September 30 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Through the science of Astrology, we can observe the overall cosmic energy that is in everything that surrounds us in some way, but is more importantly contained in our birth, since in that time everything starts for us, and every astrological sign, house, planet, and aspect symbolically represents the energy of us, humans. It is useful energy, and trough the elements of its intensity or activity, we can see our possibilities and progress in life (with the consultation of an astrologer, or articles like this one that provides extensive analyses).

To understand the elements of astrology, human needs to look at the entire astrological chart, but the starting point is in our date of birth. This is one; we should call it constant in Astro-numerological analyses.

Of course, we all want to know the right way to achieve a set of harmonious and balanced energies in and out.

Today we are looking into the world of those Libras that are born on September 30. As we have said previously, people, who belong to the Libra Zodiac sign. They are people who always forgive, but never forget; they require long-term and meaningful connections. They love justice and are usually very fair and will ever admit when they are wrong. In the majority of cases, these people are wonderful and attractive. People who are born on September 30 have many of these characteristics.

Personality and Character

People of the September 30 love all those good things and the pleasures that life provides since they are Libras that are, after all, ruled by the planet Venus. It is mean for them to rise to high altitudes, but also to fall below each level, and to touch the rock bottom in life.

Therefore, these people need to be careful when it comes to protection because they need to find the balance in life and if their lives have too many ups and downs it cannot be good for them.

Even if people who celebrate their birthdays on September 30 seem to be extremely sensitive, they are, adamant, and they are usually extremely capable of defending themselves whenever they found in a problematic situation. Though they are susceptible, these people skillfully refuse attacks, and they are blessed with the self-confidence.

These people, as you will be able to see in our list of the famous people who are born on September 30, they are extremely attractive, which does not have to be so much related to their physical appearance as to their personality that is often magnetic and unique.

For these Libras (all of them are under the impact of the planet Venus, that is the planet of beauty and love), appearance is important, and it is vital for them how they are going to appear in public, and therefore they pay a lot of attention to their dressing manner and general impression.

They have, undoubtedly, a perfectionist nature, and this is reflected in their work and life habits – they have their demands that are not always easy and understandable for their environment.

Although they can be very impulsive and in some way act unexpectedly, they usually have some heavy weapons that are hiding their agendas that they planned well.

Love Compatibility

These people of the September 30 are devoted to their loved ones, and their love nature is very developed – almost too much. They can be overwhelming for their partners, and they can be intense when they love someone.

People born this day should strive to show their more defensive attitude, as their aggressiveness often distances them from their true self, and their true self is something that is sensitive and beautiful, they should not enter in these states.

These people born on September 30 need to be careful that what appears to be a harmless flirt for them does not trigger something quite serious in people who are in their surroundings. There is no doubt that these people like to fascinate opposite sex, like to play the game of seduction and are very good at that game.

These people need to portray themselves as incredibly strong, and invulnerable, but the truth is that these people often conceal some truth about themselves just for the sake of perceiving a particular part of a mystery so that they can be even more fatal for others.

Purpose and Career

They can be seen as enthusiastic people who can become impressive in their jobs, and on top of that, they are subjected to spiritual impressions. They love books and read a lot, so they can find their life occupation in some jobs that are educational or involve a lot of reading.


In everything they do, these humans have a strong will and determination and love to achieve their goals precisely in the way they planned; they can be musical so that they can be a good performer. They also have a talent for the acting, and the scene attracts them in some, it does not have to be in front of the audience, but the closeness of the scene is there.

Some of the representatives of this date can be fortunate in business they can pull wise moves, they are not afraid to go in a place where no one has ever gone before them, but they all turn out well at the end. These people need to remember that they can never manage others until they learn to handle themselves; it is the toughest of all battles, but the most important.

They usually make good money and make sound investments that give them financial stability.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

All Libras that belong to the September 30 are under the planetary government of the combination Venus and Jupiter, and from a numerological point of view, their number is 3. We could also say that people born on September 30 are under the expansive planet Jupiter that when combined with the balancing and tender Venus.  To those born this day, Jupiter gives optimistic and expansive social perspectives and, in combination with Venus, emphasises their idealism.

The connection brings great happiness and popularity that comes from true balance and success; these people can have wealth, but they can also experience health problems because of pronounced hedonism.

These people who are under this rule are charming, and popular with people of the opposite sex. They will never tolerate vulgarity because of their morals; they are consistent in their beliefs and ideological determinations. They also have artistic tendencies, but in some way, these people can be exploited from others, but this planetary (and numerologically) aspects also give them optimism and generosity so that they can maturely deal with all questionable things.

Those in number 3 often rise to the highest positions in the field of work and people born on September 30 can easily reach the top in search of material and financial success.

