September 14 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is a well-known fact that man can influence Cosmos with his thoughts and feelings (and later with his experience), that is, on his body, properties and reality (karma), and changing himself, he synchronously changes others. This is a mutual interconnection that is, in fact, a normal thing in our world, and no matter how sometimes things seem, we must admit that we are all connected in some divine manner. And Astrology in particular recognise this connection and speaks of this connection, or to be more specific its study relies on this thesis.

Astrology only helps people in such adventure and presents “signs along the way” in life. These signs can be seen and use for numerous purposes, and they are critical to see on time so that we can react accordingly.

Astro-numerology also provides people to become aware of their potentials, and in this way, humans perceive the essence of their existence, life, death and God, and precisely through his birth date, for – the character of destiny.

By studying the role of dates in the formation of man’s character, temperament and potential, Astro-numerology allows us to inspect our microcosm, as well as in directions through which we can mature and progress. This is important because only by introspection we can achieve desired changes in life, as well as emotional and spiritual growth. Today we are dealing with the date September 14, and we tried to look into all critical aspects that are connected to it.

Personality and character

These people have a reflexive mind and a clear idea of ​​others’ lives and motives; this is connected to their introspective minds and their pronounced intuition (that they sometimes avoid to listen, but it is always there). For many people, it may seem like people of this date, like to give their opinion on numerous topics, and it is interesting since they have decent knowledge about many issues.

However, in good discussions that have the real purpose, these individuals who belong to the September 14 are wise enough to limit their comments to what they know best and believe us they know a lot, Virgos are known for excellent memory. They remember everything and later use that information for their own agendas that can be good and bad, that all depends.

If possible, to the area in which they are proficient so that they can give their best and maximal impact to that particular audience. These people despise superficial people who pretend to know more than they know and show extreme malice against such people -they need to punish them and put them in the right place. It is no wonder why these people have so many enemies.

These people, as Virgos born on September 14 are turning to the society in which they live and are interested in its problems – these people are not selfish in this way, not at all. They are oriented to the beneficial aspect of humanity and will push themselves to this level. They consider themselves as defenders and critics of their society, no matter how small and big it can be;  and are not only involved intellectually but actively in all projects that can improve things that they see that need to be fixed, or changed, as soon as possible.

Love Compatibility

Emotionally these Virgos do not express affection, although you have a strong, passionate nature. They can be very gentle, in fact, but can have a problem to show that gentleness and care; it is not that these people of the September 14 are rough in any way, but they are more clumsy in showing their emotions.

These people often have to find some other, maybe an even unconventional way to show that they care and that they are very much. Here it is a good idea to remember one famous person who is born on this day, and it is Amy Winehouse, one of the most talented and tragic people of our time. She was used from her partners, that involved her into drugs and addictions, and she could not deal with such problems. But at the same time, that pain was something that “helps” her to write some of her best and most emotional songs. It was her way to deal with her emotions, and pain at the same time.

The need or sex and sensual contacts should not be discarded; and for spiritual balance, it is of utmost importance to become more open when expressing love is concerned. These people should find a healthy way of expressing their emotions.

People of this date are visually oriented can describe what they see to the smallest details, and to someone become their partner it is very hard, since they measure all things, and are very critical to their lovers.  But they know how to love; there is no doubt about it, a potential partner need to be straightforward to understand them.

When evaluating the actions of others, they always proceed from the assumption that there are still places for self-improvement in their relationship, and this is noble and sweet at times, but also exhausted and irritating. Therefore, they are not ashamed to give concrete suggestions to partners and to advise them on how to improve for the sake of their love. Who can deal with such behavior, he can be the long-term partner of these people born on September 14.

Purpose and Career

People born on September 14 are among those who spend most of their lives in thinking instead of doing, and their Virgo Zodiac influence can be seen in this sort of passivity. If these people are in the business world, they are planners and like to make business plans and schemes.

