September 21 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Here is one exciting story – when one man was asked what the most significant event in his life is, he replied – it was my birth. And we you look at things from these perspective things are so understandable, so the research of the date can serve as a guide to researching the lives of anyone who knows its date of birth.

One more thing we will add to this intro. It is based on the learning of the Chinese philosophy that is expressed this in the following terms: “At the moment of birth, the conscious mind is drowning in the air, and this becomes the living space of the newborn.

Everything that was born at a particular moment has the characteristics of that moment in time; so, for example, planets in that specific time will be a description of the psychological profile of a human who was born, the positive side of the personality, possible negative side personality and helpful tips for achieving balance.

This is the study of Astro -numerology, and today we are looking into the lives of people who are born on September 21.

Personality and Character

These people are getting close to the Libra rule, and they are under the small influence of the planet Venus, so they are oriented toward beauty, and these people born on September 21 have a good taste for color matching and artistic arrangement in the broad sense of that word. They like to make their homes lovely and have exceptional skills in this regard.

These people that belong September 21 are very proud of their creations, of their artistic skills, whatever those skills can be, whether they have a physical shape, works of art, jobs, projects, or are more abstract in nature.

For people born this day, it can be said that they turn to the futuristic, new and modern “world” because they are consistent with their time and because they are progressive. This sometimes can imply that these Virgos have a problem in beings accepted in their crowd, but they are dealing with this issues by escaping into their world until they found a bunch that are interested in their work or idea.

They are attracted by modern architecture, new ideas, new trends, scientific discoveries, and they can be those who will bring those new trends into the world.

Love Compatibility

Virgos born on September 21st are extremely focused on their families, and it could be even said that most people born on this date like to be followed by their partners in their thinking, dressing and the manner in which they lead their family house. If their life opportunities do not allow such a life, these people can become quite unhappy, so the choice of the right partners is mandatory in their case.

When the people of the September 21 fall in love, they are always wondering if what they feel is love. It can even happen that someone declares love and then within a few weeks he realises that they do not want that love at all. These Virgos can even feel awkward when in relationships because their emotions are unstable in a way, also if they are trying to be constant and stable. In some way, they are rigorous regarding expectations. They like when love life is simple and the day with their loved ones is predictable.

They are attracted by people who take care of their appearance and those who look and live healthily, this does not have to be the case in fact, but these people are attracted to the presentation (of course we don’t have to mention that they are not about form without the “substance”). Though reasonably loyal to friends, when it comes to seeking love, they rarely maintain long emotional relationships until they find the person who gives them the perfection they seek or until they raise their hands from that one perfect love.

These people are dedicated to their loved ones; they can make their partner infinitely happy.

Purpose and Career

Above all, human beings born on September 21 are well read and educated people who are attracted by books and works of art. They like to read, and can also write, and if they do not, in one way or the other they are pointed to this direction. They have the abilities to become writers and screenplays, for example only if they are persistent. They love history; and have a good memory, as all Virgos do, for that matter.

There is no surprise here, these people are very spiritual or religious, and often have strange experiences and dreams that are symbolic, and they sometimes believe that they can predict the future.

The good aspect of their careers is partly because these Virgos are tactical and diplomatic and are able to take the best part of their work thanks to their tactical skills. They rely on their own strength and power, but will not oppose help that comes from their closest co-workers.

An ideal job for these people can be the one that allows them to imagine their ideas and then to practice them practically. For example, they can have some imaginary world, and they will translate it to the pages of their books, allowing other people to enjoy their creation. Because you know these people who are born on September 21 want others to admire, even adore them and their work. Their sense of beauty is important to them, and the aesthetic taste of these people becomes a priority – remember that we discuss the influence of the planet Venus that is approaching.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

First, we will say that these people belong to the ending day of the Virgo Zodiac rule, and they are under the planetary impact that comes from combined powers of the planets Jupiter- Mercury.  Mercury brings the logical and linear model of thinking, communication and Jupiter symbolises space, imagination, distance, wider spheres of mind, and abstract thinking. This combination gives the symbolism of the two planets that are going in the different directions, but they meet at the intersection. This means that people of the September 21 can find success in things that are incomprehensible to others.

It is also the symbolism of the conflict and the collision of energy. In the case of the Mercury and Jupiter connection, Virgo ruler Mercury transmits information that is incomplete and insufficiently understandable because it is blocked by Jupiter, who needs the data to be expanded and linked to something of a full character. Mercury considers a detail but does not see the whole, while Jupiter considers the whole, but he does not notice that this whole missing one part, an aspect, which will clearly define its purpose.

