September 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It needs to be said that the science of Astrology is considering the symbols of planets, Zodiac signs (birthdates included) and other astrological factors that, as such, are the representation of certain specific aspects of our world. It is expressed through a personal microcosm described by human’s unique relationship in our part of the sky.

Also, it has to be said that Astrology is the science that is continually evolving, and it is somehow unbalanced – in a sense that everything that we can and cannot see is the symbolic constants of such unwinding. This is obvious at the individual level; it is something that we can see through the fact that our naturally given potentials can, (but do not have to) develop.

In these articles, we will deal with individual aspects, natal charts that are based on our birthdates, and today we are talking about date September 22, and the end of the Virgo rule, or to be specific the last day of their rule.

Also, we have to mention that this date is very specific in a sense that the number 22 belongs, besides numeral 11 to the group of special numbers.

The importance of numbers 11 and 22 can have the double digits that give these dates or people who are born on this date a special tone. So people who have 22 in their date numeral 22 are complex, in a sense that they are built up by the positive and negative sides of these numbers.

Personality and Character

These people who belong to the September 22 evaluate the characters of others very well and quickly understand them, and this is not a surprising trait if we know that they belong to the analytical Zodiac sign – Virgo. They have just a few close friends, and they stay connected to them all their lives.

But on the more negative note, these people do not have the right amount of the stability, as other Virgos do have, and that lack of balance in these people is worryingly high, and all troubles that come later are a direct consequence of this.

When it comes to their inner struggles people of this date must always have in their minds that is not a good idea to be reclusive and that for them depressing effects of isolation are possible. They should avoid intolerance in others in the form of bad vibrations or the way of physical violence, they can have a short temper, and it is a very important issue that they have to deal with. Because of their troubled nature, or the possibility of expressing this nature, these people may be prone to unhappiness.

Love Compatibility

In some way, people of this date tend to hide their flaws and always try to be in the best and most attractive edition, even if they feel bad. Their mantra is that they should never show an ugly face in front of the lover, and they will never allow themselves to lower standards when choosing their lovers.

As all Virgos, these people may seem at first glance, as people who are harsh, but behind the sharp and cold exterior those who are born on September 22 hide extremely warm interior, but will open only to those people in whom they genuinely believe and who are extremely valued.

Although what they deal with often requires extraordinary responsibility, often the impression is that such task needs to bring their lives to a consistency that is usually lacking. Hello, problems with the entire world, and in those times they do not tolerate others, especially those with weaker intelligence and insufficient support.

Therefore, they should be careful not to provoke hostility, but they rarely skip this inconvenient opportunity. They need lovers who will calm down their temper, or to be more specific, to know them well so they can assess when they are going to burst.

Purpose and Career

Those who belong to the September 22 are the people who are not so certain that they can achieve success in some way. They are too quivering about achieving success in their work, and it is not like they do not believe in their ideas, but they doubt if they have enough strength to do so. What these people must learn is that they need to learn concentration, to direct their force, not to spend it on things that are irrelevant.

It is mandatory for these people to rely more on their primary abilities and strengths. And to succeed in any work, people of the September 22 must have a specific goal, a clear ambition in life and to stop doubting themselves. Because you know, Virgos are prominent critics, and these people are also inclined to think and criticise themselves.  They need to nourish more sincerity and openness, and even directness that they need to ask from their employees if they have them – they need to say things clearly and openly, so that results can be expected.

These people born on September 22 love the good life, and luxurious things that they can get in life, and nothing makes them feel good as the moment when they feel like they can buy everything they desire.

These human beings born the last day of Virgo rule usually finish what they started and quickly turn to work without rest. It is also very often that they are working on several projects at the same time. People born this day have a very low threshold of susceptibility to boredom, and that is why they need continues to be challenged.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

These Virgos born on September 22 are ruled by number 4 and Uranus, which is very wandering and explosive planet, and their temperament is troublesome because of the rule of the planet Mercury that is in charge for all Virgos. So, this explosiveness in their character can be further enhanced by the impact of dynamic Mercury.

This connection symbolises people who love to have an exciting time full of adventures and interesting events; these people have an impression that things are happening at lightning speed, completely unexpectedly and suddenly.

These people can have a short temperament, but also, unlike so many other Virgos, they have open and direct access; and they are intellectually stimulating people. These humans born on September 22 have a strong desire for clear and unequivocal expression of views, ideas and beliefs with the tendency to benefit other people.

They are known for presenting original and inventive ideas and offering new methods in business obligations, which can contribute to solving problems in the world. This can be contributed to their ruling number, and from a numerological point of view, we could say that numeral 4 gives the desire to change the existing rules in the society. Because their views are often contrary to the ruling ones because people of September 22 have a great deal of confidence in themselves, they are causing intolerance and enmity in others.

