September 18 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

We have already mentioned that Astrology had its fair share of crisis and that is had the problem in managing its significance, but it did.

Astrology persisted over the years but was used only by the privileged, and in the earliest years, Astrology was the science that only Kings and Queens use for making the most critical decisions in life, and they were those who have to lead people, so their decision-making process was complicated.

So, did you know that the most famous astrologer and prophet Nostradamus was a personal astrologer, Catherine Medici, and the astrologers also had Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon, George Washington, Hitler, Ronald Regan, etc.? So this was the privilege of the most “important” people in the countries, and they were among few who knew the exact time of their births; and we understand that this is strange for nowadays, but it is true.

Today we all know our birthdates and based on that information we can find out more about ourselves and our future, among useful details how can we make our lives better.

We are examining date September 18, the people who belong to this date.

Personality and Character

These people are Virgos, and without a doubt, they have many characteristics that are associated with this earthly Zodiac sign. So, for example, these people are resourceful, discreetly witty, diligent, practical, intelligent, modest, shy, and precise. It is said that their life mission is to be a hero and steal people’s hearts with feet with knowledge and intellect, and this rule can be applied to the human beings born on September 18.

And they are also very practical, and their thoughts are based on reality, not so much imagination, but this certainly not means that they are not creative. It is expected from them to walk the path of life with their feet firmly on the ground, walking graciously and gently in their perplexed reality.

The truth also is that these people of the September 18 are very much (when interested in the particular topic) focused on the details, they are dynamite’ which literally means that they are filled with dynamic energy.

In some way, Virgos, and those born on September 18 also, approach everything systematically, they feel good when they have planned routines, but of course, life is something different, unpredictable. Their great virtue is that they always come everywhere and everywhere, you can find them everywhere and in the society with many different people. It may seem cold and absent, but in fact, most of the time, they are just shy and indecisive.

One negative thing that is related to these people who belong to September 18 is that they have a terrible habit of thinking negatively about people until proven otherwise, in their lives credit goes from zero.

Also, when these people face problems, they bravely endure them and learn to live with them. When their energy level is out of balance, they can become very self-destructive. This is why they need to take good care of themselves and to look after themselves all the time, even if they are busy and preoccupied.

These human beings often take the opposed attitude and always think well until it shows up differently, and it is the brightness in their minds and hearts.

Virgos who are born on September 18 as you can expect love mystery in their private life, but for some reason, they always find themselves in public affairs, and we guess that the reason is in the incredible energy that pushes them in such events, even if they would want to stay calm and undetected.

Their world is extraordinarily intimate and does not enter easily; they can even put others in a position to fight for their friendship or love, and they can be extreme in such matters. This is not healthy or good, but they do it anyway.  Why do people want to be their friends? These humans who celebrate their birthdays on September 18 are humans that others can rely on them, and when they love they love to the full extent of emotions.

Some representatives of this date can have little bit more changeable nature and it their attention can be little shorter than usual since they are prone to sudden changes and quickly close the door to a friendship or a love affair.

Beauty and love are not central topics in their life, but they are incredibly vulnerable to any violence, but they can enter harsh competition since they want to prove themselves and to prove everyone that everything is possible.


Love Compatibility

In interpersonal relations, these human beings don’t like trouble and noise of any kind, so they would instead fill time in a warm house with a book or thinking about life and future, then spending times in clubs partying.

People born on September 18 can enter a phase in life, when they want to be far from home, geographically or emotionally (this is often the case, they want to escape their emotions), and some of these people do not like to remember their past. In principle, they leave the past behind and rarely open the door to closed problems or interruptions. When they finish with a particular love story these people born in September are finished and in their emotional life there cannot be a second chance for anyone.

Totally committed when in love, people of the September 18 are trustworthy and loyal partners who like to be committed to their families, as we have said already.

One thing is very interesting here when we are talking about their love life, and when you know that they give people credit only when they deserve it, after a long time of proving their devotion, it is easy to see that they will instead be alone than with the wrong person.

And one more utopic idea in the life of these Virgos who celebrate their birthdays on September 18 – they do not want the right one, they seek the perfect one. This does not mean looking for someone who is perfect, but someone with whom they will perfectly fit into one amazing, passionate community. Details are essential to them in love; they expect a lot.

Purpose and Career

People of the September 18 are diligent and attentive in matters of money, and very, very careful in all business interactions – as all Virgos they know how to deal with the business matter with care. These Virgos are also optimistic and tend to see a brighter side in everything, even if things are not going in the desired direction.

