September 4 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrology is represented in our lives with so many different ways, and it is present in our lives from the moment that we are born. With it and knowing the position of in our lives, it is in fact within the astrological maps of man.

People can or can’t let this attitude towards astrology influence their lives, and thus the influences that astrology can take on one’s life path can be different. It all depends on aspects, that is part of the same predestination of one’s the fate that astrology can be overlooked. No matter how things can be in your life, you should read this article that deals with humans who celebrate their birthdays on September 4, and who belong to the Virgo Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

Virgos are often dissatisfied, but too cultured to show that; they will quietly “suffer openly”.  Sometimes they do not manage to control temperament and can be non-specific, which makes them annoy because they want everyone to think nicely about them like they are strong and nothing can hurt them.

They can be even nervous and can be understood or perceived as a fatal, and often they are since they can enter strange love relationships where they also usually need to control emotions. These people born in the Virgo Zodiac sign have so many of these characteristics in this way or the other, but they cannot escape their true nature.

In the life of a person born on September 4, everything is based on growth and progress; they never stop, even if for others it may seem that they are moving too slow.

Regardless of whether the born on September 4 do, for example building a career, having family or maintaining the social reputation, they do it one step at the time; they do not make anything in a rush, they believe that their time will eventually come.

People born on September 4 are Virgos who believe that it is necessary to get rid of the old one and turn to the new one, and we could say that it is the influence that comes from the Uranus (it is the planet that can be found in their natal charts). If these people see that something in their lives is not as good as a structure that is not built on solid foundations, they will try to dismantle it and re-build it differently. And with patience, they will achieve in their work.

One another side of their personality is more harmful, and they can be merciless when it becomes clear that is necessary to remove problematic aspects from their “project”.

Persons born on September 4 should be free from all forms of tension since they often work too much and take on a lot of responsibility. This means that they can be exposed to the dangers of a breakdown. It would be good if these people would have reduced their obligations and regularly rested. It is recommended that they turn to more peaceful and creative activities, in every sense, especially if they do some stressful job.

Love Compatibility

People of this date have self-confidence, but can be significantly influenced by the outside environment, so if it is negative, they are unhappy and depressed. But when in love, these people are devoted and should be wonderful parents; all Virgos have a nurturing aspect to them.

Some representatives of this date can seem to their potential partners as very mysterious people, but in fact, they are afraid to show emotions and passion, and they want something like that to happen to them, something that will blow their mind. The older they become, and more mature, these people born on September 4 have a greater chance of gaining confidence and experiencing enjoyable moments in the company of their loves, which are usually from a different place or country.

On some level these people love excitement and vague situations; they even take some time to be in a relationship or to enter a secret relationship, but will not endure it in the long run, since they love stability and safe and protected partners.

Regarding other issues that are connected to the emotions, these people are correct, but not intrusive. Often they feel like a victim of a family because they are always on hand, and are always expected to receive and give support, advice and help.  In a situation when they want to become independent, and over time, they will learn how to build a defense mechanism, and this will follow them in every other aspect of their lives. This can be a useful tool for their self-perseverance and can be their demise since they can be scared of, almost any emotional “openness”.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on September 4 are people who are honest and open friends and have good relations in their work environment; these people have a good mind for mathematics and can be a good engineer.  But in some way, these people tend to feel sensitive so that they can suffer from some health problems; they can push themselves to some limits that are not good for them and bring much more negativity. They should stick to some simple tasks and should do one at the time, and it is the best way to progress in any job.

These Virgos are very interested in all kinds of literature, and especially science, although they will not have as much time to learn as would like, sometimes they can be involved too much in a practical job. To succeed, these people born on September 4 must first know precisely what they want, because success is impossible if their mind is not clear on this issue. Then their natural abilities and determination will push them towards goals, and it is not uncommon for these people to be involved in some business, they will undoubtedly have a big break, and they should see this as soon as possible, even though you would best succeed in partnership.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 4 is a numerological influence on the people who are born on September 4, and they also under the planetary impact from Uranus and Mercury that is the ruler for all Zodiac Virgos.


Uranus is the planet of change, often very unexpected and sudden. Some believe that Uranus is an insurgent, an exciting violator of norms and rules, but nevertheless, this is a planet of progress that does not leave anything incomplete. Uranus symbolises ideas, the beginning of something entirely new, which occurs first at the level of consciousness. It represents originality, it relates to our life needs and desires, and it also represents groups, organisations, friends and associates.