Besides the numerological influence that comes from secondary number 4, there is an impact from numeral 22, and we have said that it belongs to the special sort of numbers. Numerogicaly speaking it is said that numeral 22 lets people see things much more tangible, and achievements are visible.

Number 22 points to the solid strength that lays foundations and it supports the communication skills in people.

This numeral has many valuable things to say to the world (or in the world of the people who are born on this date, they are able to say important things, though their work, art, etc.) As we are talking about something that is special, they can be misunderstood and rejected.

Their number is 22, and their color is deep blue.

Historical Events on September 22

Specific dates are so unique that they have an unusual role in the lives of humans, and for entire humanity. These are particular numbers – 11, 22, 10, 20 and 30, and we have spoken so many times about them, where we have said that that they are connected to some negative or positive events.

Here is the list about events that occurred on September 22, and you be the judge are they positive and negative.

1499 – Peace in Basel that was signed, ended the Swiss War that was led between the Swiss League, and German King Maximilian I. Switzerland gained independence.

1735 -Robert Walpole became the first British prime minister to move to a residence in Downing Street 10 in London.

1789 – Russian-Austrian forces under the command of Russian military commander Alexander Suvorov suffered a heavy defeat against Turks in the battle of Rymnik.

1792 – Day after the collapse of the monarchy France declared a republic and started using a new calendar, which took autumn equinox on September 23.

1827 – American Prophet Joseph Smith experienced a revelation by which he founded the faith of the Mormon.

1862 – US President Abraham Lincoln announced the end of slavery in the southern states of the United States, but slavery was abolished only after the Civil War.

1862 – Otto von Bismarck became a Prussian chancellor. Under the motto “Blood and Iron”, he united 25 German states into the German Empire.

1908 – Bulgaria declared independence from the Ottoman Empire.

1934 – 266 miners were killed in an explosion at the Gresford mine in Wales.

1940 – Japanese troops entered, in World War II, in France, Indochina.

1949 – The governments of the United States, Great Britain and Canada announced that the USSR carried out the first atomic bomb blast on August 29, 1949.

1955 – Commercial television began to operate in the UK. The first paid ad was a toothpaste advertisement.

1957 – In Haiti, the president became Francois Duvalier.

1960 – The declaration of independence of the African State of Mali.

1973 – Henry Kissinger was appointed to the new Foreign Affairs Minister of the United States.

1974 – About 5,000 people died in the hurricane in the Central American state of Honduras.

1980 – The Gulf War began the attack of Iraqi troops on Iranian oil plants.

1993 – A river barge struck a railway bridge near the city of Mobile in Alabama, triggering the worst crash in Amtrak’s history, killing 47 people.

Famous people born on September 22

Numerals 11 and 22 are especially interesting, and many people born on this day are also special, have amazing qualities and skills. Read who they are and what they did or do to gain notoriety.

1515 – Anne of Cleves, the fourth wife of English King Henry VIII

1601 – Ana Austrian, a French Queen.

1791 – Michael Faraday, a British scientist.

1875 – Mikalojus Konstantinas Churlionis, a Lithuanian painter and composer.

1885 – Erich von Stroheim, an American film director and an actor of Austrian origin.

1891 – Hans Albers, a German actor.

1910 – György Faludy, a Hungarian writer, poet and translator.

1918 – Henrik Sharing, a Polish -Mexican violinist.

1924 – Rosamunde Pilcher, a British writer.

1934 – Ornella Vanoni, an Italian singer.

1957 – Nick Cave, an Australian musician.

1958 -Joan Jett, an American singer.

1958 -Andrea Bocelli, an Italian tenor.

1960- Scott Baio, an American actor.

1961 – Catherine Oxenberg, a British actress.

1965 – Dan Bucatinsky, an American actor.

1978 – Harry Creel, an Australian footballer.

1982 – Marten Stekelenburg, a Dutch soccer player.

1984 – Laura Diane Vandervoort, a Canadian actress.

1984 – Thiago Emiliano da Silva, a Brazilian soccer player.

1987 – Tom Hilde, a Norwegian ski jumper.

1987 – Thomas Felton, a British actor.

Virgos that are born on September 22 belong to the last day of the Virgo rule, and they are connected on a planetary level with Uranus, Mercury, but also with the Planet Venus that is the ruler of the next Zodiac sign Libra. This planet influences them in a way that they are often dealing with some form of art.

This also indicates that these people are very restless and need to start a variety of projects to be complete.