September 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Between the 8th and 11th century, the Arabs translated from Greek to the Persian language all known astrological books and built the first astronomical observatory in the world in Baghdad. This shows the extent of their seriousness and the place that Astrology took in those civilisations and that place it remains till this day. Even if we know that the Astrology went through a lot of challenges, and difficulties, but somehow it stayed relevant or at least present in human lives.

Thanks to the Arabs, Astrology came to the west, and it is a well-known fact that Colleges in Italy and Germany have lectured on Astronomy and Astrology. But in the 17th-century things have changed, and Astrology stopped being a science. Only in later years, its scientific place was restored, and up until that time people who deal with Astrology had to know both mathematics and astronomy, and even medicine.

In the 17th century, separation of Astrology and Astronomy took place, where Astronomy becomes a science, and Astrology remains an esoteric discipline. But we can see that it never disappeared in any way, like maybe some other esoteric methods that do not exist anymore.

No matter how things can be, Astrology remains a relevant part of people’s lives, and its usage stays constant and even necessary for people.

Today we are dealing with Virgo Zodiac sign, and with lives of the humans who are born on that day, we also tried to include additional information like historical information about this date.

Personality and Character

Despite their conservatism and tradition, people born on September 17 have an unusual sense of humor, which sometimes can hurt others that don’t understand their specific sense of making fun, but they have their own circle of friends.

These people love, from ordinary things to make them eccentrically. They are usually less serious than they look and in a relaxed society, they can be very entertaining, but only in their circle of friends. They do not reveal this side spontaneously so that it can happen that those with whom they work never get to know this way.

People of September 17 can be very creative, but hard for cooperation; they are stubborn and extremely logical, they organise their thoughts and always believe that if their claim is correct, it must be a conclusion. This is good for certain people and specific jobs, but wrong for some activities where they need to let loose.

They have a powerful sense of justice and peaceful resolution of disputes and debates, and their friends often include them in brawls, and when they need some type of advice or suggestion how to deal with a particular situation. It is therefore not unexpected that many of these individuals become excellent lawyers or judges, or social workers since they have warm heart and love to help people.

It’s hard to deal with these people, and it’s harder to get them out of their comfort zone. Once they set the goal and determine the direction of movement, it is practically impossible to stop them.

Love Compatibility

These people are oriented toward homes and are not interested in travelling too much abroad because it means separating from the hearth of their loved ones and beloved home. They are those lovers who are dedicated to their families and cheating never occurs to them in any way; betrayal is something that is incomprehensible to them in any way.

People of this date are devoted, and their love nature is hugely developed, if only they find partners who will respect that in some way. Their appearance is far from ordinary – people describe them as lively, spicy, ready and sometimes unpleasant. They are prone to rejection, and they exhibit such behavior when people approach them too directly and aggressively. People of September 17 can be rough and shy at the same time, and they are not everyone’s cup of tea, to be honest.

They need to learn to express their affection toward people, and it is not like this trait is given to them, they need to learn to show this ability. Sometimes people who are their potential lovers can be confused because they do not receive any feedback and are never sure if people of September 17 like them in any way.

They need to learn how to be more open and to express their sentiment in a healthy way while staying true to themselves. Their best match is with someone who will love and support them, and simultaneously being prepared to take responsibility for a family obligation, while humans of this date chase their dreams. Not everyone is ready for such a relation.

Purpose and Career

People of the September 17 have a lot of interest, and are particularly interested in science, they can become a scientist or can be involved in for example medicine. All Virgos have fantastic qualities and have focused on detail- they can be amazing in many jobs that require such things. In their work, people of this date can easily remember things and can generalise to make some excellent and useful conclusions that can be used for the education of many other people.

These people born on September 17 are generous and righteous in all their actions; they quickly notice and understand the situation around them, and can reach high positions in life. They have excellent business skills, so they should set a clear goal and work on it, and will no doubt come true.


Regardless of whether the persons born this day are engaged in professions that are dynamic or require a lot of sitting, they need to watch their health. It is vitally essential to reduce stress drastically.

They not only successfully build their careers but they manage to stay on top for a long time, and they are much respected for such mater in their work environment.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on September 17 are ruled by number 8 and are under planetary impact that comes from Saturn and Mercury that is the ruler of all Virgos. Saturn is the planet that gives people who are under its influence have a strong sense of responsibility and limitation as well as a restriction, and if it is combined with expansive Mercury, you have people who have energy that needs to be restricted.

It also suggests the tendency to over-criticise people, and this is something that is usual for people born on September 17. The combined effect of Saturn and Mercury emphasises the seriousness of those born on September 17.

