September 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is time to speak about the roots of Astrology.  In the third chapter of his “Book of Joseph,” it was written, “Humanity lived long before the Flood and knew the knowledge of astrology.” We can see that this science was established long before Christianity and as you can see in some old and ancient times. In old chronicles from Persia, we find astrology practiced and advocated by the greatest kings of that time.

In ancient Greece, at the time of the most magnificent bloom of culture and power, many of the greatest philosophers were astrologers. We can go on for a day, and the conclusion is the same – Astrology is present in our lives for a long time.

But here we will add one more aspect – regarding Astro-numerological analysis; special attention should be paid to the birthdate because it tells us what the primary task of individual consciousness, the active action of the person, the job that must be achieved in the dynamic interaction with the environment and society. The date with ruling Zodiac sign can even show in the natal chart shows the inner world of the person, mental, deep processes.

Additionally, it can show secondary karmic tasks, whose meaning is dependent on the area and sign in which they are located. For example, Mercury, that is the ruler of all Zodiac Virgos will show us how we should develop our thinking and improve social skills, communication and interaction with people. Today we are speaking about Virgos, those who are born on September 6.

Personality and Character

As all Virgos, people of the September 6 are somewhat restrained and self-contained – both in character and style (or they try to be like that, or they become like this in some part of their lives). Since they are prone to tension, they often make fun and relax with various methods like meditation, and this is something that these people should often do.

If they choose to fulfill their needs in their youth people born on September 6 will be psychologically stronger and less subject to multiple types of illness, especially physical types. And their lives are divided in some way, and they lived relatively calmly and relaxed, without any disturbances. Later one, these persons may consider that some major events will occur in their lives, fate takes things into their own hands. Those who have fought for years luck eventually give up surviving both good and bad moments, and will accept that this is life. Turning to the self-fulfillment, they will complete their mission – their attitudes and statements will have a significant impact on others.

Sometimes people born on September 6 can leave the impression of short-sighted people who don’t look far into the future and they will never move from a certain point and will never progress as they should.

Also, these Virgos can move to the situation knowing that every effort is redundant, and it is the easy way out of the problems, which is so uncharacterised for Virgos who are ready to work hard.

The most important lesson of these people born on September 6 to learn is that through experience they learn to focus on the present by moving step by step and following their life rhythm.

It seems that these people born on September 6 do not manage their own lives, but it works hand in hand in both good and bad terms, so they can blame fate for failures or can thank those influences for their successes. This is something that these people need to deal in their lives; they need to find a realistic approach to this interesting question. The lives of many people born on September 6 can run without any problems very predictably, but suddenly, for no apparent reason, there is no significant change.

They have to deal with this and find a justification for this – maybe they are those who attract these events? Perhaps these people are those who attract negativity when they behave in such a manner, or they make some successful endeavour when they are positive?

Love Compatibility

Regarding interpersonal relations, people of the September 6 are real friends and love socialising, but in all of that, they are wise and sensible people who can provide a true understanding of their close environment.

In a way, these people can impress lovers with all their knowledge and they will wait for the right moment to take action. They can even change tactics for shyness or practicality; you cannot get what to expect from people who are born on September 6. Even in the moments of the greatest enthusiasm, they will not stop talking or whispering about everything that their lovers want to hear. All of their restraint and shyness, and even the purity that they radiate become less critical attributes when they realise that they are safe and loved.

When they love, their partners will have everything they need, from the most erotic lovers to the most respected partners, but one thing is mandatory – their environment must respect their rules.

They like to have lovers, they do not shy away from trying something new, and in a way little weird ideas about love and about what a partner should or should not be. This is very important for the people of this day, and they have to learn that lesson; the sooner they get these ideas out of heads, the better because otherwise they will be disappointed. Accept the world as it is, and it will, in turn, be right for them – to fit in their profile, a partner needs to be unique, and that is not something that can be seen every day.

Purpose and Career

People of September 6 tend to be conventional in their work, but they are also the people who remain interested but not so sympathetic to the new ideas and thoughts that are spreading – they can have mistrust when new ideas and projects are presented to them, and it is something that can be very problematic in their life, in the sense of a work progress. What is that that people of this date believe? They believe in a slow and safe pace, and they apply this attitude to business and lifestyle. They love games and do not oppose the various types of competitions.


In a core of their personalities, these people are efficient, as all Virgos, and can organise things well. Without a doubt, these individuals can complete each venture, so if they direct their energy to that side, they will undoubtedly earn quite a bit of money.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

These Virgos born on September 6 are ruled by number 6 and are under the planetary influence that comes from the combination Venus-Mercury. Since Venus is associated with many social interactions, people born this day must have a constant fight for their privacy, and as true Virgos, they love to keep something private and prefer that they have a life that is only theirs.

