September 16 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many philosophical schools have included in their program and lecture in Astrology, along with medicine, mineralogy, and alchemy. This was a particular case in some ancient times when these sciences were even more connected in the sense of their object of observance and their methodology.

By the fall of the Roman Empire in 476, the culture and intellectual life of the Greek-Roman civilisation got a heavy blow, and so Astrology did also. And we are mentioning this because Astrology, like many other sciences, went through ups and downs, but it remains its relevance to this day, and this is something meaningful.

The Babylonian Astrology demand observation of the sky slowly, but the one Astrology that developed in Greek begin to put things on paper, which is on the maps themselves and is much more similar to today’s Astrology. The system used in Hellenistic Astrology is a system of identical houses, wherever the sign of an ascendant falls, that whole sign represents the first house.

Fun fact – did you know that the Greeks called the ascendant Horoscopes, and hence the name Horoscope that term that we use today abundantly. In that period, the reputation of Astrology grew among the people and the kings and only them had their horoscope and knew their Zodiac sign, and for that matter, they knew their birthdates.

Today we are looking into the world of the people who are born on September 16 and who are Virgo Zodiac sign. As you will be able to see, they have so many characteristics that comer from this Zodiac sign, but they have some that are prominently different.

Personality and Character

People of the September 16 have a good taste and are interested only in the best of everything – the best music, the best books, the best people, and the best clothes. They are snobs who are aristocrats by nature and feel that they can be a little different from those around. Regarding others, these people are also democratic, friendly and compassionate to all those in need, as many Virgos are in their nature.

It is essential for people who belong to the date September 16 to recognise their boundaries, in every way, physical and mental, because they like to push themselves to a certain limit. It is also necessary for these people to remain psychologically, emotionally and spiritually balanced because of their expansive nature – this is the aspect that is important for all Virgos all around the world. Having balance in life is a must for them, or they will have a problem in dealing with the large amount of accumulated energy that they cannot release.

People born on September 16 are not afraid to completely fall into what they are striving for, they can be an even great inspiration for their environment, but this is not the best part of this story. In this Astro-numerological story, the best aspect of their lives is that those who are born on September 16 is that they can do well in the most challenging situations where they often show courage and firmness.

But, since they rarely withdraw from their point of view, these people can come into conflict with authorities. It is often arduous to believe that these people are by their nature prone to risk and rebellion, they are not calculated as other Virgos. Or maybe the word calculated is wrong, but they are more prone to breaking the codes in the society and bringing the new beliefs and rules – this is not common for Virgos.

Love Compatibility

Emotionally people of the September 16 are dedicated and very emotional, but undoubtedly these people who like to flirt. During the early years, these people love to live a fun life filled with pleasure. They do not stand loneliness, so are always looking for a company or being in some kind of emotional association.

These people must be cautious about marriage, because their entire life can be beautiful or miserable, depending on the choice of partner. If they marry someone who is not compatible with them, it is not the situation that they can pull of themselves fast, they will suffer. But in the positive scenario, they can develop emotionally in the right way.

It is essential that these people of the September 16 have support from their lovers, and generally close people, It would be very wrong if people who were close to them insisted that people born on September 16, in some way, restrain their lifestyle that is turned to their agendas. Their spirit is so dynamic that nothing can stop it and suppress it. It will not succeed in disciplining a child born this day or to calm his soul, reversely such attempts will hurt everything.

Still, these people born on September 16 are patient enough to master their strengths to the smallest details without becoming egoistic, and this is the struggle for so many people, but not for them. This is an excellent trait for people who are in a relationship with them, and they are caregivers but not those who will be overwhelming. People born on this date have enormous emotional energy and are always expressing their feelings.

Purpose and Career

These Virgos born on 16 September are very righteous; love animals and they like to take about their environment. They can be good athletes or can become one if they are motivated for some reason. Others see them as brilliant; they tend to be coherent and say abusive things about those in your circle of acquaintances – a habit that they must at all costs get rid of.

These people are skilful with their hands and know to use their hands; if you are interested in hidden things, they can become an accomplished magician, and interestingly enough one of the most famous illusionist in the world is born this day, so this proofs this statement. These Virgos like to read; they will never neglect their intellect in any way.

They have a great desire to go beyond the boundaries and beyond what they have already achieved in their area of interest, and this is something that could be very challenging for their surroundings.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons who are Virgos born on September 16 are ruled by the number 7 and planets Neptune and Mercury that is the chief ruler for all Virgos.

Mercury in astrological symbolism denotes our conscious mind and our ability of logical and analytical thinking, but in this combination, it marks our way of communicating with people. And in a way, these people are human beings of the opposites of themselves since they have Neptune in their charts that symbolises the opposite thing. The planet Neptune symbolism is a synthesis, the unification of parts into a functional whole, they need to find some higher meanings in this world, and it can represent a form of communication without a word. This connection signifies emotional link that is based on not only environmental attitudes and non-verbal expressions, but also by the emotional state that these humans radiate.

