September 27 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many situations and events in the life of people with are, as Astro-numerological theory claim, never random; they always have great importance and are part of some bigger plan. Everything can be seen through the big picture and can be put into the higher perspective, and why not, we will not say that our lives are so random, as sometimes seems. And if we could find out about some things in advance, why not use such an advantage and take the best out of life?

You can do that, by knowing something more about your ruling Zodiac sign and birthdate. Today we are talking about Libra Zodiac sign, and particularly people who are born on September 27.

Personality and Character

In their lives, people who belong to the September 27 are often surrounded by people who have no understanding of their tendency to prosper, and they can be sabotaged in their work, and life, they need to be prepared for such events. Because of this, they can have utterly vague feelings both in their career and the way of life they chose.

People who belong to the September 26 are optimistic and always looking at the happy side of things, even in the darkest hours of their lives. This does not mean that they are not falling into some darkness, but they are able to say – let go, a show must go on. They are able to learn from their mistakes, and this is very important.

Libras who are born on September 27 are often attracted and fascinated with all unusual and mysterious sides of life, they are often involved in something secretive in life, like being in a secretive and mysterious affair that no one will know, or they could keep secret from their loved ones. They like to know a secret of others also, but they need to learn never to give away their friends.

At first glance, they leave the impression of peaceful and some would say an ordinary looking people, but as you penetrate more into their personality, the more mysterious and unusual they seem to be, and it is their complex personality that can change from one minute to the next, and even their closest people are surprised with such changes.

All of this does not mean that they are bad, but sometimes they can be untouchable, and you never know what you are getting with them, and believe us they can make you believe what they want. In the end, these people born on September 27 can affect others, since they know what others feel, both man and women.

Love Compatibility

They have strong emotions, and the people who celebrate their birthdays on September 27 show this side too many, they love human beings, but the advice for them is never to become too sensitive to the objections and insults of others, they cannot let to be broken. If for example, the person of their love interest hurt them with a specific comment, they could suffer pretty long, and then it takes time before they realise that cure is in them, not in their surroundings.

These Libras must learn to be more honest in conversations with others, in a sense that they should not shy away to be more open to their close environment and to listen to the advice that they provide. But when they are a pain, they can suffer strongly, and they show openly the things that concern them. This is the problem; they need to learn to say to their lovers that they are hurt, and they are in emotional pain so that their lovers could know what he did wrong.

When we are talking marriage, we could say that these people are “good” material for such matter, when we are talking about others who perceive them in such manner.

These people are pretty beautiful and attractive, and for many, these people are more than fascinating; but they never hurry into marital waters – they rather what fate has prepared for them.

People who are born on September 27 are adorned with the ability to understand people and know what people need; they can find a soft spot in everyone. They know instinctively what people love to hear and they will give them just that. But they can live an emotionally withdrawn life, not because of their coldness and love for isolation more because their work and life aspirations leave no other possibility for them.

In a way people that celebrate their birthdays on September 27 at times, expect too much from themselves and that their tendency toward perfection always leads to depression, since they cannot deal with the fact that perfection cannot be achieved. This is especially dangerous when these people expect perfection from their lovers; they have even a tendency to play a hero and set themselves unreachably high goals.

These people should learn to be more relaxed in love relations, not in a sense that they cannot find a lover, but in a sense that they need to stop with unrealistic demands. They need to have a few reasonable criteria, and if they learned to cope better with failures, they would be happier. Not just in love, but in general. Of course, we must say that these people are Libras and love is one of the main topics in their lives, and

Purpose and Career

These people love the music they can play an instrument or sing beautifully so that they can be involved in musical careers. These people enjoy nature, and they like to spend their free time being in life, surrounded by friends and animals.

As their relationship with money goes, they are ways to get to it, even if they do not see it. It is all about their right attitude, they need to – feel rich inside, and will attract it, primarily choosing the right occupation.


These people are very interested in the theatre – the light of the reflector has a charm and fascinates these Libras in ways that they cannot resist easily, and they often choose careers that are connected to such areas.

When they are involved in some job, these people like to be left alone to deepen their plans and skills, and to make their work projects perfect, or as close to perfection as they can.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

These human beings are Libras who are born on September 27, their primary ruler is the planet Venus, but they are also ruled by the numeral 9, and planet Mars that is the planet of incredible energy. The Mars Planet is connected to the strong and aggressive and embodies energy, but this energy is relaxed by the social Venus that runs the Libra Zodiac sign. Therefore, the male and female side of these people can be in perfect balance, and these people have a great connection with both sexes. They use this ability in every aspect of their life, and if they master this ability, they will be the best.

