September 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

There is some type of disagreement in understanding the predictive range that Astrology possesses as a skill, mainly expressed through opposing attitudes that people have regarding the concept of destiny. We all know that Astrology is connected to the terms of fate and destiny, whatever that can be for people. Some people consider that Astrology can predict events in the future; but it also can be said that among those who are sceptical about this, Astrology enjoys the highest credibility arising from its supposed scientific basis, or their experience of the same.

So, when Astrology is connected to one more science or method that deals with the human fate, we get Astro-numerology, the broader type of predictive science. Its basis is human birthdate, and today we are looking into the lives of the people who celebrate their birthdays on September 20.

Personality and Character

In every aspect of their lives, these people are convinced that they are right, and will continue to advance in spite of criticism that they sometimes get in life. In every aspect of their lives, these people are convinced that they are right, and will continue to advance in spite of criticism that they sometimes get in life.

People born this day are inclined to evaluate other people rigorously, as in fact, all Virgos do, by particular point to details, but they also have to be careful that this tendency does not get them with serious conflicts.

They can also enter a stage in life where they can develop overconfidence, but it rare cases it blinds them so much that they cannot assess the situation in which they found themselves. They are usually smarter and know how to deal with such issues in the mature way.

These individuals born on September 20 can develop the ability to recognise and understand their own mistakes as well as the ability to review and correct their own methods and views. This is a sign of maturity and wisdom, and they are the people who can deal with serious matters in a right way. These Virgos born on September 20 are oriented to the interests of the group they belong (family, company, etc.) and will do everything necessary to realise the projects they involved – they are the people who are responsible and organised, they are rarely in some mess and hate when others disobey.

For most of the representatives of this date, this orientation towards the group they belong to means a commitment to family and home values. For others, this means family management, which they prefer to think of as an organisation, and in business life that can mean a commitment to projects and business plans.

On the more negative note, people of this date are often convinced that they can manage and control every situation, and if not they will stress themselves because of it, losing precious time that they could use wisely.

Love Compatibility

These people who are Zodiac Virgos born on September 20 allow themselves to be carried away with intense emotions especially when it comes to love relationships that have the great importance. But if they succeed in developing patience and in some cases alleviating their passion for growing in the right direction, they would probably be rewarded with favorable outcomes.

They would be rewarded with excellent and stable romance, with a partner that gives them what they need, not what they want.

In a way, these people like to stay at home when they love they are sincere and want to have partners who are a perfect match to them. They like to lead an organised life, where they can put everything and everyone on its place; of course, they will take the lead.

They are best understood with people who share their interests, so it would be good if their spouses were dealing with the same kind of work. These people who belong to the September 20 usually fall in love with their co-workers, or bosses or they find lovers in high school, for example. They are prone to long-term relationships in which they can give their best qualities.

Purpose and Career

These people of the September 20 have a compelling character, and one thing that sets them apart from the rest of the Virgo group is that they do not care so much about the opinions of their co-workers and bosses, if they believe that they are doing the right things, nothing can stop them.

But these people as much as they love success they love money and the power it brings. Early in life, they should decide what is that thing that they will like to do and be the best, and then direct all energy in that direction. They will never succeed if they dissipate strengths and do not lead them intensely toward the target object.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on September 20 are ruled by the number 2 and the Moon-Mercury planetary combination.

This is a very complicated connection that can mean so much; it gives these people a complexity and the principles of conflict, and not necessarily in a wrong way. The most obvious expression of this aspect can be identified by the conflict between the emotional part of the being and that rational (thinking).


These people born on September 20 have all of this in their lives, they are often overemotional. But this connection can be symbolically manifested as a rationalising of emotions, which is not a problem by itself, but when they begin to rationalise emotional life, then the feelings stop. Emotions that come from the Moon’s influence require manifestation, and it is justified to the degree that it will either become repressed or overly shown.

These people often rush to ‘understand’ emotion, and they forget, because of the Mercury impact to allow this emotion to emerge, to confirm it, to allow her to be expressed productively and slowly.  If they feel anger, it is not right to attack the first person who comes on their path, but this emotion needs to have the proper manifestation, but never to be neglected.

People that are associated with the number 2 are usually gentle and imaginative, easily hurt by criticism or insufficient attention by others. They are emotional, but since people were born on September 20 are Zodiac Virgos, they can deal with problematic issues using their spiritual abilities.  Understanding emotions often come as a result of this process, because people born on September 20 have a powerful (but still latent) perception of what is happening within them.

Their numbers are 2, 22 and 29; and their color is white-grey.

