September 28 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrology falls into the realm of ancient science that is present in our world for a long time that can provide you with the answers that are based on the time, date and exact location of the birth of the person who is questioned.  It deals with the analysis of the person’s life aspect, and in some parts of the Astrology, it can deal with the area of a specific question raised.

We are talking about the data that includes the time of the question asked, and not just the person’s birth.

Very often, many people are in doubt when it comes to astrology because they do not know what kind of enigmas they can ask and what information they can get, but in fact, all relevant issues are there.

Today we are helping people who are born on September 28 to get answers to almost all imaginable questions that they want to know.

Personality and Character

People born on September 28 are Libras, a sign that is connected to beauty, justice and love, and these are the people who like to put and to have everything in life and to find a true harmony and balance in life. Are they the people who will succeed it always? No, but they will dedicate their lives to this goal; they will live their lives in the manner that they will chance such balance and will crave it. And those Libras, who are born on this date, have similar tendencies.

People of the September 28 are the human beings who have the ability to get and retain the scores of those things they want; they know how to approach people and take what they want. This does not mean that these humans are physically much more beautiful than others, but they have a kind of satisfying charm that can soften even the strongest hearts and people, and believe us that these people will never shy away from using such appeal to get what they want, in all aspects of life, like work for example.

Sometimes these people can be alarming in their efforts to do what they want, but this is an integral part of their power, and by avoiding it these people will jeopardize their personality and life goals.

Libras that are born on September 28 consciously or unconsciously can inflict pain on others, which does not always support their need to satisfy others – they can pursue their own agendas, and on that road, they can forget about the need of others. What effect they cause most often depends on their mood but also on their primary goal, cause maybe it is important to mention that all Libras and these in question are also notorious mood changers, and this is all translated to the character of the people born on this day.

But it should be just and say that when the injuries of someone of this person suffer at least as much as the injured person – at the end of every unpleasant situation these people will feel bad and will torture themselves with the idea that they could do something differently, and leave everyone untouched. This becomes an internal struggle for them, and it is the main question that those who are born on this day need to deal with.

These human beings born on September 28 have an intense nature that is filled with passion and charm but in interpersonal relationships, only a few can understand or appreciate their true nature, and they can be misunderstood in their environment.

Often these people can feel that the burden has come to their soul and cannot be removed from it, they can become tortured souls that are hurt by so many things in life; as if all the worries of the world were on their shoulders. This feeling is very subjective, and people who belong to this are not realistic in this way, but it is the fact that they feel like this and that they carry such a burden.

Love Compatibility

During life, people of this date have many affairs, love experiences and love relationships, at least in their youth, and are rarely satisfied with their love affiliations. They have a need to be loved, but it is probably because their relationships with other people are quickly bored, as well as allowing individual differences between them to come to the fore concerning what is common to them.

People who are born on September 28 are prone to entering fast into the relationships, and even marrying partners after just a few days; also multiple marriages are not uncommon for them, in many cases, they remarry.

For them, it is only essential for them to follow their hearts and their inner feeling that says that they feel the best only if they are in love, but not any love, but the type that is consuming, and everlasting. Of course, these people don’t know the difference between love and infatuation, or passion, and they make mistakes because of their ignorance. There is no need for these people to rush into any relationship, sometimes it is an excellent idea to way for the right things.

Others see these people as fatal lovers who can seduce others and can easily manipulate others and exploit them, but they do not do it on purpose, it something that happens over time.

Purpose and Career

Looking at the character of the people who are born on September 28 we could say that people are kind and compassionate, which makes them an excellent medical or social workers. They are people who are very interested in people around them, but in the real sense of that word; they cannot submit to see suffering or subjugation, and the way to help.


These people who are born on September 28 attract people to themselves by the strength of their personality. They love literature, music and art, and can always make a good career. Internally these people are spiritual and impressionistic; they like to express that spirituality and are often involved in religion.  These Libras are well aware of things and can penetrate deeply into the root of the thing; they love to do this, to understand.  These Libras are unexpectedly systematic and communicate order and law wherever they do their jobs.

They are hard working human beings and can do an extraordinary amount of work, even if it’s unpleasant, and can make themselves do those things that are unpleasant or unnatural, that many others cannot even think about, and this also means that these human beings can find jobs that others won’t even think about, let alone get involved in some serious way.

