September 19 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The most common Astrology that we sometimes feel like is the only one, and it is because it is the most used Astrology (most related to us), -is Natal astrology. It is the type that deals with many issues that are important for people in general -how their life can be in the best possible way.

So, Natal Astrology tells us what will happen to us during our lifetime, it speaks about events that will occur potentially in our lives or why some things happen to us. It gives every man the opportunity to intervene within the available personality. What an individual will do with the “data about himself” depends on him.

The purpose of the Natal Astrology is that these data are established, and the user is instructed how to use them in the practical solution of everyday problems. They were presented to both sides of the human psychic nature: both positive and negative. It depends on us for which side of the world we will bow. We are allowed to examine our faults, review our actions and reactions.

It tells us how to “adapt to our positive side” – how to strike a balance.

This is basic knowledge that we need to have so that we can prosper in life; to find out about these pieces of information you need to know your birthdate. Today we are speaking about September 19.

Personality and Character

These people who are born September 19 can be motivated to success by being in some financial difficulties during early day and who felt economic scarcity. In these and similar situations people of the September 19 have to lead a daily struggle for success and what is remarkable is that these people show a great determination to leave behind some trail and to climb on social ranks.

In this process, these people experience a total transformation, and these Virgos are known for reinventing themselves completely; they can even change their occupations multiple times in life. And even if theirs seem like an accident, trust us, they follow a particular path that they want. Moving toward success, even if they lose contact with their past and never forget their mistakes and failures and hard times.

Regardless of the financial standing of these Virgos, they are usually very neat persons who want to organise everyone and everyone around them in one whole in which everything goes smoothly without any problems.

The approach of the planet Venus that us the ruler of all beauty things makes these people fascinated with beauty in different forms, but especially sensual, physical beauty. Their clothes are always flawless, and their general impact is interesting for others, they have full awareness and try to leave a lasting impression on others.

People born September 19 are very interested in the appearance of everything around them, and for them, it is equally important that their physical appearance and the appearance of their home, environment, a family is perfect.

Love Compatibility

As many Virgos, those born on September 18 have something unique appeal to them, and even if they are not for everyone, they can be very attractive to the opposite sex, and there seems to be a certain magnetism in them that incredibly attracts certain people – sometimes in a way that can be surprising.

These people who celebrate their birthdays on September 19 love pleasures, and are never as happy as when they go out to spend time with friends, they love to be surrounded with people, but they are not the necessity for happiness in their minds. They can be sufficient to themselves, but they have loving nature, and never shy away from being in a solid love relationship.

Some people born on September 19 pay too much attention to their appearance, but more in the way that they are aware of the fact that they can affect people by the impression, they need to make a statement by their appearance, and we will say that these people are at least in one small part under the influence of the planet Venus, that is the ruler of all beautiful things in life.

But some more developed representatives of this date are more oriented toward inner spiritual beauty, and this is the point that sets them apart from others. This is one part of the charm that these people have.

Purpose and Career

There is no doubt that people of the September 19 have a right mind for the job, and have a good idea what can be a good business venture. And having successful careers is very important for these people if they have a good idea for work, they should enter the job as soon as possible because they will not be happy or fulfilled if they feel like they are missing out on the opportunity.  Often, their jobs involve travel, and these people enjoy it very much.

These people are very ambitious, so these humans, regarding their careers, want to have the main word in everything they are doing, in a sense that if they have to have the main word in everything if they believe in a particular project.


As people who love art in its purest and complex forms, these persons like to read, they are musical and can sing well, but the lights of the stage rarely attract them. But this doesn’t mean that they will never be on the scene, it can be wonderfully fascinating for those born on September 19, and it can be a cure for their shyness and jitters. They are enjoying movement, excitement and stimulation for their active minds and it can be a medicine for their self-confidence. During the creative process, these people are not interested in other people’s advice.

The main advice for these human beings born on September 18 is that they need to pay more attention to their mental health and be cautious when they find themselves in stressful situations. They are good organisers, and can correctly manage their own business. Politics can be a good choice of work for them since they can be socially involved in their surroundings.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

September 19 is the last decade of the Virgo rule, and we can see the planetary and symbolically influence that comes from the next Zodiac sign – Libra. So, as we know all these information, people of the September 19 are under the influence from the Sun, and Mercury, but in one smaller part, we can see the impact of the Venus that is the ruler of the next Zodiac sign – Libra. So Sun- Mercury – Venus cause a firm trust in life and belief in success.

This connection gives them strength and energy, but also tend to look for the beauty in life and to point their focus on beautiful things in life.  The combined power of Venus, Sun and Mercury here emphasises the possibility of having a strong creative ability that a person can use in different ways, possibly for the artistic expression of his feelings in love, for example by creating love lyrics.

