Slippers – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Slippers are, believe it or not, a common symbol appearing in dreams. These kinds of dreams indicate that you have a need to change something in your life, or perhaps take a new path. In some ways, they can symbolize your spiritual path as well.

Also, slippers from your dream can also represent the plans you have for the future.

Slippers can symbolize a new course of your life you need to understand. Such dreams that include slippers can mark your career progression.

Slippers in a dream may indicate your need to get out of a certain situation as soon as possible. Further, slippers may mean that you have made a mistake, or they may create an unpleasant feeling.

When dreaming of slippers, it reflects what kind of approach you have in some situations. You probably feel good on the path you go.

One slipper from the dream can indicate ideas and confidence in the plans you already made.

In a negative context, slippers in a dream may indicate that you are ignoring some problems and that you are comforting yourself that there is no danger to you in current events.

You have probably overlooked how serious the problem is.

However, this is just a tiny part of the meaning and symbolism dream of slippers has. Read more about this down below.

Meaning of a Dream about Slippers

Wearing a pair of simple slippers in your sleep may indicate a long journey, or perhaps marriage to a very young girl.

If you are very surprised by the slippers in your sleep, this may indicate that you may be marrying a widow or some ignorant woman. If you lost your slippers in your sleep, this means you may lose half of your assets.

Losing slippers also indicates that you need to take care of your business, not deal with other people’s successes.

Dreams of wearing wooden slippers can indicate a couple of upcoming things.

For example, you may engage in a fight, or repent of sin, you may acquire new knowledge, or the secret you have hidden from others may be revealed.

If you dream in glass slippers in your dream, then this is a sign that you are a bad companion and a hypocrite, and friendships with you cannot last long.

If you became friends with someone wearing glass slippers in your sleep, that means you will suffer some hardships and troubles due to your personality.


This dream somehow reveals that you are very hesitant about planning a trip abroad.

Also, this dream may mean that you will live abroad for a while, no matter if you want that right now or not.

If you wore someone’s slippers in your dream, this is not a good sign as it indicates a possible break in contact with your best friend. If you dreamed of wearing dirty and torn slippers, this indicates that in the future you will acquire enemies, because you will deserve it because of your inappropriate behavior and gossip.

Symbolism Slippers in a dream can symbolize a ring, property, protection, and can represent and prevent some bad things.

If you were wearing your slippers in your sleep, it could also be a sign of a trip, or you would travel by boat, and in some cases, and could also signify the purchase of a new car.

In case that your slippers are tight in your sleep, it can be a sign that you are being chased by the people you owe money to, or that you will become entangled in a complicated situation.

Taking slippers off your feet in your sleep may indicate that someone’s stress is about to end.

If you dreamed of wearing embroidered slippers and having a shoulder strap over your shoulders, it is a sign that respect and wealth will come your way very soon.

The Symbolism of a Dream about Slippers

The symbolism that slippers hold in their sleep may be different, depending on whether you wear them in summer or winter.

If you dream of wearing them in the summer, it can mean some trouble.

Conversely, wearing slippers in winter means some benefit. If the slippers you wear in your sleep have the shape of an elongated boat, then this signifies long and difficult circumstances.

A dream about slippers may also represent money earned from imports or exports or a foreign country.

If slippers are interpreted as protection in the dream, the dream of lost slippers may mean that someone will lose their job.

If you saw only one slipper in your dream, it may indicate that someone wants you very much. If this dream was dreamed by a woman, this may be a sign that someone is very much in love with her.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

If the slippers you wore in your sleep are small and tight, this may indicate a danger of being betrayed by someone close to you.

Also, this dream may indicate the failure of the project you intend to undertake.

If you wore wet slippers in your sleep, this may indicate the insincerity and falsehood of your partner.

Also, if people admired your new slippers, this may be a warning that you should not talk much about yourself with your new acquaintances.

It is best to keep your distance until you get to know them better. If the slippers you saw in the dream are white, this is a good sign as it heralds a change of residence, marriage, or some new friendships.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

If you wore slippers that didn’t fit you in the dream, it may be a sign that you are not being honest with yourself. It may be that your thoughts are quite different from your actions.

If you dreamed of wearing slippers at some inappropriate place or going out at night in your slippers, it may mean that you are still not ready for new situations in your life.

You are somehow afraid of changes, which is an aspect you should work on. Comfort zone will bring nothing but boredom.

Also, this dream may tell you about refusing to adapt to what people expect from you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should do everything to please them, but at least take words of your closest family and friends into consideration.

If you dreamed of losing your slippers, this may indicate a possible break up with someone close to you.

Also, this dream may tell you that your love affair will be revealed. You are currently enjoy things the way you are, but you should think more about whether you and your partner are hurting someone.

Dreaming of slippers may also mean some new roles in your life. It is possible that you have already taken on some new responsibilities at work or at home.

If you change slippers with someone else in your dream, it may indicate that you will soon have major life changes, such as a change in the job you are dealing with, marriage or maybe divorce.

Also, this dream may indicate that you will soon change your attitude in understanding some things.


There are many meanings and messages of a dream in which slippers appear, and some are a bit strange.

Woman dreaming of wearing slippers, this is a sign that your relationship will blossom in the future and that you will be in luck with your existing partner.

If you are a man and dreamed of slippers, then this can be a warning that some difficult times are waiting for you.

Either way, make sure to check on all of the meanings we explained through the article of dream about slippers and try to apply some of our advice if there is something you are maybe afraid of and which is related to future.