Historical Events on September 20

Can you believe that we found one event that happened 480 before Christ, and it is still remembered as one of the most critical events of human history? Yes, we did, and this battle occurred on September 20.

480 B.C – In the battle of Salamis Island in the Aegean Sea, the Greeks, under the command of the Athenian military commander, Themistocles, defeated the Persians led by King Xerxes I, thus securing the dominance of Athens at sea.

1187 – After the victory in the battle of Hattin Saladin begins with the siege of Jerusalem, the capital of the kingdom of Jerusalem.

1519 – Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan sailed from Seville with five ships on the road around the world.

1520 – Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent came to power.

1697 – In Ryswick, England, Spain, the Netherlands and the German Empire signed a peace treaty with France, which ended the war of the Great Alliance.

1870 – The forces of Italian king Vitoria Emanuel II entered Rome, which ended the unification of Italy. Pope Pius IX retired to the Vatican and declared himself a prisoner.

1928 – The Great Fascist Council became the supreme legislative body in Italy, in place of the then Council of Deputies.

1940 – The rationalisation of foodstuffs in France is intensified so that more goods can be transferred to Germany.

1945 – The All India Congress and its leaders, Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, rejected the British proposal on self-rule and demanded full independence of India.

1951 – Greece and Turkey became NATO members.

1952 – Chilean Congress elected President General Carlos Ibanez Del Campo as president.

1955 – Argentine President Juan Domingo Peron had to flee overseas before the crowd. The authority was taken over by General Eduardo Leonardi.

1959 – In Iraq, the first protests against Prime Minister Abd Al-Kariya Kasim broke out due to the executions of the people.

1960 – Thirteen African states that gained independence and the former British colony of Cyprus have been admitted to the UN.

1970 – Soviet spaceship “Moon 16” went down to the moon and picked up samples of the Moons land.

1976 – Sweden’s Social Democratic Party lost in parliamentary elections, for the first time after more than 40 years.

1977 – Vietnam and Djibouti were admitted to the UN as 149th and 150th members of the international organisation.

1979 – Jean-Bedel Bokassa, the ruler of the Central African Empire, was overthrown by the authorities. The new head of state, former President David Dako, returned the country’s republic status.

1981 – The Central American state of Belize on the shores of the Caribbean Sea gained independence from Great Britain.

1984 – 16 people were killed in an American-embassy bombing in the US embassy in Beirut, the US ambassador was injured.

1990 – Parliaments of East and West Germany confirmed the agreement on the unification of the two countries.

1990 – South Ossetia declared independence from Georgia.

1992 – The Maastricht Treaty was accepted in France in a narrow majority of the referendum.

1999 – Multinational forces arrived in East Timor and took over the airport in Dili capital, after the withdrawal of the Indonesian troops.

Famous people born on September 20

Alexander the Third or Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia from 336 to 323 BC. During his reign, he united Greece, reestablished the Corinthian League and conquered the Persian Empire. And he was born on September 20, so you can see how much power inside themselves these people have.

356 B.C – Alexander III of Macedonia, better known as Alexander the Great.

1486- Arthur, the Prince of Wales.

1833 – Ernesto Teodoro Moneta, an Italian journalist and pacifist.

1842 – James Drew, a Scottish chemist and physicist.

1879 – Victor Sjöström, a Swedish film director.

1934 – Sofia Villani Scicolone, known as Sofia Loren, an Italian film diva.

1947 – Mia Martini, an Italian singer.

1948 – George R. R. Martin, an American writer.

1948 – Chuck Panozzo, an American musician (Styx).

1951 – Javier Marias, a Spanish writer.

1969 – Stefan Horngacher, an Austrian skier.

1971 – Henrik Larsson, a Swedish footballer.

1975 – Asia Argento, an Italian model and actress.

1976 – Jon Bernthal, an American actor.

1976 – Ainsley Earhardt, an American TV personality.

1984- Belén Rodríguez, an Argentine-Italian model.

Virgos born on September 20 are under the influence that comes from the planetary combination Moon- Mercury and these people are often very (or extraordinarily attractive, think on Sofia Loren, for example) but are also people who can achieve the great success in life.

These people are organised and committed to their “groups”, and we are saying this in the broadest possible sense. That group can be their family, and they are the ones that will organise everything to function in the best possible way.

They are also people who can conflict with a mind and heart and can have a problem when they try to rationalise their intense emotions, and just by doing so, their passion will lose its strength.

The main lesson that these people of the September 20 should learn is that they should never wait for things to turn around because that will not happen without any interference, but they must do it themselves. They have to move and fight for their rights and goals since they have to be aware that the Universe will help those who help themselves.