September 29 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In your communication with Astrologers, it is a good idea to ask a question that is vital to you, because a question that is vague or poorly formulated tends to produce quite complicated answers. In addition to the precise definition, the purpose and circumstances of the question are to be understood – we all have our personal struggles and no one’s fate is the same, so even the same issues could be interpreted differently.

After a question has been formulated, you should certainly pay attention to the date, time and city in which you are born, because of the more information about the context of your question, the clearer the understanding of the astrologer, and therefore the more concrete answer.

And once again, we mention a birthdates so that you can understand the importance of it, both for astrologers, and numerologists, and something in between – Astro-numerologists.

Today we will try to provide as many answers as possible for people born on September 29, and they belong to the Libra Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

These people are Libras, and even if they have some of their own characteristics they still, like all Libras lead a constant fight for the stability of their lives, they want a balance and success in all of their endeavors. And one thing is also important for their character – these people born on September 29 can act as full masters of the universe while inside of them they can feel like they are others losing control and like they are totally worthless people that will never found their happiness.

The most important thing that is related to these people who belong to the September 29 is that they learn to believe in their possibilities, which is entirely justified since these people are blessed with so many different abilities and skills. But is the most important thing that they take care more about their physical health, or their nerves will fall apart to the pieces.

Many of these people are striving for family stability and to the feeling to be loved, because they feel like that part of their lives will bring them true happiness, they want balance, but it is very likely that they will move towards an even more isolated existence.

For people born on September 29 it is mandatory that they are dedicated to a particular project, and if that happens they are entirely devoted to a work organisation or a specific “project”, they can become indispensable to the success of this group.  They have a management talent as well as an excellent financial performance, only if the somehow stay cool and crazy and money hungry.

Although these human born on September 29 have excellent practical skills, they often do not ask to organise them in a way that would enable them to complete the projects they have started quickly -all of their lives they escape leadership positions.

Love Compatibility

These people born on September 29 are dedicated to family and love home life, they are not afraid to say that they love their families and that they want to spend their time with them.

Others can see these people as calm and quiet, and nothing excites them as they can go crazy if they found someone who they like very much if they feel that that person could be the one for them.

Then, they become something else, something or someone passionate and exciting; they feel like they found their purpose in life.

People born September 29 are very attractive, fatal even and capable people to seduce whomever they want. But, wherever they go and what they do, they feel insecurity and instability deep inside, and this could be a stepping stone for their love life. It can be challenging for them to stay long with one love partner since they could ruin their love with insecurity.

Although these people can act as very quiet around people, they can provoke strong reactions in others.

Regarding love and family relations these people tend to be strict and disciplined; actually, these people born on September 29 are almost militarily precise about things that need to be done.

Purpose and Career

Libras born on September 29 are people who are adorned with the positive energy, they are full of confidence and have a strong will – this is the magic formula for success that they achieve in their work, sometimes they pull some controversial moves, but that is all part of their character.


They have a talent for diplomacy and calming stressful situations, and have a sophisticated taste, and they often have some artistic skills.

These people have to be careful in their life and work environment that they do not bother others with their stubbornness and never to mix it up with determination, which often happens in their lives. What they need to learn is to analyse their moves and to remove all the things that are weakening them in some way.

These Libras love money, and it can be a good motivation for their progress, only if they don’t get overwhelmed in that money power. They crave for the money and power it carries, and it can be their fatal failure if they watch their attitude and moves; it can lead them to all the wrong places in life.

If Libras people born this day manage to keep their career ends in their hands, they can achieve remarkable results and successes.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons that belong to the Zodiac Libra sign, and are born on September 29 are under the planetary rule of the planets Venus and Moon, and numerologically they are ruled by number 2. Planets Venus and Moon are pointed to the emotions, everything beautiful, enjoyment in every aspect of life. People who have this planetary connection have an inner need for pleasure, for pleasant and peaceful events. They like being surrounded by beautiful things.

On the more negative aspect, this connection indicates that people need to learn how to enjoy life and know how to deal with unpleasant situations. Or it can point to a tendency toward jealousy and a little darker emotions, but these people enjoy it and feel as if someone is taking their core if they need to change it.

In principle, Libras born on September 29 are under the government of the number 2 are considered to be better associates and partners than leaders, and they have that introvert note to them, but can devote themselves to the goals of their family or partner. The need to connect with others can be an obstacle in the individual initiative and produce frustration. This can further increase the influence of the Moon and its reflexive and passive tendencies.

Their numbers are 2 and 11, and their color is pale beige.

Historical Events on September 29

These two (first on our list) events that happen a long time ago, in the years B.C. were so vital for human history that they were remembered both orally and in written documents. Read all about those and other events that took place on September 29.