People who are ruled by the number 7 sometimes fail to break through their ideas and quickly lose touch with reality, since Neptune is present. Since people born on September 16 are prone to devise a variety of projects, they must be disciplined in the implementation of their plans. Those who are connected to the numeral 7 are extremely unpredictable but can have good fortune in their lives.

Their number is 7 and their color is khaki brown.

Historical Events on September 16

To know a certain date, but to really understand it you must learn all the facts, and the historical part of those facts is a must.

681 – In the Byzantine capital of Constantinople, under the sponsorship of Emperor Constantine IV, the Sixth Ecumenical Council was settled.

1620 – The Mayflower ship started its sail from the English port of Southampton with passengers who will establish Plymouth, the first permanent English colony in North America.

1810 – Miguel Hidalgo, the parish priest in Dolores, Guanajuato, delivered the speech of Capay Dolores to his parishioners, starting the Mexican War of Independence from Spain.

1812 – A major fire broke out in Moscow, which destroyed three-quarters of the city in the following days.

1859 -The German National Association was founded in Frankfurt. The Society sought to unite Germany under the Prussian leadership.

1859 – Scottish researcher David Livingstone in East Africa has uncovered a large lake of Nyasa, which now divides Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique.

1919 – A peace treaty signed between the forces of Antilles and Austria in Saint-Germaine.

1941 – Iranian chess player Reza Kan Pahlavi abdicated in favor of 22-year-old prince Mohammed Reza.

1953 – In New York, the premiere of the first movie in cinemascope “The Robe” with Richard Burton and Jean Simmons occurred.

1955 – Argentine President Juan Peron deal with a military coup. A

1959 -Xerox introduced the Xerox 914, the first modern photocopier, invented by American physicist Chester Carlson.

1963 -Malaysia established by the merger of Malaya, Singapore, the British North Borne and Sarawak.

1966 – Opening a new metropolitan opera house at the Lincoln Center in New York with the performance of Samuel Barber “Antony and Cleopatra”.

1978 – 25,000 people died in an earthquake measuring 7.5 to 7.9 degrees Richter scale in Iran. The city of Tabas and a large number of villages are entirely demolished.

1992 – Black Wednesday: The British Conservative Government had to pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism because it could not be held above the lower limit.

2001 – After 15 years of negotiations China was accepted in the World Trade Organization.

Famous people born on September 16

We feel like we never have such a diverse list of the famous people who are born on a certain date, in this case, famous people who are born on September 16. This just proves their strength and determination to succeed in their intentions.

1098 -Hildegard of Bingen, a German theologian and naturalist.

1823 -Francis Parkman, an American writer.

1823 – Prince Mihailo Obrenovic, the prince of Serbia.

1853 -Albrecht Kossel, a German doctor and Nobel laureate.

1887 – Jean Arp, a French painter, sculptor and poet.

1893 -Alexander Korda, a British film producer and director.

1893 -Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Hungarian scientist and nobleman.

1923 -Lee Kwan-Yew, a Singaporean statesman.

1924 – Lauren Bacall, an American theatre and film actress.

1925 – Riley B. King, or B. B. King, Blues Boy King, the legendary blues musician.

1927 -Peter Falk, an American actor.

1934 -George Chakiris, an American dancer, singer and actor

1937 – Alexander Medved, a Belarusian wrestler.

1952 – Mickey Rourke, an American actor.

1952 – Fatos Nano, an Albanian politician.

1953 -Manuel Pellegrini, a Chilean football coach.

1956 – David Copperfield, an American magician.

1958 – Jennifer Tilly, an American actress.

1963 -Richard Marx, an American singer.

1965-  Karl-Heinz Riedle, a German soccer player and coach.

1966 – Kevin Yang, an American athlete.

1968 – Marc Anthony, a Puerto Rican singer.

1971 – Amy Poehler, an American actress and comedian.

1976 – Adel Chadli, a Tunisian footballer.

1978- Michael Uhrmann, a German ski jumper.

1979 – Flo Rida, an American rapper.

1992- Nick Jonas, an American singer, actor, and songwriter.

It is a good idea to speak more about the spirit of the people who are born on September 16; the Astro-numerical story about these human beings who belong to the Virgo Zodiac sign, and who are under the planetary influence of the planets Neptune and Mercury.

The essence of the people who are born on September 16 is so dynamic that nothing can stop it and nothing should even try to suppress it. Nothing can calm their spirit, and by focusing it on some good and positive things, they can achieve success in everything they intend to do. These Virgos who are born on September 16have a potent spirit that does not recognise defeat or obstacles, they can do whatever they want with their lives and can go in the direction that they want and they see fit.