Smelling Smoke – Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Everything that surrounds us has spiritual potential, and all of us have that potential in us, even if we are not aware that we have such energy.

Experts say that there is inoperative spiritual energy in all of us that are just expecting to surface.

This energy is not applied because we are often unaware that we have that power, and even if we think we have it, we do not what to do whit her or how to wake her up to become functional.

But, if we gently listen to and unlock the mysteries that our minds and the Universe have to endeavour.

Now, even if this information may come as a surprise to you, some everyday events, occurrence, that may or may not seem to you are abnormal, may be connected to the spiritual world the more that you could ever imagine. And among them, there are those that for those who are uninitiated seem like events that could not be spiritual, but they do.

Those who are in the substance more, know that smelling smoke is the event that carries incredible spiritual power, and in the sections that follow read what kind and how to use it.

General Characteristics

Smelling smoke as well many other spiritual signs should be sifted through, since it is a known fact that our personal spiritual reception field can be incredibly useful in any creative thinking, and each of us can become a good advisor ourselves, evaluate people, events, and circumstances well.

Now, the smoke is defined as the combustion product, and it is always or usually connected to fire and the process of burning; and the fire itself in terms of spiritual meanings has an interesting connotation.

The smoke is what comes before that smoke, and in this case, we are talking about just the feeling that smoke is somewhere close, but we cannot see it yet, it is not tangible, besides the peculiar smell.

Now, one crucial thing that we have not mentioned yet- it is said, and there are many recordings of such occurrence all over the world, is that Angel beings communicate with people in this way. They rarely speak to human beings openly, and to know that they are close to you, you will see white feathers, or smell smoke.

Angels are beings that are sent to us for the purpose of protection and guidance, but they rarely communicate with us in some open way, they choose these signs.

Additionally, if you ask any astronaut, and ask him what the Universe smells, you will be surprised by his answer.

Universe smells like smoke, and we are sure that this is not an accident. It may be the clear sign that when you, on the Earth smell smoke, it means that the Universe is speaking to you.

The thing that must be clear to all us is that when the Universe is sending is signals, that first sign is usually weak, insignificant.

There is a little annoyance going on in your life. The first signal is generally missed, and we are not sure that we even get it.

But the Forces of the Universe do not stop there, and they are usually giving us the second single – it is much more potent than the first one. You will notice this signal if you listen carefully to the signs of the Universe.


And for the confirmation, here comes the third signal, that is much more potent than any other before, and its intensity could be overbearing for some, but it should have listened. It comes in that case if you haven’t noticed the first two.

The Universe thus tries to warn and direct you in the required direction, and the desired direction for people is the spiritual path where we could find out who we are and what do we want from life. It should be in correlation with Virtues.

Spiritual Meaning

Having said all of this, one meaning in a spiritual sense comes to the surface – smelling smoke is the process of the spiritual awakening.

It is essential to know (of course, we are talking about the situations where there is not an actual fire, and you just sense that smell, not the people around you) that you must not panic. It is only one of the numerous ways of Universal language that comes to us as the symbolical act; here that act is the smell of the smoke.

We will agree that this not one of the most attractive scents that you could imagine, but maybe that is the point; it will yank you from your spiritual rest.

Such an event most likely indicates a verbal misunderstanding with yourself and the fact that you are often in a difficult situation and therefore sought spiritual help.

You expected more significant support and understanding, and you encountered criticism and condemnation. You feel that you deserve more – and you do. But you have been looking for the spiritual gratification in all the wrong places.

Now, the smoke comes as a reminder that you need to look on the other side.

If the smoke that you are smelling is very potent, almost unbearable and unpleasant, it can be a warning that you are about to experience some loss in life.

It can be an indication that many things will go contrary to your expectations, which will give you worries and headaches, so the best thing is to look in the spiritual direction, realizing that there is no point in making long-term plans, and you will do your best to tolerate everything that has happened to you. Live by the day and know that good things come to those who are able to wait.

If the smoke is mild and you are almost now sure that you are feeling it, it implies that someone will show you honor. You will be given an opportunity that, until recently, you could only dream of.

At work or college, they will offer you to work and study with a person who is hugely valued in your profession. You will be very proud that they have chosen you and will do everything to prove that they made the right decision.

If the smoke has such potency that you have a feeling that is coming inside your mouth and has a somewhat burning factor means that you, as the being with strong spiritual potential, is likely to discover the truth that many in your environment have warned you about.

Spiritual awaking will come after you cut off contact with many people who really cared about you and who tried to open your eyes. The only person who knows to open your eyes is you.

Good or a Bad sign?

Many cultures in the world, particularly the native American, for example, claims that smoke is a natural attachment to the holy fields of life, that is unreachable by many.

Smoke signs are other exciting features of Native American practice. They were used to interact with others at a distance and were another representation of the independent culture of Indians and their history. To produce a large amount of smoke quickly, they mostly burned a large amount of dry grass.

Today, smoke is used as a way of communication in the Vatican, during the election of the Pope.

It is not a surprise that when a new Pope is chosen, it is announced with smoke, depending on the color, the religious public knows if the Pope is elected (white yes, black no).

You will find solutions and leads through the numerous hurdles in time. By investigating the truth, you will discover yourself – who you really are, what your mission in life is, learn about former experiences, planned adventures, expand transparency and penetration in any field of ​​life, including wellness, and the holy way, promoting spiritual and personal development.

If you understand those signs, you could improve as a whole human being, be able to be accountable for your presence in this world.

Additionally, it is a good sign to know that this is one way that Angelic beings use to communicate with human beings and give them messages that are important for their future and growth.

Even better, some say that smoke that we feel without any reasonable reason is the representation of the communication with the people who are no longer with us, and it is the way of communication with the other world.


Smoke is a by-product of fire, and is most commonly seen or felt in large fires, and is synonymous with danger, but also with some kind of unconsciousness and blurred reality, and can also signify unrealistic desires and inability to grasp one’s own potential and opportunities, and signifies one’s blindness to power or wealth, and a sense of “suffocation” in a kind of failure, pain, misery and dissatisfaction.

In spiritual connotation, this is a sign from the Universe that has, as many spiritualists like to say, great meaning.

Another meaning that such an event brings into your life is the knowledge that you are on the breach of the door that is leading you to that place where spirituality rests.

It is said the an event can be used as a reminder of who you are and what you should become in life, well-developed beings with strong spiritual sense, that in the future may be the one that spreads spirituality on others.

One really important thing is never to be scared of this scent, and if you know what it means, it can be an even pleasing experience that will ensure a spiritual awakening.