September 23 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The life path of the human beings can be described using Astro-numerology, and the process means that we are looking into the date from the Astrological point of view – we are looking the ruling Zodiac sign for that particular date (in some cases, like in today’s date, a certain date can be in cross-section of two signs, and then other rules apply).

And another part is looking at the numeral (in date) itself, and this number determines who you are at the moment of your birth and shows all the opportunities for promotion you will have in life.

Also, from this number, you can find out what your talents, skills and abilities are in those areas of life in which you will have the most success. So you get entire analyses for your life, and you can at least choose what will you do with your life as it passes.

Today we have something special to speak about, it is the start of Libra Zodiac sign rule, and these people have so many of their characteristics, but of course, their own that come from their date number September 23.

Personality and Character

Most of these people born on this day often put their work in the first place, but in their case, their work can their ultimate satisfaction. Like in the case of some famous representatives of this date, you will be able to see how for example their “jobs” completely determine their lives, like for instance, music. It becomes their life. Despite the impression they can leave, they usually have a few true friends.

On the other hand, people born this day should keep in mind their tendency to isolate the more profound emotional level and focus on universal things and problems. They can, but they are not doing this all the time, and sometimes they have a tendency to do so, they will not do it in the real world.

As Libras, born on the September 23 these individuals are able to break through the obstacles that are imposed on them in their lives. And there can be many obstacles in their lives that can be imposed on them from their childhoods.

Libras can be, in general, described with the word balance, in their life, everything comes under their control. But in general, these people are peaceful and fair and hate being alone, but don’t want to be with just anyone. The partnership is significant for them, especially the one that is on a personal level. With their winning mentality and co-operation, they are not inclined to be alone for long.

People born on September 23 are so strong that they can do whatever they want to, but there is another side to this ability that is opposite to their healthy states when they can do whatever they want. They can turn to the depressed states, and the power of their energy weakens, and they can even doubt themselves. Sometimes they spend too much time in the understanding and argumentation of each side and forget that they have their own opinion at all.

Persons born on September 23 need to carefully deal with their bodies and minds, since they can be prone to abusing some things, like alcohol and all types of drugs (including nicotine and caffeine). Primarily they are prone to consuming such preparations during depression periods that may occur, and in this sense, we will mention the example of Ray Charles, an incredible artist, but known for his struggle with drugs.

Humans born on the first day of Libra rule born this day are not lazy, and they are never bored but cannot enthusiastically relate to what they do unless inspired by them – the inspiration, creation and vision move them. Even though they are mentally, physically or emotionally oriented, these people are always for action and movement; they like to lead such an inspiring life.

Love Compatibility

People of the September 23 are Libras, are very charming and full of magnetism; they have an extraordinary number of fans and can literally choose their lovers as they see fit. Someone would call these people fatal for lovers. But this is not without any reason; they are good company and love to look attractive.

Even more, these people adore socialising, and there can never be too much fun for them; they are flirtatious, but they do it with ease and rarely have some serious intention in their minds. The most important things are that these people are capable of deep emotions, and will undoubtedly settle down and get into a happy marriage.

One note here – these Libras born on September 23 must be very careful when choosing a partner, because the happiness of their entire future depends on that choice, if they make a mistake it will be lasting.

Libras born on September 23, they can be extraordinarily seductive and charming all thanks to the planet Venus their ruler, although they leave a very arrogant and distant attitude at the very first impression. They are snobs in this way, and everyone can be in their company.

Purpose and Career

Their intellect is pronounced, and their mind is insightful, they like to read exciting books, have unsurpassed discussions and are never bored. A planet Venus impact these people in a way that they feel like the quality is always more important than the quantity. They are surrounded by art, music and beautiful places so that they can reach their full potential. Being co-operative by nature, they often work with others on creative projects.


When focused, people of the September 23 can be extremely successful in their work, especially if they deal with some creative work, like music. They can produce something that is extraordinary and everlasting, that masses adore.

They are capable of great ventures, and have the necessary security in their talent to do so; above all, they are adorned with a strong personality who will always win in the long run. They believe that every man has his own moment – and that their moment will come and that it will last.

Their fights and struggles in their careers are quite intense and often continued even after a successful breakthrough, they are always under some challenge in their work, but this can be an inspiration for them to become even better than they are. This is why these people are the best in their line of work.

A large number of challenges that people of the September 23 must overcome, and they do it primarily with their mental strength; they are this type of warriors. But they should take care that they are not consumed so much in their struggles that they forget that they should make their lives better. So it would be great if they had a little withdraw from the centre of the battle and put their enormous energy in the service of more valuable and common goals.