522 B.C – The assassination of Smerdis Darius the Great takes over power in the Persian Monarchy.

480 B.C – The Battle of Salamis: Greek fleet under the command of Temistokles defeated the Persian fleet of Emperor Xerxes.

61 B.C – Roman military commander Pompey celebrated his third triumph after defeating Mediterranean pirates.

1066 – By breaking off the Norman hulls at Pevensey, the struggle for the English throne was started by William, the Duke of Normandy.

1227 – Pope Gregory IX expelled from the church the emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich II after the Emperor avoided fulfilling his oath and entering into the crusade.

1273 – By choosing Count Rudolph, I of Habsburg for the King of the Holy Roman Empire, a quarrel about the throne has ended.

1399 – Henrik Bolingbroke, the Duke of Duke of Lancaster, succeeded in closing English King Rickard II. This ended the brutal reign of Anjou-Plantagenet.

1829 – Scotland Yard was opened as the main centre of the Police.

1911 – Italy declared war on Turkey and infiltrated the Libyan province of Tripolitania.

1918 – Bulgaria, after the defeat of the Thessaloniki Front in World War I, has signed a truce with the Allies (Thessaloniki Peace Corps).

1923 – Based on the mandate of the League of Nations, the United Kingdom established power in Palestine.

1938 – Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany signed an agreement in Munich that allowed Germany to join the Sudeten region, part of Czechoslovakia with the German national minority.

1940 – Romania entered the Second World War from the Balkan Pact.

1941 – In the Babi Yar, near Kiev, the Germans killed 33,771 civilians, including women and children, in the World War II in a massacre over the Jews, which lasted two days.

1957 – About 300 people died in western Pakistan when an express train struck the oil tank.

1965 – British Prime Minister Harold Wilson pledged on Labor’s Labor Day in Blackpool to create a nuclear-free zone in Europe.

1967 – The International Monetary Fund gathered its 106 members at a meeting in Rio de Janeiro, where the reform of the world monetary system was approved.

1979 – Pope John Paul II, during his first papal visit to Ireland, sent an appeal for peace in Northern Ireland to more than a million people in Dublin.

1988 – UN peacekeepers received the Nobel Peace Prize for their 40-year work.

2001 – The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on combating terrorism and preventing the financing of terrorists.

Famous people born on September 29

Military leaders, admirals, philosophers, politicians, and singers, all found fame, success, and notoriety, not always for good reasons. These are famous Libras born on September 29.

106 B.C-Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, a Roman military leader and politician.

1518 – Tintoretto(Jacopo Robusti), an Italian painter.

1547-  Miguel de Servantes Saavedra, a Spanish writer.

1758 – Horatio Nelson, a British sailor and admiral.

1815 – Andreas Achenbach, a German painter.

1863 – Hugo Haase, a German politician and chancellor.

1864 – Miguel de Unamuno, a Spanish writer and philosopher.

1867 – Walther Rathenau, a German politician and industrialist.

1899 – László József Bíró, a Hungarian inventor, of Jewish origin.

1901 – Enrico Fermi, an Italian physicist.

1904 – Nikolai Ostrovsky, a Soviet writer of socialist realism.

1931 – Anita Ekberg, a Swedish actress.

1932 – Robert Benton, an American actor.

1935 – Jerry Lee Lewis, an American musician.

1936 – Silvio Berlusconi, an Italian entrepreneur, politician and statesman.

1938 – Wim Kok, a Dutch politician and statesman.

1940 – Nicola di Bari, an Italian singer.

1943 – Lech Walesa, a Polish politician.

1956 – Sebastian Coe, a British athlete and president of the IAAF.

1959 – Raf, an Italian singer.

1974 – Nikola Amoruso, an Italian footballer.

1975 – Albert Salades, a Spanish soccer player and coach.

1976 – Nine Coned, a Mexican actress, singer and model.

1976 –  Andriy Mikolayovich Shevchenko, a Ukrainian footballer.

1984 -Per Mertesacker, a German soccer player and national player.

1984 – Lisa Gormley, an Australian actress of British origin.

1988 – Kevin Durant, an American basketball player.

1989 – Yevhen Konoplyanka, a Ukrainian footballer.

A few more words are in order here, and one thing that we did not mention is that these people are also under the numerological influence of the number 11 that is considered to be the unique, even divine number that carries special abilities and opportunities in life; but not in some material sense. We are talking about the possibility to reach some divine, unreachable places in life.

Until Libras born on September 29 begin the process of self-expression and self-knowledge, they will be exposed to the risks of all kinds of unfortunate cases, and a couple of bad ones will follow every good year. And the main thing is that these people have to gain more confidence in others and to open themselves more emotionally, but in the real sense of that word, nothing fake or temporary is allowed, because it will fail.