The favorable position of Mercury and Saturn, in the lives of these people, will help them open a new chapter. Even more, these people can wake up the best in them, because the planet of communications Mercury and the ruler of time and karma Saturn combined create favorable opportunities. Their natural energy will help these people to survive and give them strength to move firmly into the future; no matter how many obstacles they might have in life (they are not immune).

Number 8 that can also be found in this combination points to a conflict between the physical and the material world, and we are again talking about the balance that these people have to have. Those who are governed by the number can be lonely, but at the same time, they have a great energy that needs to be directed into the wrong direction.

Their color is blue-purple, and their number is 8.

Historical Events on September 17

One worse epidemic in the history occurred precisely on September 17, but many other events mark this date and deserve to be mentioned.

1630 -The City of Boston, in the US, was founded.

1631 – In the Thirty Years’ War, the Swedes and German Protestants under the command of the Swedish King Gustav Adolf in Leipzig beat the imperial army under the leadership of Count Tilly.

1665 -In London, a plague epidemic took the lives of about 70,000 people.

1787 – Delegates 12 of the then 13 US states signed the US Constitution.

1796 – First US President George Washington sent a farewell message to the American people and retreated to his property.

1809 -The Peace of Frederikshavn ended the Swedish-Russian war in which Russia won Finland.

1859 – Joshua A. Norton declares himself the Emperor Norton I of the United States of America.

1900 – British Queen Victoria Alexandrine signed a document by which Australia entered the Commonwealth as a federal union of six former British colonies.

1918 – World War I: After a three-day offensive, the Serbian armies, with the help of two French divisions, broke through the Thessaloniki front in the First World War.

1931 -RCA Victor presented the first long-play gramophone record in hotel “Savoy” in New York.

1934 – The Soviet Union joined the League of Nations (Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal opposed).

1939 – World War II: The Soviet Red Army entered Poland from the east, occupied the regions of western Belarus and Ukraine and captured 217,000 people.

1944- World War II: British paratroopers to the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands started Operation Market Garden in World War II, with the goal of establishing a bridge on the Rhine River and bypassing the German line of defense.

1978 – In Camp David, Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menech Begin signed, with the mediation of the United States, the “Camp David Agreement”, which ends the war between the two countries.

Famous people born on September 17

Human beings who are on this day are destined to make a great success, that in their case may come little later in life – these Virgos born on September 17 are known for building their paths slowly and with dedication.

879 – Charles III the Simple, a French king.

1552 – Camillo Borghese, the Pope Paul V.

1580 – Francisco Gomez de Quevedo y Santibáñez Villegas, a Spanish writer.

1743 -Marquis Condorcet, a French mathematician, philosopher and political scientist.

1826 – Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, a German mathematician.

1857 – Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, a Russian physicist.

1859 -Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid, an American criminal and rebel.

1883 – William Carlos Williams, a Puerto Rican-American physicist and writer.

1900 – John Willard Marriott, an American entrepreneur and businessman.

1923 – Hank Williams, an American musician.

1928 – Roddy McDowall, an English-American actor.

1930 -Edgar Mitchell, an American astronaut.

1931 -Anne Bancroft, an American actress.

1945 – Phil Jackson, an American basketball coach.

1948 John Ritter, an American actor.

1950 -Narendra Modi, an Indian prime minister.

1960 – Damon Hill, the British driver of Formula 1.

1965- Kyle Chandler, an American actor.

1965 – Franck Piccard, a French alpine skier.

1973 – Anastacia, an American singer.

1977 -Simone Perrotta, the Italian soccer player and national player.

1985 – Tomas Berdych, a Czech tennis player.

1985 -Alexander Ovechkin, a Russian hockey player.

1991 – Uche Nwofor, a Nigerian footballer.

What we all need is conclusion so that you have some judgment and general conclusion about these people.

People born on September 17, whether they are creative or not known, are persistent in achieving their goals, and they will never calm down if they don’t make until their desired dream.

They have inner feeling that they have deserved it, and that they are destined to make some grandiose success. The belief that they are entitled to have something is that follows them entire lives, but we cannot say that they do not deserve such success, but they have to work hard for it, there is no doubt about it.

Since they are under the influence of Saturn and Mercury, they have energy and serious approach to things, maybe they are doing things a little bit slower than some other people, but their success is almost guaranteed.

In the case of these people it sometimes seems like they are taking the slow path toward success; for others, it may look like they need years to reach desired “destination”, although it appears that these people prefer such an approach.