September 25 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

These articles are here to discover the Astro-numerological meanings that are behind out birthdates, and we are here to reveal to you only one piece of what you are, what you have been given, to make better use of your potentials and easier to accept yourself. By knowing this information you will able to understand the complete analysis of your life, and every date is connected to a certain Zodiac sign that is “active” in that period, and numerological and planetary analyses we receive from reducing date number to a single digit.

Today we are talking about people born on September 25, who are under the ruling of Libra Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

As you can see these people are born in the Libra Zodiac sign, and they are “regular” Libras in some way. So, for example, people of this sign are always trying to be diplomats and to achieve a goal with kindness.

They do not allow anyone to deviate from their targets that they set for a certain period of their lives.  The essence of their beings is the opposite of what it looks like they are much more sensitive than they want to be perceived. They often act in their company of others in a way, that these people can act in one direction, thinking something entirely different, and saying something else; you never know what version of them you are getting.

These people are Zodiac Libras, and this is the fact that we have to have in mind all the time, and they have, as you will be able to see, a very interesting emotional life and even an unusual relationship with their environment.

On the one hand, their recognition and their success depend on this environment, and on the other side of this Astro-numerical story, these people are extremely critical of their surroundings, and they very ironically present all the flaws in sight. They feel like they are helping their environment by telling them the truth, but also in this way, they indicate that their situation should function and how the community can be improved and empowered.

One of the main lessons that these people must learn is to accept life as it comes – and these people are known for their need never to plan things and think too far in advance, as they should in some situations.

Love Compatibility

Libras that belong to the September 25 have a problem expressing themselves in personal relationships and expressing their emotions honestly, and this does not mean that they are liars, but they rarely can make a difference in feelings (they cannot separate love from sympathy or passion).

At the first encounter, they can leave the impression of very cold and distant people, but their eyes will give them away, and they cannot hide their interest.

However, they have an exceptional need for love and care, and it is possible that only a long history of emotional injuries has closed them to their world. But an unfortunate event in this matter is that these people are ready soon to jump into the new relationship fast, without thinking twice. Therefore, one of the essential characteristics of people born this day is an interesting emotional life.

They are leaving the impression of a sexy person, and in fact, they can be pretty much calculated. It’s important to them that they are in a relationship with attractive people, but if they think they might benefit, they are ready to be in touch with someone that they are not in love with. Many believe these people are fatal, passionate and imaginative, but are often disappointed when they get to know each other better.

If these people come from loving families, they will try to give such emotions to their children; but if not things become different.

For people who are in close and private or emotional relationships with people born this day, they can feel like they do have access to the really deep parts of their lives like they are excluded. Therefore, these people should be careful not to feel their children deprived of their love, to leave them without their love in some deeper meaning.

Purpose and Career

Regarding choosing their careers people of the September 25 don’t have problems in learning, but it all depends if these people want to learn something or not; they are poetic and could write good poetry when they focus on it. But in everything these people do must have balance, in a sense that they cannot work well if they are not happy in their personal life, in life. If that balance is not in its place, these people can occasionally be hysterical, and cannot opt ​​for a course of action concerning a particular situation, they can be lost along the way, and everything will suffer, even their work.

These Libras rely too much on others and their opinions, these people must learn to stand a lot more firmly on their feet and to follow their own path. Because you know people of the September 25 have many talents; they want to be successful, but sometimes they can have a second thought of what they can or cannot do, they are having many doubts. But the main advice for these people is to learn that everything is within their minds, they need to reach for it.

Money is a significant issue in the lives of the people who are born on this day, but in a negative way, they need to learn to respect the value of money and cultivate the habit of saving because they will later regret it if do not do it.


People of the September 25 are interested in unusual things, and they have many interests that they do not share with others. They are dreamers involved in many things and projects at the same time and are not as practical as much as they should be. In the business, they will have some success, but only if they focus on one thing that they will become better and better.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People who are born on September 25 are Libras that are ruled by the number 7 and planet Neptune that comes in combination with the primary ruler of Libras. The connection between Venus and Neptune can bring an artistic and stylish personality that can find beauty in everything they do.

On the other hand, this planetary connection can refer to all types of addiction, and even worse these people can be addicted to their lovers, that is extremely unhealthy, and it is one of their most significant problems.  If Venus is the planet of beauty and love, it is a representation viewed only as an emotion, love, relationship, partnership then the influence of Neptune on Venus can be incredible and productive in some action. Neptune and Venus represent the physical and emotional need, and these people see love as something that is connected to the magic, imagination, charity, but also illusions, and deception.

