September 24 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Before we start, we need to ask you a few questions that will show how much knowledge you have about the significance of your birthdates. First, we will ask you do you do you know that each number represents a unique vibration that can influence so many things, both concrete and abstracts.

It is also a known fact that you may do not know, that every number has its own traits and that you can find out so many things from it, only if you learn how to read it. Every number is different from each previous vibration due to the number of cycles that are continually changing in time – from second to second, minute by minute …

So each number represents a particular vibration of life, love, success, ambition, physical appearance and the like. And what is a date? It is the number!

Additionally, a date can also be described by the Astrological knowledge, and in today’s case we are looking into the lives of the people born on September 24. They belong to the Libra Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

A characteristic of the Libras and this implies to all of those who are born in the period between September 23 to October 22, and therefore we can say that they belong to the one true autumn sign. Their sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which is a symbol of love, beauty, art, harmony, and it also describes the traits of this sign. Many Libras have these characteristics, and those who are born on September 24 are adorned in smaller or bigger size with these traits.

These human beings are impressionists, subjects to the external influences of every kind, against which they must fight – this impact can be useful in some way, but it also can be harmful and problematic in another way.  These people should not be afraid to speak the truth, no matter what the price is, they must be honest and speak from the hearts, and they will never make a mistake. The saying goes that to be able to create the storm you should be able to scatter the clouds, and it could be applied for their life.

Sometimes these people can be in big trouble in their work since they like to gossip and talk too much. These people of the September 24 should remember that silence is wisdom, and they need to stop losing their time by speaking too much to wrong people. They have to rise above the impulse of gossip, especially telling bad things about others, this is their weakness.

Libras born on September 24 can experience the most diverse and reasonably severe psychological difficulties caused by stress. For this reason, they are advised to speak about their problems, and they can draw great benefits and gain insights into the unusual and unconscious.

These people have a potential to become wise persons who accept a recommendation from all sides, but they decide on their action.  In every way, they find that is much more important quality than quantity, it is their mantra, and they live by this rule, so to speak.

Love Compatibility

Some of these people born on September 24 are love nomads in their youth, and later they are able to understand what they want to do, and they can lead a peaceful and happy life with their significant other.

But some representatives of this Zodiac sign, decide in their middle age to still wander in love or to leave their current partner, and suddenly go into the other direction – this is a characteristic of all Libra Zodiac signs, they can be wandering in love, marry several times, etc.

However, most people born on September 24 will never calm down, although they firmly believe that this is precisely what their worst tragedy is. But it is not their worse tragedy it can be a real blessing since these human beings can make disastrous mistakes in love.

There is no doubt that people of this date are craving for stability and care that only others can give them, the problem occurs when their life come out of the balance, and it is something that will make their spirit in trouble, to lose their way.

Since their inner spirit is very active and is always in the search for something great and marvelous; they need something more for life. Their tastes so unusual that it’s difficult for them to lead a normal life, in a way that it would be expected from their surroundings and the only way for these people to change is to be in deep love that will change there from the core of their personality. When this situation occurs then people of the September 24 will, maybe, have the potential to improve their lives.

These people born on September 24 love children, and should get married relatively young, these are the moments when these people could give their best to the families.

Purpose and Career

In communication people of the September 24 are straight and honest, and their word has the same weight as a written promise -these people are those who can be trusted that they will do what they say that they will, they are responsible.


These are all traits that can be used for achieving success in work. People of this date need to learn the values ​​of habits, either good or bad, because it is challenging to break them once they are formed, and they have a massive role in our lives. And these people function well only if their projects are based on good habits.

These people should listen to their instinct, but they should never reject the advice of others, by only those that come from the closest and most confidential friends and coworkers.

These people of the September 24 are dreamers in a way, and they can spend their whole life looking at the stars, wanting to make a conclusion and find out what they want to do, but many of these people show a great interest in technical things, and also arts. Regardless of their need for wandering this person are loyal and faithful co-workers, and are people who appreciate the effort of everyone in their work, they are not selfish in this way.