Numerologically speaking, these human beings are under the government of numeral 1 – they want to be first in everything, they love to be in charge; they are very ambitious and do not retreat from obstacles. They are fighters who can fail, but will also get up and stand up for what they believe.

Their number is 1, and their color is green.

Historical Events on September 19

All of us need to emphasize ourselves about events that happened a long time ago; they can help us in our reveal the influence of a specific date.

636 – The Rashidun Caliphate led by Halid ibn Valid captured Damascus from the Byzantines.

1356 -An English army, under the leadership of the Black Prince, the son of King Edward III, defeated the army of French King Jean II in the Battle of Poitiers, thus ending the first phase of the Year’s War.

1370 – An English army led by Edward Black Prince captured and devastated the City of Limoges.

1863 – The Battle of Chicago in Northwest Georgia began, which will end with the biggest defeat of the Union (North) on the west front of the American Civil War.

1888 – The first world beauty contest was held in Belgium.

1900 -In Winnemucca (Nevada), Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid made their first joint robbery at the First National Bank and fled with $ 32,640.

1918 – World War I: The Battle of Megiddo occurred.

1939 -World War II: Soviet troops arrived at the Polish-Hungarian border and at the same time occupied Vilnius, which was under the Polish administration in the north of Poland.

1941 – World War II: Germans captured Kiev after a 45-day battle.

1941 – British troops entered Tehran during the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran.

1944 – The Moscow Peace Corps was signed between Finland and the Soviet Union, which ended the Settled War.

1955 – In Argentina, the army has defeated President Juan Domingo Peron.

1957 -The Americans in Nevada carried out their first underground nuclear tests.

1961- Jamaican citizens voted in favor of secession of the country from the West Indies in a referendum.

1970 – The first Glastonbury Festival, the biggest outdoor music festival, was held at an estate in Glastonbury, England.

1985 -An 8.3-strong earthquake with Richter with the epicenter in the state of Michoacán, about 350 km from Mexico City (Ciudad de México), killing 9,500 people, and 30,000 people have been left homeless.

1989 -In the explosion of the DC-10 aircraft of French company UTA, on the Brazzaville-Paris line, over Niger, all passengers and crew members were killed 171.

1991 – In the glacier on the border of Austria and Italy, Ötzi, the oldest naturally preserved mummy in Europe, from 3300 BC, was discovered

1994 -US troops landed in Haiti in operation Washington designated as “reestablishing democracy”.

1994 – Ted Kachinsky’s “Manifesto of Unabomber” was published in Washington Post and New York Times.

2001- US President George W. Bush signed a congressional resolution on the usage of military force in the war against terrorists.

2001 – Islamic priests have invited terrorist leader Osama bin Laden to leave Afghanistan voluntarily.

Famous people born on September 19

In the list below you will find out about all relevant people who found fame and share one identical thing – all of them are born on September 19.

86 – Antoninus Pius, a Roman emperor.

866 – Leo VI the Wise, a Byzantine emperor.

1551 – Henry III, the French king.

1774 – Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti, an Italian cardinal.

1802 – Lajos Kossuth, a Hungarian politician.

1910 – Margaret Lindsay, an American actress.

1911 – William Golding, an English writer.

1922 – Emil Zatopek, a Czech athlete.

1928 – Adam West, an American actor.

1933 – David McCallum, a Scottish actor.

1935 – Brian Epstein, an English music entrepreneur who managed the Beatles.

1939 – Al Oerter, an American athlete.

1941 – Umberto Bossi, an Italian nationalist politician and leader of the Lega Nord party.

1941 – Mama Cass Elliot, an American singer (The Mamas and The Papas).

1948 -Jeremy Irons, an English actor.

1965- Sunita Williams, an American astronaut.

1967 – Aleksandr Karelin, a Russian wrestler.

1970 – Sonny Anderson, a Brazilian soccer player.

1974- Jimmy Fallon, an American comedian and TV host.

1977 – Tommaso Rocchi, an Italian footballer.

1996 – Pia Mia, an American singer, and model.

How to conclude this Astro-numerological story? How to say in a few short sentences what we find out about these human beings who belong to the Virgo Zodiac sign, and are under the impact of planets Sun, Mercury and Venus. And this last is maybe even more critical because Venus is the planet of beauty and love, and these human beings born on September 19 are very much involved in such issues, and their entire lives are in some way connected to such matters.

Venus indicates that person can be shy and more closed when it comes to expressing tenderness and the deepest positive emotions and that it may take more time until he completely relaxes.