Shark – Spirit Animal, Symbolism, Totem and Meaning

When someone mentions sharks, some of the first ideas that come to your mind are scary, are they not? You probably think of blood, flesh, speed and hunt.

These sea creatures have special place in Pacific and Hawaiian traditions, while Westerners often consider them living killing mechanisms.

Everybody is afraid of sharks, even people who had never seen this creature in their life! You probably remember dozens of movies depicting these scary sea beings and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Sharks naturally inhabit deep seas and deep parts of oceans. They tend to avoid shallow water, but there are many reported cases sharks had been seen nearer the coast. Sharks are natural born carnivores and they would eat anything fleshy, including humans.

Many people develop irrational fear of sea or ocean, a real phobia that is actually based on their irrational fear of these deadly creatures. This could happen to people who had never seen a shark in reality;

Sharks are dangerous and, thus, quite intimidating. Fortunately, humans do not live in deep seas. However, sharks attacks are not excluded, especially in coastal areas bordering sharks’ natural habitat.

In these parts of the world, sharks’ symbolism is strong; these amazing and deadly creatures are both respected and feared of. Sharks possess strong spiritual powers because of their natural energy and remarkable traits.

Sharks’ symbolism

Sharks are generally seen as vicious, dangerous, intimidating predators with a complete lack of any trait that could remind us of compassion, mercy or empathy.

These swimming creatures are deadly predators and they do not care much when the time comes to find food.

There are few species evolved to eat other food besides meat; these are few types that could occasionally feed on plankton. However, most of sharks are specialized to be efficient predators.

They have different and very effective strategies to catch water mammals or other fish. If some other living being is ‘offered’, it is not excluded they would hunt it down and eat it.

In symbolical sense, sharks are mostly seen as determine, cruel, merciless hunters. However, they possess traits worth of admiration, such as agility, speed, cleverness, skillfulness and tactical approach to their prey.

Some other characteristics, like their dreadful appearance with scary black eyes and numerous sharp teeth, could be seen as both an advantage and something you should stay away from. These are main concepts and ideas regarding sharks in the realm of spiritual and symbolic meanings.

Merciless and cruelty – Ok, to be honest, we rarely do find sharks cute or adorable. These merciless sea hunters are notorious for their predator habits. In fact, they are on top of the list of the world’s deadliest living beings! Sharks are perilous and often considered malicious.

We do not know whether they think about that or not; we could assume they do not care at all. Sharks have only one goal, to catch their prey and eat it. They would never let it escape. These cruel animals are courageous and fearless.

Sharks often hunt smaller sea creatures, such as some mammals and fishes, but they do not hesitate to attack a larger opponent. It is widely known a shark’s attack is almost one hundred percent deadly.


There are specific cases people survived such an encounter. Sharks have an instinct to catch their prey and never let it go, until it is dead and/or eaten.

Sharks are ultimate symbol for cruelty, merciless and viciousness.

Aggression and bloodshed – These large sea predators are completely merciless, as we have already seen. They are aggressive while attacking and they practice different tricks to catch prey. Some species are specialized in planning ambush or so; others hunt in packs to get better result.

Sharks are always associated with bloodshed, because of the way they catch, rip apart and eat their prey.

Sharks have sharp, numerous teeth and they have pretty awful ways of tearing apart their prey. It is something that makes people get chills down their spine even only mentioning sharks. Shark related movies and other scary depictions had only emphasized these traits and behavior.

Western people find them aggressive, blood seeking and dreadful, while traditions more familiar with them also consider them dangerous, but spiritually powerful animals.

Speed and agility – Here are some of the ‘good’ sharks’ traits. Well, in symbolical sense or if we talk about shark totems, speed and agility are valued characteristics. Sharks are very fast and agile by their nature. That is a perfect survival mechanism that helps sharks find and get food, feed their young and survive vast depths of seas and oceans.

They are able to endure long swimming distances and move really fast through the water.

Sharks do not get exhausted easily and they do not lose their speed. They are efficient in catching fish and other prey. They are real water monsters whose incredible strength and speed make them dangerous and almost invincible. Sharks are symbols for incredible and extraordinary speed and agility.

Activity and wakefulness – Those animals are active and moving, which is important for survival in such immense spaces like ocean and seawaters. They move fast and rarely sleep; actually, sharks do not have a normal sleep, as humans do. Those death machines only have periods of rest and active time.

Some species do get some sleep, but most of them are constantly active and moving. There is a constant scientific debate going on upon the matter.

One is certain, most of sharks need to move in order to breath; their body mechanism evolved that way. That makes them even more dangerous and scary. Imagine a big, strong and always watchful sea creature with deadly teeth and an instinct to kill. Sharks are truly impressive animals. They represent constant movement, watchfulness and activity.

Strength and determination – Sharks are incredibly strong. They could grow up to more than five feet in length. These ‘sea terrors’ are born to kill. They are aware of their impressive strength and ‘equipment’. Did you know sharks grow their teeth over and over again?

