chances in life.

Now, after this realization, people of this Soul Urge Number should stop remaining in the shadows – in the past, they have never truly shown the world their many talents or abilities. They usually ran away from attention and diminished skills and abilities that they are blessed with.

Now, they made a triumphant return to show the world their talents and take a leading role in some way, even if they are not comfortable in that role – they must accept that they are sent to this world with one purpose (the most important one) to use their full strength and potential to leave their Divine mark on the world.

This time (after you do so, as we advised), life will give you many opportunities where people of the Soul Urge Number 11 will be able to show the best of them, in all their glory. In fact, and we will say that they are destined to make a great impact on the world, this is their sole purpose.