This connection, in the end, brings these people understanding and the vision of the world that no one else has because they have different interests and a completely different way of thinking.

Numerologically speaking these humans born on September 21 are marked by the numeral 3, are often very ambitious, sometimes they exhibit dictator behavior and are vigorous, even if they have curiosity and childlike warmth to them.

Their numbers are 3 and 12, and their color is caramel brown.

Historical Events on September 21

From famous murders, at the beginning of previous millennium to the important political decisions, we gathered all significant events that will help us understand date September 21.

454 – A Roman Emperor Valentinian III killed his commander Aetius.

1792 – French Revolution: At the first public session of the Convent (Revolutionary Parliament), the monarchy was abolished in France.

1938 – The Government of Czechoslovakia accepted the British-French plan to leave the Sudetenland to Nazi Germany.

1949 – In China, the Central People’s Government headed by Mao Zedong was formed.

1964 – Malta became independent after 164 years of British rule.

1972 – Filipino President Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralín Marcos has called for a state of emergency in the country and has put thousands of opponents of his regime in jail.

1992 – Mexico and the Vatican have established full diplomatic relations after a break of 130 years.

1993 – Russian President Boris Yeltsin disbanded the parliament on charges that parliament members block constitutional reforms and elections.

1996 – At the airport in Bogotá, on the plane of Colombian President Ernesto Samper, who was ready to fly to the United States, after the anonymous report, about four kilograms of heroin was found.

1999 – More than 2,100 people were killed and more than 8,700 injured in the earthquake that hit Taiwan.

2000 – The Russian government has decided to freeze the contract with Iran on the sale of laser technology after the United States expressed concern about the possibility of its use in the production of nuclear weapons.

2001 – The Japanese Foreign Ministry announced that it would ban all banks and financial institutions in Japan to conduct transactions with Taliban-based companies without the permission of the government.

Famous people born on September 21

To understand this date completely, take a look at the part where we spoke about these people and their fantastic ability to write. And to confirm this statement, we will choose two names from the list of the famous people who are born on September 21. These are two, arguably, the best writers of all times – Stephen King and George Wells.

1452 – Girolamo Savonarola, an Italian religious and political reformer.

1640 – Philippe I, the Duke of Orleans, a King of France.

1840 – Murad V, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1842 – Abdul Hamid II, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1853 – Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, a Dutch physicist.

1866 – Herbert George Wells, an English writer (“War of the Worlds”, “Invisible Man”, etc.).

1929 –  Sándor Kocsis, a Hungarian footballer and coach.

1931 – Larry Hagman, an American actor.

1934 – Leonard Norman Cohen, an American writer and singer.

1943 -Jerry Bruckheimer, an American filmmaker.

1947 – Stephen Edwin King, an American writer, and screenwriter.

1950 – Bill Murray, an Irish-American actor, director and producer.

1951 – Aslan (Khalid) Aliyevich Maskhadov, a Chechen politician and statesman.

1954 – Shinzo Abe, a Japanese politician and prime minister.

1966 – Kiefer Sutherland, a Canadian actor.

1967 – Faith Hill, an American country singer.

1971 – Luke Wilson, an American actor.

1972 – Liam Gallagher, a British musician.

1974 – Henning Fritz, a German Handball Representative.

1977 – Marcin Lijewski, a Polish handball player.

1982 – Marat Izmailov, a Russian footballer.

1989 – Jason Derülo, an American singer.

Humans born in the end of summer, when things are changing in nature, are under the influence of the planets Jupiter and Mercury, but they are also approaching to the Libra Zodiac rule, and they are people who are certain influence that comes from the Venus, and we know that it is the planet in charge of beauty and love. And this ending of this article we will dedicate to this observance.

Having said all this, we could say that those who are born on September 21 pay attention to every little detail about a world and people in it (having in mind that one of the most famous writers Stephen King is born on this day, and his books are known for extreme detailing and length).

These people are not strangers to excuse their partners or family members because of seemingly unimportant things, but of course, they do it for the best of intentions.

One way to know that these people care about something is the fact that they only use words to criticise when they think something is worth their attention.

Those who belong to the numeral 3 attract others with their curiosity and sensitivity, but themselves like people who are reliable and serious. Those human beings who belong to the September 21 have good intentions, and although they are reasonably large discriminators when it comes to people who are close to them, they should be careful not to be exploited by others. But let us one thing be straight here -they are not stupid and are certainly not naive.