September 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

When something happens, some small event that is connected to a personal fate, or massive event that is related to the global occurrences, Astrologers speak and explain those events through some planetary aspects, their interconnection, etc.; they are looking for meaning and purpose, or an explanation of what is happening.

We can even look for a deeper meaning and understand what the stars have to tell us, and we should apply what Astrologers are saying to us in our lives. This knowledge is never wasted and can always be used in some way, both personal and global.

Today we are dealing with the Astro -numerological aspect of a date September 7, and people who are born on this day, their character and fate in a way. They belong to the Virgo Zodiac sign and have many characteristics that belong to it. While you go through this article, you will learn those differences and similarities with “typical” Virgo.

Personality and Character

Indeed, these people who celebrate their birthdays on September 7 can be seen as very peaceful, positive persons, intellectually oriented towards the details and small things. These humans are oriented towards love, the perfection of the form and shape of things, not in some natural sense, but in some spiritual way more, even divine.

These are beautiful persons who well conceal skepticism and insecurity but have the need to be very fond of others, leave the impression, and convey the beauty in all forms. They have to keep constant control between body, personal perfectionism and inner balance.

Astro-numerologists claim that those who are born on September 7 would be even more successful if they slowed down a bit or if they learned to share their responsibilities with others; or when they opened up to cooperate with others. We have already said that they are kind and compassionate when things are going in their direction, but in every other scenario, they stop being “good”.

The less they are preoccupied with gaining or retaining the superiority, the better they will be for them and the group they represent, so they are right in a position of the leaders in some way.

These Virgos, born on September 7 are ambitious and have an endless quest for success, and their life is in some way on that interminable journey of fails and successes. On their way, they encounter various obstacles, and it is something that they cannot escape.

They never calm down until they fully master the area they are dealing with in some way, and in everything they do they show great integrity (or at least that is their intention). Those who lead or rule a group want to make it an obedient unit whose members never wonder who the boss is.

In principle, their mission and search for happiness can be very long, and the difficulties are very diverse, but these determined individuals born on September 8 do not surrender until they achieve what they have intended to do, no matter how much pain they have to suffer.

Love Compatibility

People who are born on September 7 are loyal to their loved ones, family and friends also; they are committed and know how to give love. Although it does not look so, these Virgos are very passionate deep inside, in their nature. It is recommended for these people to enter into marriage only if they are with a person of similar interest as theirs because every other marriage will turn out to be unsuccessful. This means that that in this case opposite maybe attract, but cannot work together well on a long term.

The world in some way we could say does not recognise and understand quickly persons born on September 7, and this mainly can be seen in the area of love. They should find the strength of their will for power, their imagination and the creativity of their ideas at the end make others accept with approval. In that group where they have been accepted, they should find their lover.

Emotionally these people can have a small problem with their emotions, often fight with their emotional desires, to have impatient changes, exclusivity, and hence love life can suffer. We are not saying that these people are seen as emotional victims, but sometimes they can have a problem in dealing with their passions and desires.

These persons respond to energetic, concrete lovers and in their case, a friendship can become a genuine marriage. It is maybe the best solution possible for them to marry a good friend, who knows all of their flaws and someone who will never make them feel ashamed.

Purpose and Career

People who belong to the September 7 are one of those dreamers who dream of great things, and sometimes these dreams come true. One part of their personality is that these people are very spiritual and intuitive, although they can have a fear of the failure, and this could be disabling trait that will make them less successful than they can or have a potential to do.

In another way, these people are pretty attracted to supernatural and mysterious and have specific skills that they cannot explain. It is also connected to their intuition and the sense that they have a strong inner voice that could lead them in life.


Some representatives of this date do not care too much about money because they prefer things that concern the mind and spirit in the first place, and they choose their profession based on this preference.  For that reason, money will come later, when they monetise their ideas, or mind in some way. Scenes, drama, spotlights are attracted to people of the September 7.

They are skilled and smart and gifted, very compassionate and full of understanding to the people who are around them, but right up until the moment when these people have things done on their own terms. They can become erratic to them, and we come again to their inability sometimes to control their emotions even if they would give anything to do so.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 7 and planet Neptune rules persons born on September 7, and in this combination, Neptune is in conjunction with Mercury that is the ruler of all Zodiac Virgos. Because Neptune is a watery planet that manages visions by the dreams and psychic phenomena of a person born on September 7 will be open to unstable influences, but it is also recommended for these people to remember their dreams and visions since it is something that can reveal so much about their lives.

Their ideas have meaning, but they should never spend so much time in the subconscious world, they can go crazy.

Neptune in combination with the Mercury planet points to a tendency towards sensationalism.  Neptune indicates an insufficiently clear perception of reality and a foggy approach to solving life’s problems, and this aspect can be seen in the life of the people who are born on this day.