We can say that these people born on September 24 are social, open, with a great sense of beauty and art, and especially with a sense of justice. We do not think that these are necessarily people who play the role of lawyers for others, but that they are very annoyed by unfair and incorrect situations and will always see that they somehow make out relations that are wrong – their own or others. This could be their purpose in life, if not their careers.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 6 and planet Venus are the symbolical rulers of the people who are born on September 24. People who are symbolical numeral 6 magnetically attract love and admiration because Venus is strongly associated with social interactions, and in people who are born on September 24 will be challenging to resist overly romantic experiences, since their primary ruler is Venus.  In the lives of these people, love is often the dominant topic, and the double impact that Venus gives refers to the love in which an individual and reserved place belongs to beauty.

The desire to achieve harmony in love should be complemented by beauty, and these people have an ultimate need to search for beauty and to create beauty that signifies conformity and integrity, but in their lives can be some events that are chaotic and that cause imbalance.

Harmony, integrity and consistency of the elements that are a direct product that comes from numeral 6 in the lives of these humans, it is a divine numeral that gives the impression of beauty through which one experiences the feeling of superior pleasure. The beauty in their souls seeks an intellectual sense that is proportionate to physical attractiveness so that together they represent integrity and coherence.

Their numbers are 6 and 24, and their colors are white, yellow and purple.

Historical Events on September 24

Past events can be put in the larger context and could be understood as the part of a certain time, but they can also be known as something that is unique and depends on some other factors. But also, we can observe historical events from their Astro-numerological symbolism, and we will do such things in the case of the people born on September 24.

1706 – Sweden and Saxony signed Peace, Sweden acknowledged Polish crown and King Stanislaw Leszczynski.

1724 – The Paris Stock Exchange was established.

1852 – French engineer performed the first trip on a steam-powered steam train and flew 27 kilometres.

1915 – France and Great Britain in the World War I opened the Thessaloniki front where forces from the front line in Gallipoli were sent.

1941 – The governments of 15 countries, signed the London Charter at the London conference.

1960 – Newport launches USP Enterprise (CVN-65), the first US carrier of atomic propulsion aircraft, to launch Enterprise (CVN-65).

1971 – The British government expelled 90 Soviet diplomats for alleged espionage.

1978 – The Swiss voted to establish a Jura Canton of the French-speaking region that separated from the Bern Canton.

1988 – At the Olympic Games in Seoul, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson set the world record in the 100m race, 9.79 seconds. Six days later he was found to be under the influence of doping; the result was cancelled.

1990- President of West Germany Richard von Weißecker signed an agreement on October 3, 1990, to reunite two German states.

1990- East Germany formally left the Warsaw Pact.

1993- King Norodom Sihanouk re-assumed the Cambodian throne and signed a new constitution under which Cambodia became a constitutional monarchy.

1996 – The United States, Russia, China, Great Britain and France signed a document banning nuclear tests.

2000 – Vladimiro Montesinos, the head of the security secret service of the Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori, left Peru in the midst of a political crisis.

2001- US President George W. Bush ordered the US financial institutions to deny accounts of 27 groups and individuals suspected of assisting terrorists.

Famous people born on September 24

As well in the previous section, where we talked about events that took place on the September 24, now we will make this Astor-numerical story even bigger, by adding the information that comes from a list of the famous people born on this day.

1583 – Albrecht von Wallenstein, a Czech military leader and politician.

1806 -Omer-pasha Latas, an Ottoman field marshal and governor.

1884 -İsmet İnönü, a Turkish statesman.

1896 – F. Scott Fitzgerald, an American writer.

1898 – Howard Walter Florey, an Australian doctor.

1902 – Ruhollah Khomeini, an Iranian politician and religious leader.

1911 -Konstantin Chernenko, a Russian statesman.

1942 – Linda McCartney, an American musician and wife Paul McCartney.

1948 – Phil Hartman, a Canadian-born American actor, writer.

1961 – Jack Dee, an English stand-up comedian, actor and writer.

1962- Nia Vardalos, a Canadian-American actress.

1969 – Shamim Sarif, a British writer and director.

1979 – Ross Mathews, an American television personality and actor.

1980 – John Arne Semundseth Riise, a Norwegian footballer.

The time for conclusion has come, and now we will try to take a deep dive into the world of the people who are Libras born on September 24. We will try to give an introspective into their nature.

It is in their nature that people of this date to like to travel and are in a way humans who like to go, it is something that can be a metaphor for spiritual and emotional adventures that these Libras experience in their lives and they do not shy away from being in such adventures.

These people are creative, and they like to spend their time reading, thinking, dreaming, going out and socialising. These are all types of activities for which people born this day are most interested, and it is something that helps them develop.