Their numbers are 3 and 33, and their color is jade green.

Historical Events on September 30

In old times, the important events that stayed written in the history books were usually the one that deals with the religion or war; later more and more events find their place in the history books.

1061 – For the first time, the pope was elected by the College of Cardinals; Anselm of Lucca was chosen who will be known as Pope Alexander II.

1399 – The founder of the English dynasty, Lancaster Henri Bolingbroke, became King Henry IV, the day after abdication by Richard II.

1791 -In Vienna, singspiel was premiered (equivalent to the French opera comique name) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Magical Flute.

1818 – In Aachen, the Aachen Congress started between the states of the Holy Alliance.

1846 – An American dentist William Morton first used anaesthesia during tooth extraction.

1929 -From the Frankfurt-Rebstock airport, Fritz von Opel fly as the first man with a rocket-powered plane that eventually falls.

1938 – By the Munich Agreement, the heads of government of Great Britain, France and Italy agreed with the demands of Adolf Hitler for the annexation of the administrative area, thinking that it will prevent a major European war.

1941 – The first German offensive on Moscow began in one of the greatest battles of the World War II, which was ended in January 1942 by the defeat of the Germans.

1949 -The ending Berlin “air bridge” was established after the Soviet blockade of West Berlin in late June 1948.

1954 – The establishment of the European Defense Community has collapsed because the French government refused to subordinate its army to the European supreme command.

1962 – Racists caused riots in Oxford in the US state of Mississippi when, according to a federal court decision, black man James Meredith was enrolled at the University of Mississippi, which had only been attended by white people.

1965 -Members of the Indonesian Movement “September 30 “kidnapped six generals and tried to carry out a coup. Generals found dead on October 3.

1966 -The British protectorate Bechuanaland became independent as the Republic of Botswana. This country is one of the world’s largest diamond producers.

1966 – German war criminals Albert Speer and Baldur von Schirach went to the prison Spandau where they served a 20-year sentence.

1980 – In a symbolic reminder of biblical times, Israel introduced the currency of Shekel, which replaced the pound.

1990 – USSR normalised diplomatic relations with Israel interrupted during the six-day Israeli-Arab war in 1967 and established full diplomatic ties with South Korea.

1991 – A military coup in Haiti overthrew President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

1992- The Moscow Bank has distributed vouchers for privatisation as part of the government’s economic reforms that should turn millions of Russians into capitalists.

1993 – In a series of strong earthquakes in southwestern India, 36 villages were destroyed, and at least 22,000 people were killed.

1999 – One of the greatest German writers of the twentieth century, Günter Grass, received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Famous people born on September 30

There is no doubt that within this list, there are two, or even three extraordinary women, that are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. One of them is Monica Belluci one of the most beautiful people in the world, the epiphany of a real woman.

1207 – Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmi,  a Persian poet, Islamic theologian

1227 -Nicholas IV, the Pope.

1840 – Johan Svendsen, a Norwegian composer.

1870 – Jean Baptiste Perrin, a French physicist and chemist.

1882 -Johannes Wilhelm “Hans” Geiger, a German physicist.

1924 – Truman Capote, an American writer.

1928 -Elie Wiesel, an American writer.

1934 -Udo Jürgens, an Austrian-Swiss composer and singer

1937 – Jurek Becker, a German writer.

1950 – Laura Esquivel, a Mexican writer.

1959 – Ettore Messina, an Italian basketball coach.

1962 -Frank Rijkaard, a Dutch footballer and coach.

1964 –  Monica Anna Maria Bellucci, an Italian actress, model and sex symbol.

1967- Andrea Roth, a Canadian actress.

1973-  Ruben Wolkovsky, an Argentine basketball player.

1975 – Marion Cotillard, a French actress.

1978- Małgorzata Glinka-Mogentale, a Polish volleyball player.

1979 -Andy van der Meyde, a Dutch footballer.

1980 – Martina Hingis, a Swiss tennis player.

1980- Dante Amaral, a Brazilian volleyball player.

1981- Igor Kunitsyn, a Russian tennis player.

1986 – Joan Cañellas, a Spanish handball player.

1986 – Olivier Giroud, a French footballer

2002- Maddie Ziegler, an American dancer, actress and model.

We think that we have provided very good Astro-numerological analyses of the Libras born on September 30; those who are under the impact of Venus Jupiter connection, which is considered to be perfect and fruitful for people who are under its influence.

We have already said that persons born on September 30 belong to the Libra Zodiac sign, and what this means is that they are pointed, at least in one part toward the truth, and they want to see honesty all around them. You should remember that their ruling planet is Venus that is the planet of justice besides beauty and love. So, those who belong to the September 30 are obsessed with establishing the truth and presenting it to the public, and they feel like everyone deserves to know it.