September 2 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The study of destiny, even in the way of using Astrology and birthdate examination is a spiritual process in a way; and one that combines the two Astro-numerology also imply responsibility and concentration and divine wisdom that the one who deals with it. And knowing this science means that many possible infinite definitions can be put into the equation.

Can we deal with this science in that spiritual sense; can we know something from looking into the stars? Do we have our lucky stars; can we use them to make our lives better and more prosperous?  We can! You can explore crucial aspects immediately, by knowing just a few information, and provide yourself with the pleasures of exploring all the secrets of your destiny.

On top of this, you can see, at least one part, the fateful mysteries of all the people with whom you are related and with whom you live. This is a much higher expansion – than we believe and it is something that all of us should have in mind.

Today we are looking into the world of the people who are born on September 2, along with the ruling Zodiac sign Virgo. These people have so many characteristics of this sign, as you will be able to see in this article.

Personality and Character

Born in the Virgo Zodiac sign have a very active mind and are incredibly accurate people who like organising and order in all areas of life and stinging out of overemphasised sentimentality thinking that they would obstruct them in making reasonable, sober decisions that are necessary for them to function in everyday life. We are not saying that they conflict because they cannot deal with emotions and reason, but they need to have a good organisation in their life.

These people belong to the Virgo Zodiac sign, and they are born at the beginning of the September and in a way, they are charming people who rarely apologise for their work, actions, or words.

They do not engage in logical explanations of their motives, and they prefer their efforts to speak for themselves, they are people who believe in never doing in talking about what they are about to do. In principle, these people born on September 2 prefer their actions to be successful, and they are substantially dependent on work, you will rarely meet one representative of this date who is lazy and does not like to work.

On the more negative side, these people can fail in the situations when they do not have enough internal strength to deal with what has happened to them or change their direction, and this is the bad moment for them when they realise that in them there is a fire and rage. These people born on September 2 are prone to explosive reactions when they are subjected to wrong criticism. Because of this weakness, they usually depend on a close friend or family member, and their connections with their family members and friends are very important to them. They often have large families.

Love Compatibility

Emotionally these people are warm and passionate and can be very attractive to the opposite sex.  They have a rather unusual taste in love, and they prefer to stay alone than to give up their expectations in any way, people of this date have their taste and don’t like anything that is not according to their taste. They expect a lot from their spouses and love partners, and can be tricky in this way; not everyone will have the time to wait for them to say and do, according to their “propositions”.

They look for the eloquent partners and versed in many topics. That is why they need the necessary interlocutors who are skilled, educated and in progress with actualities. It is essential to them that their partner is compatible with everyday communication and exchange of opinions.

They love organised and accurate people, and hate when people are late and change the deal or make promises at the last minute.

They are attracted to people who have grand life plans and ambitions. They would like to support them in the realisation of such projects because they hope to bring them to what they are trying to achieve: lifelong material comfort and security.

They can be shy in sex with those lovers who they genuinely love but can be spectacular lovers; cold-blooded people of the September 2 decisively break bad relationships, but not without previous long and deep thinking and analysis.

They are guided by the view that it is better to stay in an average relationship than to break up and risk loving a shipwreck in search of an imaginary ideal. Although these people record the most significant number of seemingly satisfied and self-sufficient loners, they in the depths of the soul long for love and life in a pair.

Purpose and Career

Unlike so many other Virgos who are serious, people who are born on September 2 are naturally witty and have an enormous number of things they want and can do. Again, they can be very serious when necessary, and most of the time, serious events of everyday life make people of the September 2 much more insensitive than would otherwise be the case.

Place where these people are right Virgos is their need to do things right, in their way, maintaining high ideals and aspirations that they are determined to satisfy them. There is no reason to be different because all the abilities are within their minds and the only thing is that they find the proper way to be expressed in a good idea. These people don’t have a problem in school, like to learn and read.


In a moment when these people know what will they do, and have a good idea to express their creativity, they can become good writers. And these people also have that dramatic tone to everything they do, and their love of travelling is in some correlations.

During life, people of the September 2 will be presented with an opportunity to gain a lot of money at the same time, but they have to learn to save since that is the care about their families. If they learn to save people born on September 2 will work well with money and finances, and can value the usefulness and beauty of objects and materials, recognise their values and treat them accordingly.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on September 2 are ruled by number 2 and the Moon that is in relation with the ruling dominant planet Mercury that is responsible for all Zodiac Virgos. Mercury manages communication and entrepreneurship, as well as speaking abilities. His domain is intelligence, analytical thinking, verbal expression and trade. The Moon is closely related to mood, emotions and instincts. Also, it shows your attitude towards your mother and in general to all women. Unknowing habits, earliest memories, intuitions and abilities, they are all under the government of the Moon.