People in Number 4 are complex and challenging, and they usually look at things differently. The influence of Uranus contributes to rapid and frequent mood swings, but in combination with the planet Mercury, these peoples personality has been further strengthened by fast and variable quality.  This effect is particularly favorable for people born on September 4 since they typically feel insufficient and discarded and difficult to tolerate such misunderstanding.

We will explain this even more in-depth, people of the September 4 are under the influence of Uranus and Mercury, and this connection symbolises our way of thinking, the way we communicate and share information, the way we learn and adopt the basic concepts of what we want to learn, and it also represents our need for movement. This planetary aspect signifies something that is fully accessible to us, and we only need to use it adequately.

Their numbers are 4 and 13, and their color is pale purple.

Historical Events on September 4

From the events in the Roman Empire to the events in modern days, we gathered all that we feel is important in the understanding of the September 4, both in the astrological and numerological way.

476 – A German military leader Odoacer replaced Romulus Augustulus out. It was the end of the West Roman Empire.

1260 – The Battle of Montaperti between Florence and Siena in Tuscany as part of the conflict between the Guelphs and Ghibellines.

1479 – The Catholic kings of Castile and Aragon have signed an agreement from Alcazaba with the Portuguese King Alfonso V and his son, Prince João.

1669 – Venice handed over the Turks to the Greek island of Crete.

1781 -Forty-four Spanish immigrants established a settlement in Upper California called La Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula.

1843 – Dona Teresa Cristina married Pedro II of Brazil.

1870 – Two days after the French defeat at Sedan and the capture of Napoleon III,  the Third Republic was proclaimed.

1886 –  Geronimo the prominent leader from the Bedonkohe band of the Apache tribe and the leader of the last major rebellion of the American Indians against white enslavers, surrendered to the US General in Arizona.

1929 – German “Count Zeppelin” ended the journey around the world. The flight lasted for nine days 20 hours and 23 minutes.

1944 – British and Canadian troops freed the Belgian cities of Brussels and Antwerp in the World War II.

1972 – American swimmer Mark Spitz won the seventh gold medal at the Munich Olympics and finished his brilliant career.

1974 – The United States established diplomatic relations with the German Democratic Republic as the last Western country.

1975 – Israel and Egypt signed an agreement in Geneva to withdraw Israeli troops from Sinai and establish a UN zone on the peninsula.

1995 – Under the slogan “United Jerusalem is ours,” Israel began the 15-month celebration of the 3000th anniversary of David King’s proclamation of the city as the capital of the Jewish nation.

1997 – In an explosion, three bombs in Jerusalem killed seven people and wounded about 200 people.

1998 -The UN war crimes tribunal in Rwanda has sent former Prime Minister Jean Kambanda to life imprisonment for his role in genocide during the 1994 war.

1999 – In a referendum on the future status of East Timor, 78.5 per cent of the population voted for independence from Jakarta, while only 21 per cent supported autonomy under the Indonesian administration.

Famous people born on September 4

Read these names and try to make a conclusion about the character of these people born on September 4; so your knowledge about this date is more profound.

1768 -François-René de Chateaubriand, a French writer.

1824 -Anton Bruckner, an Austrian composer.

1905 – Mary Renault, an English writer.

1909 – Eduard Wirths, a Nazi doctor in the Dachau campus.

1913 –  Kenzo Tange, a Japanese architect.

1917 -Henry Ford II, an American carmaker.

1918- Paul Harvey, an American radio broadcaster.

1960- Damon Wayans, an American actor.

1975- Mark Ronson, an English musician, songwriter, and DJ.

1981 –  Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, known only as Beyoncé, an American singer and actress.

1981 – David Garrett, a German-American violinist.

1984 -Camilla Bordonaba Roldan an Argentine actress, singer and composer.

1986- Gelila Bekele, an Ethiopian model.

1986- Xavier Woods, an American wrestler.

Let us speak some more about these fascinating people, who have many attributes that belong to the Virgo Zodiac signs.

Regardless of their career or family situation, these individuals as Virgos and they are busy with the problems of structure, form, organisation and functioning of things -all aspects must function in the best and organised way, or they will be unhappy and will show problematic behavior.

Their talents sometimes can be neglected and are more focused on planning and forecasting, they are in those processes, and they can pay less attention to using their creativity in some new way.

People born September 4 are not prone to disturbance and delay; they are incredibly responsible people who are relying on their efficiency and their professionalism in all aspects of life, not just in their jobs. These human beings usually take care of everything and are satisfied when they see the results of their “work”. These people enjoy the most successful and prosperous life of the highest importance, and at the very least they see it as a catastrophe.