In some way, these people are dreamers who are far from pleased with their current environment. They need to learn what opportunities are hidden within their minds, and they need to awaken dormant energy reserves to achieve greater success.

These people can achieve remarkable success in their careers, but they can also continuously repeat failures, and that causes bad luck in other aspects of their lives -but even in this situation they can deal with such issues.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 9 gives planetary influence to the people who are born on September 18, and connection Mars- Mercury rules these humans. The combined influence of Mars and Mercury brings a quick spirit, but also a tendency towards a very rush, non-pliable behavior.

They are very active and are often involved in some type of sport, but in that pursuit of victory they can become hasty and rush into the problem, for example, an injury. But the good thing is that they can endure everything, usually with the smile on their faces, and this optimism is always welcome. Persons born on September 18 must be aware of their natural boundaries and their trends to reject others ruthlessly. Therefore, they should try to control their impulses and reduce the powerful energy that comes from planetary connection Mars-Mercury.

Numeral 9 from the numerological aspect is the number that gives these people wisdom and ability to start a new phase in their lives, to see what were their mistakes and the ways how to solve them.

Their number is 18, and their color is honey yellow-brown and hazelnut brown.

Historical Events on September 18

We must say that it is never a good day for war, and for losing people’s lives, but most dates in our history are marked with such events, and September 18 also.

1502 – Spanish sailor of Italian origin, Christopher Columbus, arrived in Costa Rica on his fourth and final journey to the New World.

1759 – After the military defeat, the French had to hand over the English Quebec Province to Canada.

1810 – An uprising against Chilean colonial rule led by Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme, later President of Chile (1817-23), began in Chile.

1822 -French Egyptologist Jean-François Champollion deciphered the Egyptian letter, (hieroglyph).

1851 – The first issue of the American newspaper The New York Times came out.

1931- Japan launched an attack on northeastern China, Manchuria, and on March 3, 1932, declared the independence of Manchuria.

1934 – The USSR joined the League of Nations.

1944 – World War II: After heavy fighting, US armored units under the command of General George Patton captured the Brest port, the naval base in northwestern France.

1947 – Secret Service of the US CIA was established.

1973- The UN General Assembly accepted the membership of both German states – East and West Germany by acclamation; The Bahamas also received the UN membership.

1982 -Massacre in Sabra and Shatila – with the support of the Israeli army, a Lebanese Christian militia in Palestinian refugee camps Sabra and Shatila in Beirut killed at least 800 people.

1988 – During anti-government demonstrations in which thousands of people were killed, the military junta overturned the government of President Burma Maung Maung.

1989 – The Indian government has decided to suspend military operations against Tamil Tigers and to withdraw troops from Sri Lanka by the end of the year.

1997 – Islamic terrorists attacked a tourist bus in downtown Cairo and killed nine German tourists and an Egyptian driver.

Famous people born on September 18

We must say that it is noticeable that many famous people born this day are dealing with sports, and have amazing results. When you look at their personality and characteristics, the reason is clear and distinct.

53 -Troyan, a Roman emperor.

1709 – Samuel Johnson, an English writer and lexicographer.

1786 – Christian VIII, the Danish and Swedish king.

1819 -Jean Bernard Léon Foucault, a French physicist.

1845 – Hermann Bollé, an Austrian architect.

1905 – Greta Garbo, an American film actress of Swedish origin.

1949 – Peter Shilton, an English soccer player.

1961 -James Gandolfini, an American actor.

1964 – Aitor Karanka, a Spanish soccer player and football coach.

1971 -Jada Pinkett Smith, an American actress.

1971 -Anna Netrebko, a Russian soprano.

1971- Lance Armstrong, an American former professional road racing cyclist.

1973 -James Marsden, an American actor.

1973 – Mario Jardel, a Brazilian footballer.

1975- Jason Sudeikis, an American actor.

1976 – Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, Brazilian player.

1980 -Ahmed Al-Bahri, a Saudi footballer.

1981 – Jennifer Tisdale, an American actress and singer.

1989 – Serge Jonas Ibaka Ngobila, a Spanish basketball player.

You certainly have some idea of how these people born on September look like, what they do in life, etc, but additional information is in order.

They are sensitive, and sometimes they think that all the worries of the world are on their shoulders, and they spend a lot of time in analysing – they can be too strict on and too self-analytic. What these people should do is to develop a sense of humor and accept things as they are, especially if those worries are connected to other people from their surroundings. This will be their salvation and a great help for future progress and personal development.  The fact that people born on September 18 can cope with the burden of stress and effort even if it’s a result of a lack of self-confidence.