September 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The science of Astrology can be overlooked from the spiritual point of view. Astrologers try to penetrate into the system of knowledge of time and events in it, and therefore of everything that we are determined to do.

They give new information, and this is understandable since they want to meet the needs of people to free themselves from changes in social systems and to meet the growing demand for spiritual food. People crave more spirituality in their lives, people want to be content in all three ways -emotional, intellectual and spiritual, and this last is maybe a part that is neglected the most.

Both the astrologer and the client need to look at the astrological map or natal chart not only as a means of predicting the event but as a map for identifying the forms to which we are conditioned. In looking a personal map you can learn all about the conditions in your life, and we are saying this in a broader sense of that word.

In the end, the ultimate goal is to transform the realisation of personal potentials; these are potentials that all of us have, but not many of us use in the right way, let alone develop them to the highest levels.

And Astro-numerological provides the same things (on top of the others things), and today we are looking into the world of the people who are Virgos born on September 9.

Personality and character

In everything these people do, they are accurate and precise in actions, and the value of their work is in the first place, everything these people do must have real value. This means that those born on September 9 will reliably achieve everything they say.

As compassionate people, they have a low threshold of stress sensitivity, and any psychological problem they face can easily cause them accumulated stress.

The emotional complexity of the people born on September 9, and we will say that is the trait that is common for all Zodiac Virgos, but this at the same time makes them very attractive to people of the opposite sex, who according to them most often express a maternal or paternal relationship. Virgos are caregivers, and they cannot do anything to do to escape this “destiny”.

But if some people who belong to the September 9 need such a protective attitude, they still retain their independence and strong will.

We have already mentioned that those who are born in the Zodiac sign Virgo, are the people who belong to the group of the people who have to deal with their complicated nature that is challenging. They are continuously encountering all kinds of difficult situations, and this is something that follows them wherever they go, whatever they do.

At times, these people born on September 9 are the people who can decide to go on the easy road, with less resistance rather than the hardest, and they would probably have a much calmer life.

There is no doubt that people born on September 9 are challenging in dealing with their environment they are unbearable at times; for example in the situations where they have to perform a thing that they do not want, and they do not feel comfortable.

Love Compatibility

In the nature of these people born on September 9 is to build a home that is filled with love- they are smart, reliable, resourceful and able to make a partner very happy.

These people take responsibilities in life and in a relationship they are those who pull strings; and are organised. They are undoubtedly popular with friends and are very attractive to the opposite sex. But they only want people who have good intentions and looking for something serious in love, nothing less.

Although people born on the ninth day of the September, are like all Virgos, prone to withdrawal and privacy, their interests often bring them into contact with the company, but they like to keep a particular part of their personality to themselves. That “part” is the emotional and secret passions that sometimes make them ashamed.

These people also have a high capacity to feel and even define the taste of others as well as how it can be met, and this is their chance in the quest for the great lover. But people of the September 9 have to decide whether to hold on to supremacy or to turn to the needs of others, and they can be in disbalance because of this, and it is the stress that makes their love life problematic.


And in interpersonal relations people of this date, consciously or unconsciously, are searching for complex persons, places or things that will suit them perfectly. The aspect of perfection can also be problematic for them; it is something that is exhausting for all, especially for their lovers. We are talking about the people who should meet their strict criteria before they enter something serious with them. And when they are in an affair with them, they have to meet their values that are problematic for them, let alone for others who may come from different backgrounds, etc.

No matter how successful these people are, they continuously feel the sense of missing something, and it is sometimes a whole that they cannot fill quickly. But in the resolving this issue these people born on September 9, these people need to ask themselves a simple question -who is responsible for this emptiness? When they learn that they are, in their search for perfection and being under the stress because it, they will be able to move one, primarily in the emotional sense.

Purpose and Career

In a true Virgo manner, these people born on September 9 are good in any accurate job, like using numbers and mathematics in their jobs – they can find their purpose in computer science. They can use your peculiarities in the business sphere if they like very much, as a professional accountant for example; and this job is not boring for them, they can be the best in this area.

These people have good intellect, and have a fine taste when it comes to people and business; they can find a good idea and monetise it, even if it is boring for many other people. These people can also become good lawyers and judges; they love to help people.

