September 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is assumed that Astrology is one of the oldest sciences in the world, and it is also recorded that it originated in Mesopotamia (the area of today’s Iraq), 2000 years before the new era. It is maybe tough to believe that this was so long ago, but it is true, and there are recordings about this matter.

One of the Astrology that is also often mentioned is The Chaldean astrology that is undoubtedly one of the firsts; and according to their legends, the local doctors discovered Astrology. They knew about the five planets and the Sun and the Moon. Today two millenniums after, we know much more about the Universe and its influence on us, we made Astrology as the science of many, and we all can be a part of it.

Today we are looking into the lives and characters of the people who are born on September 8.

Personality and character

People of the September 8 have extreme attitudes since an early age and are destined to become known to many people just thanks to their opinions. These people are predestined to have an exciting life, to travel many countries under different circumstances, for love or work.

These people are Virgos who have the strength and the need to rule others and control them in some way, people born on September 8 have usually played their roles significantly, but also with their ultimate seriousness. Many of these individuals who belong to this date are respected individuals who cause in others a certain amount of fear, and they like it that way. These people love to be, and they demand such respect from that entire cross their path, and they work the best with people who are subordinated to them; if not, they will move on without turning their backs.

As parents, spouses or lovers are incredibly demanding and inflexible, but at the same time, they know how to give attention and support when needed.

The role they play can often become representatives or symbols of a particular lifestyle, and those who are born on September 8 are great actors in a stage of life who can play many positions but are usually limited to just one role they will perform well.

Zodiac Virgos, in general, want to present themselves as people who are mysterious, and we will say that those who are born on September 8 are not people who are easy to understand. In their opinion, they clear unresolved situations and in good faith redirect things and, in principle, contribute to improving the situation in their family or social group. They feel like they help the humanity so that they do have to help in any other way, like in the moment of revealing something about themselves, in the sense of private life.

Love Compatibility

Often people misinterpret the Virgos- as analytical, cold and calculating (which is right in some way), but those born on September 8 can make a lot of confusion on emotional plan! They can have inner conflicts, make a bad call and leave unfinished business, but eventually, they will find their place in the world of love. They can leave their current lovers for genuine, true love, turn the world upside down, and with all those inconveniences, be happy. It is said that these people have an endlessly brave heart, and we will agree – for their loved ones, people of this date are ready to do

Like all Virgos, these people coldly interrupts all of its love connections that they feel are not suitable for them, but after long thoughts and careful observation. As much as they hate to break up, they hate even more duplicity and when people lie to them, for whatever reason; but mostly they hate when others oppose them, and this includes their lovers.

It is known to everyone that they(as Virgos, no matter to which date they belong) are deadly practical, but few know that these people born on September 8 can be magically romantic at the same time, even if this is not something that these people will show so early in a relationship. Well, yes, they can be romantic and humorous, as most people respond to the physical appearance; they ultimately subdue everyone with passion and passionate spirit.

Purpose and Career

These people are good at painting, music, literature and all applied arts; they love to be listened and can do well more than just one job; they are often involved in many versatile jobs, and they do it all well. They have far more abilities than most people think, and if they get a chance, you can tell them.

These Virgos are, in their work environment, inclined to create enemies, as all the people of strong convictions do; they do not stand if someone opposes them.

These people must learn the value of the time and do not create a harmful manner of departing for tomorrow what they can do today, and additionally, they can make others feel guilty for their “work”. They love to work because they like the feeling of success. They need to learn never to talk too much and to learn the wisdom that sometimes it is best never to say anything, the silence is gold.

Listen to the advice of others, but take care of conscience it is the best advice that these people would accept and apply in the long run. Do not be discouraged by failure because success is guaranteed; it is the best advice that these people can take.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

The number 8 and Saturn rule these Virgos born on September 8 that is in this case in connection with the Mercury that is the dominant ruler for all Zodiac Virgos. Since Saturn takes responsibility and sets a strong sense of limiting caution and fatalism, the conservative tendencies of those born on September 8 can be even more pronounced, but Mercury gives that caution to the level of interpersonal communication and thinking.


In the case of the Mercury- Saturn, in the life of the people who are born on September 8 thinking comes to the limitation. We need to remember that Mercury is fast, uncomfortable, likes to move and continuously change the direction of his movement. People under this connection are talkative, shifting from the theme to the subject in its communication, and dealing with all particulars, relevant and irrelevant. On the other hand, Saturn is the planet that is focused; it moves much slower than fast Mercury.