Venus and Mars in planetary connection, like in the lives of these people, can be an important indicator of compatibility and part of what makes a good relationship between partners. Venus and Mars are important factors for determining the compatibility relationship, and this means that these people can have good relations in every aspect of their lives; they can be loved and accepted.

The people of September 27 are usually present when there are strong sexual sparks or chemistry; and this signifies that in most cases, these people are involved in the relationship of related souls, and this is not something that most people get the chance to have in life.

From the numerological point of view, we could say that people born on September 27 are under the incredibly powerful numeral 9, that is known to be the number that rules all other numbers, and it is the number that has energies that belong to all other numbers, both good and bad. And subsequently, these people have the same effect on the human that is in their environment; they can receive some qualities or can give them theirs.

Historical Events on September 27

September 27 look through the historical prism is a very interesting thing, and we are sure that it will help you understand this date better.

1540- – Pope Paul III approved the”Regimini militantis ecclesiae” the founding of the Jesuit Catholic Order.

1825 -The first public railroad in the world, Darlington-Stockton, in northeast England, began a train with the first steam locomotive, which was run by its designer George Stevenson.

1908 – The first model of the Ford Model T model was manufactured in Detroit.

1922 -Greek King Konstantin I abdicated after a military defeat in the war with Turkey, two years after he returned to the throne.

1939 – After a three-day bombing, the Germans overcame the 19-day resistance of Warsaw in the World War II and occupied the city.

1940 -Germany, Italy and Japan signed in Berlin a ten-year military and economic pact known as Axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo.

1947 – The Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers’ Parties (Inform biro) was established in Warsaw.

1948 – In the US, “Communist Hunters” published the names of leading scientists who allegedly spied on the USSR.

1951 – The Iranian army seized the Abadan oil refinery, which was then officially nationalised.

1952 – The Soviet Union refused a state agreement with Austria.

1962 – In Yemen, the army demolished the monarchy and proclaimed a free republic led by Colonel Abdullah Al Sallal.

1964 – Warren’s commission after a ten-month investigation announced that Li Harvey Oswald was the only assassin of the US President John Kennedy.

1970 – After 11 days, there have been conflicts between the army and Pakistani volunteers living in Jordan.

1973 – UNESCO has guaranteed a $ 500 million loan for the salvation of Venice that slowly sinks.

1990 – Iran and Great Britain renewed diplomatic relations, which Tehran suspended in March

1998 – Google was founded.

2000 -118 miners died in a gas explosion in the coal mine in the southern Chinese province of Guizhou.

2001 – A police uniform attacker fell into a session of the local assembly of the Swiss canton Zug, killed 13 and wounded 15 people. The assassin then committed suicide.

2003 – “Satellite 1” was launched.

Famous people born on September 27

People born on September 27 can understand others, and adorned with intellect and artistic abilities, some of them find fame and fortune.

1271 – Vaclav II Přemysl, king of Czechoslovakia and Poland.

1389 – Cosimo di Giovanni de’ Medici, a Florentine banker.

1601 -Louis XIII, the King of France.

1696 -Alfons Liguori, an Italian saint.

1862 – Louis Botha, a South African general and statesman.

1871 – Grazia Deledda, an Italian writer.

1919 – James H. Wilkinson, an English scientist.

1921 – Miklós Jancsó, a Hungarian film director and screenwriter.

1924- Bud Powell, an American jazz pianist.

1925 – Robert Edwards, a British scientist.

1940 – Rudolph Moshammer, a German fashion designer.

1947 – Michael Lee Aday, or MeatLoaf, an American singer.

1947 – Dick Advocaat,  a Dutch football coach.

1965 – Steve Kerr, an American basketball player and coach.

1969 – Tanja Kinkel, a German writer.

1972 -Gwyneth Paltrow, an American actress and singer.

1973- Vratislav Lokvenc, a Czech soccer player.

1976 -Francesco Totti, an Italian footballer.

1982 – Lil Wayne, an American rapper.

1984 – Avril Lavigne, a Canadian singer.

1991 – Simona Halep, a Romanian tennis player.

The moment is here, but we cannot make a conclusion, because these people are very complex, but one thing that seems to be great and unique in their lives, is that these people are under the influence of two oppositional planets Mars and Venus, one that carries male energy, and other that is connected to female energy, but they work together well, and they make something that makes a perfect whole.

So, people of the number 27 seem like they are doing amazingly in everyday life, and in the eyes of others, they are well adapted, but through this whole “confusion of male and female, strength and weakness, they are surrounded by suspicions and insecurity.  And it is the issue that they need to deal with in their lives, in one way or the other.