From the numerological point of view, people of the September 25 are under the influence of the lucky number 7, that is the number of excellent opportunities in life, but also the number that brings people closer to the divine realms, and spirituality in particular.

Although those affected with the numeral 7 enjoy merely change and travel, people born on September 25 prefer this only in certain stages of their lives, not always (often they have to travel because of work). For this reason, they are often split with ambivalent feelings according to their own lifestyle, or they just want to fit in a certain picture that the world wants to see.

Their number is 7, and their colors are shades of blue and dark green.

Historical Events on September 25

Surprisingly, we could say that we have found much more interesting, even scientific events that took place on September 25.

1066 – Anglo-Saxon King Harald Godwinson wins against King of Norway  Harald Hardrada in the Stamford Bridge battle and ends the reign of Scandinavians in England.

1396 – Battle of Nicopolis in which the Ottoman Empire crushed the Crusade.

1493 – Christopher Columbus sailed from the port of Cádiz on another journey to the New World, which he discovered in 1492.

1513 – Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa crossed the Panama land became the first European to see the Pacific Ocean.

1555 – The Augsburg peace of German King Ferdinand I and the Lutheran princes, which equalled the rights of Lutherans and Roman Catholics, are combined.

1820 – French physicist André-Marie Ampere discovered a law (Ampere’s law) on direct currents of an electric current.

1932 -The Spanish province of Catalonia has gained autonomy.

1943 – The Soviet Red Army in World War II liberated Smolensk, one of the last significant strongholds of German Nazi forces in the territory of the USSR.

1947 – At the International War Crimes Tribunal, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito was acquitted of any guilt for the war.

1954 – Mao Zedong became the first president of the People’s Republic of China.

1956 – The first transatlantic telephone cable, put up between Oban in Scotland and Newfoundland in Canada, was put into use.

1957 – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent 1000 soldiers to Little Rock in Arkansas to allow the implementation of a Supreme Court ruling that nine black students could attend a previously “white” school.

1959 – Buddhist monk committed in Colombia an assassination attempt on Ceylon Prime Minister Solomon Bandaranaike, who succumbed to injuries the following day.

1973 – American spaceship “Skylab 2” went down to the Pacific with three crew members, who spent 59 days in the Earth’s orbit.

1990 – The United Nations Security Council imposed an air embargo on Iraq and occupied Kuwait, banning all flights other than humanitarian.

1992 – Moscow and Washington have rejected one of the last remnants of the Cold War, allowing freedom of travel for Russian and American journalists and business people in Russia and the US.

1994 – The Swiss have accepted the government’s plan to pass a law against racism in a referendum.

1997 – The RX J1856.5-3754 again proved to be a neutron star rather than a quasi-star as previously believed.

1997 A British supersonic car set a new world record in Nevada, reaching 1,142 kilometers per hour.

Famous people born on September 25

This list is long, and it contains many remarkable people who are born on September 25; and these Libras are blessed either with beauty or are involved in art, since they are under the incredible impact that comes from their ruling planet, Venus.

1599 – Francesco Borromini, an Italian architect.

1644 -Ole Rømer, a Danish astronomer.

1744 – Frederick William II, the king of Prussia.

1866 – Thomas Hunt Morgan, an American biologist and geneticist.

1896 – Alessandro Pertini, an Italian statesman.

1897 -William Faulkner, an American writer.

1901 -Robert Bresson, a French director.

1906 – Dmitri Shostakovich, a Soviet composer.

1929- Barbara Walters, an American broadcast journalist and TV personality.

1930 -Nino Cerruti, an Italian fashion designer.

1932 -Adolfo Suárez, a Spanish politician and prime minister.

1944 -Michael Kirk Douglas, an American actor and producer.

1949 -Pedro Almodovar, a Spanish director.

1951- Mark Hamill, an American actor and voice actor.

1952 -Christopher Reeve, an American actor.

1954 -Juande Ramos, a Spanish football coach.

1955 – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, a German footballer.

1960 – Igor Belanov, a Ukrainian footballer.

1961- Heather Deen Locklear, an American actress.

1965 – Scottie Maurice Pippen, an American basketball player.

1968 – Will Smith, an American actor and rapper.

1969 – Catherine Zeta-Jones, an English actress.

1973 – Tijani Babangida, a Nigerian footballer.

1976 – Chauncey Billups, an American basketball player.

1980-  T.I., an American rapper.

1983 – Donald Glover, an American singer and actor.

Are these people Libras in a true sense of that word, do they have all of their characteristics? Well, yes and no.

People born on September 25 are usually good representatives of their family or social circle to whom they belong. They embody the values and aspirations of their communities or partners but are primarily held by them because of a critical and reassuring attitude.