It is said that those who belong to the September 28 have a beautiful future in front of them, that they will accomplish without a doubt if they give the best – it is recommended for these people to start their own business, possibly as early as they can, because they will never be happy working for others. It is also mandatory for these people to nurture their values ​​more.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Virgos born on September 28 are people who are under the planetary rule of the Sun and Venus, and under the numerological government of the numeral, 1.

The Sun symbolises powerful creative energy and fire that needs to be continuously kept on the same level and on the same level rather than letting it get out of control. Due to their extraordinary romance and seductiveness (which is further enhanced by the influence of Venus, which is the ruler of all Libras that these people belong. Their charm and seductiveness can lead them away from their life goals.

The connection of Venus and the Sun enhances glow that these people naturally have, and they allow that the world can see their charm and beauty; it is something that fascinates and can bring joy, popularity and glory. This combination reveals creative potential, which can be seen through all forms of art, as well as public action. The Sun will trigger Venus’s ambition to achieve great success in the field of art.

Those in number 1 are ultimate individualists, and they like to rise to the top, in everything they do, from business to their personal life.

Their number is 1, and their color is deep red.

Historical Events on September 28

It is always good news if a specific date is not associated with only or mainly with war events, but more focused on something more positive.

351 – The Battle of Mursa: The Roman Emperor Constantius II defeated the western usurper Magnentius at the cost of the great victims.

365 – Roman General Procopius is forcing soldiers to proclaim his rule.

1066 – With the discharge of Norman troops at Pevensey, the struggle for the English throne began on which Duke William took a right.

1687 – Venetian shells hit the Turkish ammunition storage located inside Parthenon. The explosion that occurred severely damaged the building and sculptures.

1864 – International Workers ‘Assembly in London has renewed the International Working Men’s Association.

1951- In Argentina, a suppression attempt was made against President Juan Peron. After that, he declared the state of war.

1958 – A referendum was held in France, on which the new Constitution was adopted, which began the period of the Fifth Republic.

1961- Syria withdrew from the United Arab Republic and became an independent republic.

1965 – During the eruption of volcanoes in the Philippines, 56 kilometers south of Manila, 184 people lost their lives.

1994 – The “Estonia” ferry sank in the Baltic Sea. In this largest peacetime maritime accident, more than 900 people died.

1998 – After two weeks of street unrest and violence that threatened to force the government by force, Albanian Prime Minister Fatos Nano resigned.

2000 – A Palestinian uprising began. The direct cause was the visit of the then leader of the Israeli opposition to the holy places in Jerusalem’s old city.

2001 – The United Nations Security Council has abolished sanctions against Sudan, imposed in 1996 after the country refused to extradite suspected assassins to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Famous people born on September 28

He was one of the greatest people that ever lived, one of the first private teachers in Chinese history. Confucius says to himself that he is the only transporter of old knowledge. According to him, the essence of every human being is love towards humanity. Also on this day one of the most beautiful women in history was born. Can you guess who she was?

551 B.C – Confucius, a Chinese philosopher and social reformer.

1573 – Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, an Italian painter.

1803 – Prosper Mérimée, a French writer.

1841 – Georges Benjamin Clemenceau, a French statesman.

1852 -Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan, a French chemist.

1901 – Ed Sullivan, an American TV host.

1905 – Max Schmeling, a German boxer.

1923 – Marcello Mastroianni, an Italian film and theatre actor.

1934 – Brigitte Bardot, a French actress.

1938 – Ben E. King, an American singer and musician.

1941 – Edmund Stoiber, a Bavarian politician.

1952 -Sylvia Kristel, a Dutch actress known for her series of erotic films “Emanuel”.

1953 – Keith McDermott, an American actor and writer.

1960- Jennifer Rush, an American singer.

1967 –  Mira Sorvino, an American actress.

1968 – Naomi Watts, an Australian-British film actress.

1972 – Dita Von Teese, an American Burlesque player.

1981 -Jose Manuel Calderon, a Spanish basketball player.

1981- Willy Caballero, an Argentine footballer.

1982 – Emeka Okafor, an American basketball player.

1982 – Aleksandr Anyukov, a Russian football player.

1982 – Anderson Varejao, a Brazilian basketball player.

1983 -Michael “Mimi” Kraus, a German handball player.

1987 -Hilary Duff, an American singer, and actress.

1992 -Keir Gilchrist, an American actor.

Let us conclude this interesting Astro-numerological story about the people born on September 28, as Libras, who are under the influence of the planets Venus and Sun – they turn to the passion and the beauty of the world, often involved in some art. They can be fatal for their lovers and can turn their love toward humanity into very successful careers.