They have many of these sharp, devastating knives in their mouth and they are re-growing. It is amazing and absolutely horrifying at the same tame. Sharks are admired for their strength and feared of.

When it comes to attack, hunt and kill, sharks have only one mission. No one escapes such an encounter, for this creature is literally born to kill you.

Its amazingly big jaws and sharp teeth are a simple destroying mechanism that places sharks at the top of the list of the deadliest creatures alive. They are so incredibly strong that they could rip of limbs in just a matter of seconds. Sounds as a horror movie, isn’t it? All these skills make sharks symbols of strong will, determination and strength.

Dreadful appearance – Sharks could really win an award for ‘scary looks’. They are considered intimidating by most of people, while some people find them graceful and elegant, as well. Their agile movement is quite an impressive sight. They move silently and literally glade through ocean waters.

However, their sharp form with a head with jaws that petrify, makes them living horror monsters. It is not strange there are so many movies or other popular culture works featuring sharks portrayed as real life monsters.

Sharks’ dreadful appearance is a great advantage. These monsters do not have many natural enemies in their habitat. Other living creatures recognize their looks as deadly; they could not think about it as scary or such, however.

We see sharks impressively scary looking; we fear them, adore them for their characteristics and often use shark motifs as powerful symbols for qualities or traits we desire in certain circumstances.

Shark as totem and spirit animal

Shark people have a strong guardian and a guide in their life.

Being protected by such a strong totem animal as shark makes your life easier, if you learn the lessons from your spirit animal guide and control its somewhat aggressive influence.

Shark totem is a powerful protector that would never let you down.

If you find yourself under guidance of shark totem, you must be a strong willed, determinate and influential individual. Shark people traits are always emphasized more than in others.

For example, some other totems offer similar advantages as that of sharks, only in this case these ‘gifts’ are emphasized.

Positive traits of shark people

Shark totem power is incredibly strong and you should balance it properly.

This amazing spirit animal offers you a lot, but it is kind of a playing with fire. Shark people could grow to be inspiring personas, worth of respect and admiration; however, they could go astray and became too aggressive or completely unscrupulous, regarding their strong will and immense energy they possess.

Shark people traits could be seen as dual. It depends on you how would you feed them and develop. These are traits considered mostly positive:

  • Strong willed and determined
  • Elegant
  • Intelligent and sharp minded
  • Active and unhesitant

Shark people are generally unshaken by events from their environment. They are not sensitive and never overreact in that manner. They have strong will and are very determine about their cause.

They are good workers and creative people. Shark people often come up with new bright ideas and willingly engage in new projects. They could be great part of the team, but they prefer to take some of the leading positions. That could turn out good, because these people are charismatic and inspiring to others.

Sharp people do not hesitate when it comes to acting. They are sharp minded and would always speak what they think.

However, they are able to evaluate the situation and save their words for the right moment. Sharks are silent and calculated by nature, but are never intimidated by any obstacle they encounter, just as Shark personas are.

This powerful spirit animal not only passes these useful and positive characteristics to you, it also offers a great backing; if you are born under Shark totem you will certainly feel that energy.

Shark people also have an interest in elegant things. Their moves are graceful and eye-catching in a non-aggressive way. They catch the spotlight without intentionally aiming towards it. They are easily recognized by their style and posture, which appears impressive and somewhat intimidating.

Their appearance is remarkable and they usually have a good sense of aesthetics and fashion. These individuals are excellent learners and they like to ‘update’ their knowledge in every possible way. They are great in applying that knowledge in real life situations.

Dual or negative traits of shark people

However, this spirit animal could be so strong in its intention of guidance that you could go over the border and fail to restrain the strength of Shark’s totem characteristics. These characteristics could be seen both as positive and negative.

  • Authoritative and intimidating
  • Ruthless and aggressive
  • Proud

Shark people emit authoritative energy, which could be both good and bad for themselves and other people. They could be great leaders, but if the energy stays completely unrestrained, they get cruel and merciless. They lack the sense of other people feelings or understanding their ideas and attitude.

They do not care about others, concentrating on only one goal – to achieve what they want. They are unscrupulous opponents, rivals or enemies you do not want to compete with. Try to balance your energy and use your leading skills thoughtfully. Your shark totem would inspire you to do so, just be careful.

Shark people could be very aggressive, to the point of really hurting others. They could even appear physically intimidating; their appearance emits strength and determination.

This could be a useful skill if carefully polished and used in right circumstances. It is a good trait to have in order to keep to your goals and do not get unshaken by outer influence.

However, it could lead you to the ‘dark side’ and make you ruthless person that loses the sense of compassion towards others.

People born under this impressive totem are proud. That is something to be respected and admired. However, nurture your pride and do not get too self-obsessed.

You are well aware of your influence on others, you know you can inspire and lead. Being proud is a great quality if set in a right direction.

Shark totem teaches you to use your natural strength and charisma to gain people’s trust, love and respect, not to intimidate them to the point they would rather stay away from you.

Take Shark lessons with caution and trust your impressive totem guide, in order to be successful in all aspects of your life.