The impact of Mercury on Venus emphasises good taste, idealism and love for the beautiful things and in a way people of this date always look for beauty in everything they do, and their taste is something that is also very unique. The Mercury and Venus point to secrets and warnings to keep emotional life away from the public eye.

Love is often the dominant topic of the number 6, but not only love that is connected to the love between two partners, but it is the love that is considered to be universal love, a divine love. These people have that opportunity in life, and they should strive for it, but will they make is not relevant – that path in life is a purpose to itself.

Their numbers are 6 and 66, and their color is dark beige.

Historical Events on September 6

From the beginning of this millennium to the recent but equally essential events we will remind ourselves about all the historical events that happened on September 6, all for the purpose of learning more about this date.

394- The Battle of Frigid: Roman Emperor Theodosius and defeated the Western usurper Eugenius. This was the definitive victory of Christianity over traditionalist Roman religions.

1522 – Spanish sailor Juan Sebastian Elkano finished his first trip around the world, started by Fernando Magellan 1519 with five ships and 270 sailors.

1620 -From the English port of Plymouth, the ship “Mayflower” began its journey.

1885 – Eastern Rumelia declared unification with Bulgaria.

1898 – Dutch Queen Wilhelmina started her rule.

1901 – In Buffalo, Anarchist Leon Czolgosz attempted to assassinate the US President William McKinley.

1914 -French troops, with the help of the British Expedition Corps, began a counter-offensive on the 500-kilometre front, which started the first major battle in France during the World War I.

1939 – World War II: The battle at Barking Cree.

1940 -Romanian king Carol II Hohenzollern abdicated in the World War II.

1948 – Dutch Queen Wilhelmine abdicated in favour of the daughter Princess Juliana.

1957 – In London, the work of the UN Disarmament Commission ended without results.

1958- Tunisia and Morocco joined the Arab League.

1965 – After entering Indian troops into the Pakistani capital of Lahore, the Kashmir conflict turned into an Indian-Pakistani war.

1968 – The African kingdom of Ngwani (Swaziland) gained independence from Great Britain.

1970 – Palestinian terrorists abducted four planes flying from Europe to New York.

1975 – In an earthquake in eastern Turkey, 2,350 people were killed and about 3,000 wounded.

1988 – Eleven-year-old boy Thomas Gregory became the youngest person to swim La Manche. His “journey” lasted 11 hours and 54 minutes.

1991 – The USSR recognised the independence of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia; Leningrad was re-named St. Petersburg

1997 -British princess Diana, who died on August 31 in a car crash in Paris, was buried on a family estate.

Famous people born on September 6

This list seems longer than usual, but we will say that this means just one thing – this date produces people who are creative and successful.

1666 – Ivan V, the Russian Emperor.

1729 -Moses Mendelssohn, a Jewish philosopher.

1757 – Marquis of Lafayette, a French general and statesman.

1766 -John Dalton, an English physicist.

1860 – Jane Adams, an American pacifist, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.

1876- James Rickard Macleod, a Scottish doctor.

1900 -Julien Green, a French writer of American origin.

1913 – Leonidas da Silva, a Brazilian footballer.

1915-Franz Josef Strauss, a German politician and Prime Minister of Bavaria.

1923 – Peter II Karadjordjevic, the third and last king of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

1943 – Roger Waters, an English rock musician, singer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter and composer.

1961 – Pal Gamst Waaktaar, a Norwegian musician (A-ha).

1964- Rosie Perez, an American actress.

1967- Macy Gray, an American singer and songwriter.

1970 – Stéphane Guivarc’h, a French footballer.

1971 -Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan, an Irish musician, singer and songwriter (The Cranberries).

1972 -Idris Elba, an English actor.

1974 – Tim Henman, a British tennis player.

1975 – Patrick Fischer, a Swiss ice hockey player.

1984 -Lik Abalo, a French handball player.

The time for the conclusion is here, about people who are born on September 6 who are under the Mercury-Venus influence and who have so many characteristics form their ruling Zodiac sign, but also with some of their own traits.

But one thing that we need to mention here is that these people are connected and determined with the subject of fate, and in times when they try to direct their lives or to limit somehow and determine the course for their own, everything begins to work against them. And they should be prepared for a severe blow in life.

As Virgos, they will try to have everything, to take precautions to the smallest details, prepare for each case, and still, they are angry if it happens that things happen as they did not expect. Such experiences can be very exhausting for these people, and if they lead to total disappointment.