In some internal level, these people are religious, though not in the classical sense; and they must learn to trust more the mechanisms of functioning of mind and nature.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on 9 September are ruled by number 9 and Mars a planet of fight and war but before everything planet of the immense energy. On top of this, here Mars comes in correlation with the planet Mercury that is the ruler of all Zodiac sign Virgo.  The planet Mars is very strong and aggressive and embodies male energy. The owners of this planetary aspect Mars -Mercury have a high speed of thought, practicality, sharp mind, courageous and daring ideas, courage in making decisions. These people born on September 9 are blessed with the natural ability to see others’ weaknesses that nature can use.

These people are blessed with the minds that are strong and organised, and they can be very fast in movement, but on the more negative note, these people can lead the way to the stress and anxiety, because their mind works on large turns.

Number 9 has a powerful influence on other numbers; it is the number of wisdom and sublimation, so people born on September 9 have similar power to people in their surroundings. They find the great happiness when they are close to the people who are similar to them, and this is something that is common for people born in the Virgo Zodiac sign.

Their numbers are 9 and 18, and their color is dark beige, almost brown.

Historical events on September 9

The first date in this section is exciting in a sense that it occurred on the 9 September in the year 9, and this in a way can show the strength of the number 9, as we have mentioned in the previous sections we are talked about the numerological symbolism of this date.

9 – Battle of the Teutoburg Forest: the German Arminian leader seriously defeats the Roman military leader Varian and destroys the Roman army of three legions.

337 – After months of interruption, the sons of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great Constantine II, Constance II and Constance I declared themselves as Augustus.

1776 – The American Continental Congress introduced the official name of the state of the United States, instead of the United Colonies.

1815 – By the decision of the Vienna Congress, Luxembourg became an autonomous dynasty.

1892 – Edward Emerson Barnard discovered Jupiter’s satellite, Amalthea.

1894 – The Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat-sen founded the Society for the Rebirth of China and began to organise an uprising.

1914 – The First Great War ended the first major battle for Marni in France, during which total German losses were estimated at 800,000 people.

1944 – The day after the entry of Soviet troops into Bulgaria, Bulgarian communists took power in the country.

1945 – US troops landed at the end of the World War II in South Korea, Soviet-made North Korea took over from Japan, and the 38th parallel became the dividing line of the two Korean states.

1948 – After the withdrawal of the Soviet army in the north of the Korean Peninsula, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was declared with the central city of Pyongyang.

1987 – Iraqi Air Force began a series of attacks on Iranian power plants and oil plants.

1991 – Tajikistan declared independence from the Soviet Union.

1993 – Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization agreed on mutual recognition, opening the way to ending the conflicts between the Arabs and the Jews.

1996 – A typhoon that struck the coastal areas of the Chinese province of Guangdong killed more than 130 people, and thousands injured.

Famous people born on September 9

You will be able to see how amazing these people of the September 9 deal with different occupations, and all of them find the success that is recognised all over the world. We can see rulers and politicians, but also others, prominent people.

384 – Flavius ​​August Honorius, the first emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

1585 – Armand Jean du Plessis Richelieu, a French cardinal and statesman.

1718 – Clemens Brentano, a German writer.

1737 –  Luigi Galvani, an Italian physicist and anatomist.

1828 – Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy,  a Russian writer.

1908 – Cesare Pavese, an Italian writer.

1923 – Cliff Robertson, an  American actor.

1941 – Otis Ray Redding Jr., an American musician.

1941- Denis Ritchie, an American computer scientist.

1960 – Hugh Grant, a British actor.

1963 – Markus Wasmeier, a German alpine skier.

1963 – Roberto Donadoni, an Italian soccer player and coach.

1966 – Adam Richard Sandler, an American actor.

1969- Rachel Hunter, a New Zealand model and actress.

1971 – Toni Prats, a Spanish footballer.

1972 – Xavier “Xavi” Pascual, a Spanish basketball coach.

1975 – Michael Bublé, a Canadian singer and actor.

1984 – Andrey Silynov, a Russian jumper.

1991 – Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior, a Brazilian soccer player.

The end is here, and we owe you a conclusion about these individuals who are born on September 9; they are people who are under the immense energy of the Mars-Mercury combination. So, we can see a picture of a person who speaks fast, and sometimes, almost does not close his mouth, but all that these people say have a meaning and a deeper purpose. Sharpness and speed that come from the planet Mercury give people of this date the ability to process a lot of information in a short time; this is something that they can use for any purposes, but never for something dishonest.

Nevertheless, this date can stamp these Virgo persons with quarrelling tendencies, great impulsiveness, irritability, impatience, and intolerance towards others’ opinions and criticisms.