The planetary combination of the Mercury and Neptune emphasises the ability of creative communication, enhances imagination and intuition. Mercury, as we know symbolises intellectual skills, the ability to perceive things. A planet that is in addition to Mercury will further shape mental functions – in this case; it is planet Neptune. Neptune, in contact with Mercury, will add mental energy to the dimension of perceiving hidden energy flows.

Their number is 7, and their color is golden yellow.

Historical Events on September 7

The seventh day of the September will prove to be very interesting in the historical circles, and even some events that are not connected to war found a place o our list because they are extraordinary and meaningful.

1191 – In the Third Crusade, the British under the command of Richard LionHeart defeated the forces under Saladin near Arsuf, in today’s Israel.

1701 – The agreement of England, Austria and the Netherlands against France, known as the “Second Great Alliance”, was signed in The Hague.

1764 – The king of Poland crowned the Russian protege Stanislav II Ponjatovsky, the last Polish monarch.

1778 – France attacked the island of Dominica and took over the British fortress.

1812 -The Battle of Borodino, near Moscow, ended one of the bloodiest battles in Napoleon’s wars, in which the Russians lost 44,000 soldiers, and Napoleon 50,000 including 23 generals.

1813 – For the first time, the name “Uncle Sam” was used for the United States in the editorial of New York’s “Troy Post” newspaper.

1821 – Great Colombia, led by conquistador Simón Bolívar, was established.

1822 – The governor of Brazil, Prince Pedro, declared independence from Portugal and declared himself king.

1860 – Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi took over Naples, in a war for the liberation of the country from the Austrians and the unification of Italy.

1901 – The Beijing Protocol was signed, which ended the Boxing Uprising in China.

1936 – In the Hobart Zoo died the last species wolf (Thylacinus cynocephalus), known as “Benjamin”. This species is extinct with him.

1940 – Battle for Britain: German aviation under the command of Herman Gering began bombing London. More than 300 people died in a single day.

1962 – Taiwan suspended diplomatic relations with Laos after Laos established diplomatic ties with China and North Vietnam.

1975 – The resettlement of the Turks in Cyprus was completed.

1999 – In an earthquake near Athens, one of the strongest in Greece over the last 40 years, 101 people died.

2001 – In the Nigerian town of Joss, Christian-Muslim clashes erupted with burning churches and mosques. According to the Red Cross, for at least a week of violence, at least 500 people were killed and hundreds hurt.

2006 – In the explosion at the coal mine in the eastern Indian district of Dhanbad 54 miners lost their lives.

2011 – In the plane crash near Yaroslavl in Russia, 44 people were killed, including hockey players of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.

Famous people born on September 7

Additionally, we will enrich this article with one more dimension, by learning more about people who are born on September 7.

1533 – Elizabeth Tudor, the Queen of England and Queen of Ireland.

1683 – Maria Anna von Österreich, an Austrian and a Portuguese queen.

1726 – François-Andre Philidor, a French composer and chess player.

1829 – Friedrich Kekule, a German chemist.

1895 – Jacques Vaché, a French dadaist.

1907 – Ahmed Adnan Saygun, a Turkish composer.

1909 – Elia Kazan, an American film and theatre director.

1911 – Todor Zivkov, a Bulgarian politician and statesman.

1914 – James Alfred Van Allen, an American physicist.

1930 – Baudouin I, a Belgian king.

1936 – Buddy Holly, an American singer, songwriter and rock and roll pioneer.

1949 – Gloria Gaynor, an American singer.

1959 – Alfred Gislason, an Icelandic handball coach.

1963 – Eazy-E, an American rapper.

1965 – Tomas Skuhravy, a Czech soccer player.

1968 – Marcel Desailly, a French footballer of Ghanaian origin.

1969 -Angie Everhart, an American model.

1980 – Emre Belozoglu, a Turkish footballer.

1984 –  Vera Igorevna Zvonareva, a Russian tennis player.

1985 – Aliona Lanskaja, a Belarusian singer.

1987 -Evan Rachel Wood, an American actress.

It is mandatory to speak a few more words about these Virgos born on September 7, who are under the influence of the Mercury – Neptune planetary influence. Sometimes these people can have a problem to set priorities in life so they can miss essential life chances, no often but still this sometimes happens.

These persons will be particularly sensitive to the suggestive impulses that enhance their existing intuition. The content of the unconscious becomes an integral part of the mental processes of the people who are born on September 7, and as you were able to see, many people who are politicians and artists are born on this day.

In them there is a pronounced ability to inspect the way events, things and people are connected in a more comprehensive context. They can easily connect seemingly hard-to-connect things; creatively combine emotions, dreams and ratio.