Numerologically speaking, people that belong to the number 2 are usually better associates and partners than leaders, and this influence can be of great help in their private affairs and relationships. This impact can also be an obstacle to individual initiative and behavior, which leads to frustration. Negative influences can additionally be enhanced by the Moon, which has reflexive and passive tendencies.

But in a way, this is a very complicated connection between the Moon and Mercury, and it can have a visible expression in the life of the people who are born on September 2 of this aspect can be identified by the conflict between the emotional part of the being and that rational. This aspect can manifest itself as a rationalising of emotions, which is not a problem by itself but becomes one when they begin to rationalise their emotional life.  So most often they follow that some emotion, which is very important and requires manifestation, is justified to the extent that it will either become suppressed or overly rationalised.

This connection also gives the challenge to develop latent ability to subside into inner life. During their lifetimes, these people often have the opportunity to succeed in this, facing various ‘difficulties’ on a path to self-development.

Their numbers are 2 and 11, and their colour is dark orange.

Historical Events on September 2

You don’t have to a part of a particular historical event to feel its consequences on your life, today. Read all about those happenings that took place on the second day of September.

31 B.C – In the Battle of Actium of the Ionic Sea, Octavian defeated the fleet of Roman army commander Mark Antony and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

1666 – In a fire that London fought for four days, the fireworks almost destroyed the city. Many buildings were damaged, including St. Paul’s Cathedral.

1752 – Based on the decision of the British Parliament, in the UK and its colonies, the Julian calendar was replaced by Gregorian. Select event 1807 – The British Navy bombed Copenhagen to prevent Napoleon Bonaparte from using the Danish fleet against the Brits.

1829 – The Peace between Russia and the Ottoman Empire was signed.

1866 – A rebellion against the Turks erupted in Crete, and the abolition of Turkish rule and unification with Greece was announced.

1872 -In The Hague, the Fifth International Congress began, where it was decided to move the seat of the International to the United States.

1898 -In the battle of Omdurman, the Anglo-Egyptian troops under the command of Herbert Kitchener won, after which the British took all critical strategic positions in Sudan.

1930 -In the plane “The Question mark” French pilots completed their first flight without interruption between Europe and the United States.

1945 – The capitulation of Japan occurred, and it was considered to be the end of the World War II.

1989 – During demonstrations against apartheid in Cape Town, South Africa, police arrested more than 400 protesters.

1996 – The government of the Philippines has signed a peace deal with Muslim rebels after a 24-year civil war.

2008 – The first beta edition of Google Chrome for Windows was released.

Famous people born on September 2

The list about famous people who celebrate their birthdays on a particular date was never so short, but you will agree that all of these names carry specific strength.

1805 – José Esteban Antonio Echeverría, an Argentine writer.

1838 – Liliuokalani, the last queen of Hawaii.

1838 -Constantine Porphyrogenitus, a Byzantine emperor.

1853 – Wilhelm Ostwald, a German chemist.

1877 – Frederick Sodi, an English chemist.

1890 -Ellsworth Paine Killip, an American botanist.

1951 – Mark Harmon, an American actor.

1964 -Keanu Reeves, a Canadian-American actor.

1965- Lennox Lewis, an American boxer.

1966 – Salma Hayek, a Mexican actress.

1966- Charles Curtis “Tuc” Watkins III, an American actor.

1971 – Kjetil André Aamodt, a Norwegian alpine skier.

1977 -Marek Mintal, a Slovak soccer player.

1989 – Alexandre Pato, a Brazilian soccer player.

These people can be quite a secret because they seem to let others approach them to one point and then raise the obstacle. They are fond of people who are clean, beautiful and unobtrusive, they will notice every small detail and will notice any shortcoming and failures.

Since these people born on September 2 are quite discreet, they may not tell some things directly. They will use body language and indirect ways to get others to pay attention to omissions.

In good interpersonal relationships, these people are stable and reliable in relations. Despite being fond of keeping things under control, they can be gentle and attentive. Most often, the faithful and exemplary people full of mental peace, and in the event of a crisis, they rely on a reasonable and honest conversation that would bring benefits and happiness to all those who are involved. They fit compromises, but not unmatched. If they do not satisfy a minimum need on any plan, they will willingly give up everything and decide on something else to do.