In this connection, Saturn restricts Mercury’s need for diversity and excitement by stating it is focused and dedicated to the priority topic. So these people have the feeling that they are carrying a heavy burden, they do not have enough freedom and speed of movement. This leads to the production of the so-called heavy thoughts that cause the pain.

On the brighter side, this connection between Mercury and Saturn guarantees great verbal and thoughtful power, and these people can make the best out of their minds.

Those who have 8 are under the influence of strong energy and have the ability to move on after big problems in life, and these people have that in lives.

Their number is 8, and their color is red-purple.

Historical events on September 8

In this list also war events that the prime, but this date is not just reserved for such negative events; read all about these events that took place on September 8.

1380 – In the Battle of Kulikovo on the Don River, the forces of Moscow under the command of Dmitry Donskoy accomplished the first Russian big victory against Mongols from Golden Horde.

1565 – Spanish immigrants founded in Florida on the site of today’s St. Augustine, the first European settlement in America.

1664 – England occupied a Dutch settlement on the American continent of New Amsterdam, named after New York, as an honor of the Duke of York, the future English king James II.

1760 – Garrison in Montreal surrender to the English under General Jeffrey Amherst.

1831 – Russian troops under the command of General Ivan Paskevich won the battle for the Poland people in Warsaw. More than 9,000 people died in a three-day battle.

1856 – The Peace Treaty in Paris completed the Crimean War between Russia and Turkey (1853-56).

1900 – Hurricane in the Texas City of Galveston has demolished more than 2,500 houses, and 8,000 people have been killed.

1926 – The Peoples’ Union unanimously received Germany membership.

1941 -The Germans started blocking Leningrad in the World War II and cut it off from the rest of the country.

1943 – The unconditional capitulation of Italy in World War II has been announced.

1944 – The first German V2 rocket, fired from The Hague, fell in London in the Second World War.

1951 – A peace treaty between Japan and 49 countries has been signed in San Francisco.

1954 – In Manila, the United States, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Pakistan, Great Britain and France founded the SEATO pact, conceived as a link in the US global strategy of the USSR.

1997 – At least 150 people were killed near the western coast of Haiti when the overburdened ferries “La Fierte Gonavienne” sank to the island of Geneva.

1999 – 94 people were killed in a bomb blast in a residential building in Moscow.

2000 – The resolution of the Millennium Declaration was signed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Famous people born on September 8

Kings, commander, poets, sultans, composers and actors -all, of those find their place in this section were we speaking about famous people who are born on September 8, all for the purpose understanding more profound this date.

1157 – Richard I, the English king.

1474 – Lodovico Ariosto, an Italian poet.

1621 – Louis II de Bourbon, a French military commander.

1779 – Mustafa IV, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1830 -Frederic Mistral, a French poet and Nobel Prize laureate.

1841 – Antonin Dvorzak, a Czech composer.

1873 – Alfred Jarry, a French writer.

1904 – Grigory Samoylov, a Russian architect and painter.

1922 -Sid Caesar, an American comedian.

1925 -Peter Sellers, a British actor.

1930 – Mario Adorf, German actor.

1934- Peter Maxwell Davies, an English composer and conductor.

1935 – Alain Delon, a French actor.

1941- Bernie Sanders, an American politician.

1944 -Ali Benflis, an Algerian politician and statesman.

1946 -Krzysztof Krawczyk, a Polish singer.

1967 – Kimberly Peirce, an American director.

1970 – Latrell Fontaine Sprewell, an American basketball player.

1971- Martin Freeman, an English actor.

1971 -David Arquette, an American actor.

1972-  Markus Babbel, a German soccer player and coach.

1979 -Péter Lékó, the Hungarian chess grandmaster.

1980 -Kristian Kjelling, a Norwegian handball player.

1986 -Joao Moutinho, a Portuguese footballer.

1986 -Carlos Arturo Bacca Ahumada, a Colombian footballer.

1988 –  Wiz Khalifa, an American rapper.

1989- Avicii, a Swedish DJ.

This Astro-numerological story has come to an end; it is time to give some conclusion so that you can see for yourself what kind of people is born on September 8. People of this date are extreme in some way that they can firm even if they are not in their core. They love when they can dominate others, and they try to do that in any relationship they can; if not they move one.

Additionally, we can describe people born on September 8 as people who have polarised point of views and people who see things as black and white, and they don’t recognise the colors of life, and this is a problematic aspect of their personality in a way. This is the reason why these Virgos think that the subordinate forces are good and evil and that there is nothing in between, and this is wrong, and they are not the ones who will speak of this polarisation, but we need to remember that all Virgos like to judge people in a way. Hence, they often find themselves in the role of those who fight against the enemy of the family, work, etc.