They are often those who value equality, do not endure injustice wherever they are, and do everything to get rid of it in any way they can – this often becomes their life purpose.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

These people belong to the combination Venus – Mercury and are under the influence of numeral 5.

We will say that from the numerological point of view these people have numeral 5 in their chart and that is the number of five senses. People born under this number use their senses maximally, no matter what they do. They are temperamental, impulsive, and quick to think and speak – thanks to the numeral 5 and Mercury that is the planet that is responsible for those processes. The joint influence of these two planets Venus – Mercury enhances creativity, idealism and charm; but on the other hand, these people are sometimes prone to overly-reactive mental reactions. Fortunately, with any problems and accidents in life, these people are quickly recovering.

These people born on September 23 enjoy pleasures; they are good traders, are ready for various risks and speculations, they can earn a lot of money. If a failure occurs, they quickly find a solution to the new situation – number 5 gives them strength.

Their number is 5, and their color is pink.

Historical Events on September 23

1122 – A Worm concordat was signed based on which the Roman-German Emperor Heinrich V renounced secular authority over Popes.

1719 – Liechtenstein became an independent principality within the Holy Roman Empire.

1817 – Spain and the UK signed a ban on the slave trade.

1846 – German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovered the planet Neptune.

1889 – The Japanese company “Nintendo” was founded, as a manufacturer of playing cards.

1914 – World War I: In the first air strike on Germany, the British Air Force bombed the city of Düsseldorf.

1932 – Several areas merged with the Saudi dynasty under the patronage of Great Britain in the Arabian Peninsula.

1956 – Great Britain and France left the UN Security Council a problem with the Suez Canal.

1957 – Greece rejected Bucharest’s request for Romania to join the Balkan Alliance.

1973 – Juan Peron was elected the third time as President of Argentina. His wife, Isabella, became vice president.

1991 – Armenia declared independence from the USSR.

1997 – At the peace talks in Northern Ireland, Unionists first talked to the leaders of the political section of the Irish Republican Army, Sinn Fein, for the first time in 75 years.

2001 – The United States abolished the sanctions imposed on India and Pakistan, imposed in 1998 when the two countries conducted nuclear tests.

Famous people born on September 23

It seems to us that people born on this day are so involved in music that they can seem like they are out of this world. They are amazing and creative, and besides music, they achieve serious results in acting and science. We will add that two significant figures from the Roman times found their place on our list also.

480 B.C – Euripides, a Greek playwright.

63 B.C – Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus, the founder of the Roman Empire and was the first Roman Emperor.

1215 -Kublai Khan, a Mongolian Khan and Chinese Emperor.

1819 – Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau, a French physicist.

1861 – Robert Bosch, a German entrepreneur.

1865 – Suzanne Valadon, a French painter.

1874 – Ernst Streeruwitz, an Austrian politician.

1907 – Anne Desclos, a French writer.

1916 – Aldo Moro, an Italian politician and statesman.

1920 – Mickey Rooney, an American actor.

1926 – John Coltrane, an American jazz musician.

1930 – Ray Charles Robinson, or Ray Charles, an American songwriter, musician and composer.

1934 –  Per Olov Enquist, a Swedish writer.

1934 – Gino Paoli, an Italian co-author.

1938 – Romy Schneider, an Austrian actress.

1943 – Julio Iglesias, a Spanish singer.

1949 – Bruce Springsteen, an American rock musician.

1954 – George C. Wolfe, an American writer.

1956 – Paolo Rossi, an Italian footballer.

1972 – Jermaine Dupri, an American rapper.

1975 – Sergey Tetyukhin, a Russian volleyball player.

1978 -Anthony Mackie, an American actor.

1988 -Juan Martin del Potro, an Argentinian tennis player.

As have previously mentioned people of the September 23 are born on the cross-section of two Zodiac signs – Virgo and Libra. So it is said by some Astro – numerological studies that people whose birthday fall on the Virgo side – on the September 23 in the mornings, for example, their logical perfectionism is accentuated along with dreamy romanticism. So they can have some traits that belong to the Virgo like their perfectionism and tendency to see details, but they can be a little more imaginative than average Virgo (that is in most ways practical).

If they are born in the other half of the day on September 23 their character is closer to Libra; they are pointed to the beauty and justice in life. As we have said they will do everything they can to fight injustice in the world, and this could become their primary cause in life.