In the business world, those who belong to this date can be used for making the specific idea successful like they can be the tool, those who plan and give others the idea to work. In fact, people of the September 14 are very original and fascinate their environment in every way.

Many sciences, and especially philosophy and metaphysics, appeal to them, as we have already mentioned many times, these people who are Virgos love reading and would like to use that knowledge practically. Probably in the early years of their interesting life, people who celebrate their birthdays will not try to earn money because they will be preoccupied with thoughts, but later they will set their focus differently.


People born on September 14 think their role is to open their eyes to the truth, and often time they feel like their purpose in life is to do such thing, either to their environment or in front some more extensive audience. These people feel like they are the ones that know the truth and are those who are clever enough and talkative to speak such important things.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on September 14 are Zodiac Virgos, and symbolically are ruled by number 5 and the planet Mercury in its dual form, that is spectacular and negative in its writing.

The planet Mercury represents the speed of thinking and change so people born this day must be aware that they exhibit extraordinary intellectual complexity, but the negative aspect is that they cannot sometimes deal with such power, and even worse they expect others to change directions quickly. No matter what life impacts they have, these people have the ability to recover quickly.

The connection Mercury-Mercury signifies strong intellect and communication skills but also somewhat problematic choices in life that these people can sometimes have.

Their number is 5, and their color is orange-brown.

Historical events on September 14

Besides war events that are mandatory on such lists, we have to mention those who are connected to the political decisions and are related to cosmic research. All of them are important for humanity.

786 – The most celebrated Caliph, Harun al-Rashid, the hero of many stories from “Thousand and one night” came to power.

1262 – The King of Castile Alfonso took the port of Cadiz on the Atlantic Ocean coast, ending the five-year-old Moorish occupation of the city.

1812 – French troops under Napoleon Bonaparte entered Moscow, which at that moment broke out a great fire.

1930 – Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party became the second largest party in the German parliament.

1939 – The VS-300 helicopter of Russian constructor Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky, who immigrated to the United States, made his first successful flight.

1959 – Soviet “Luna 2” became the first spaceship that went down to the Moon.

1960 – A military coup led by Colonel Joseph Mobutu was carried out in Congo, and Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba was placed in house arrest.

1960 – Organization of oil exporting countries, OPEK, was established at the meeting of representatives of oil-producing countries in Baghdad.

1975 – In Amsterdam, an unemployed teacher cut with a knife a picture “Night Watch”, one of essential Rembrandt painting.

1996- Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk forgave one of the leaders of the Red Khmer Jengu Sari for his role in the period of “death” when between one and two million people were killed in Cambodia.

1997 – At least 56 people were killed in a fire in the oil refinery in Visakhapatnam, southern India, and 81 passengers were killed in the central part of that country when five wagons of an express train survived from the bridge to the river.

2001 – The US Senate passed a resolution authorising US President George W. Bush to “take all necessary and appropriate measures” on the occasion of the September 11 attacks.

Famous people born on September 14

We found many interesting people, who belong to this date, and among them, there is one of the most tragic and best musicians of modern times; but among these people, there is one woman that gains notoriety by achieving something unintentionally. No matter how these people become famous, all of them share some similar traits, be sure about it.

1486 -Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, a German theologian, astrologer and alchemist.

1580 – Francesco de Quevedo, a Spanish prose writer and poet.

1760 – Luigi Cherubini, an Italian composer.

1769 – Alexander von Humboldt, a German naturalist and researcher.

1817 – Theodor Storm, a German writer.

1849 – Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, a Russian physiologist and Nobel Prize winner.

1886 – Jan Masaryk, a Czech politician.

1889- María Capovilla, an Ecuadorian supercentenarian.

1910 – Rolf Liebermann, a Swiss composer.

1910 – Jack Hawkins, an English actor.

1913 – Jacob Arena Guzman, a President of Guatemala.

1931 – Ivan Klima, a Czech writer.

1937 – Renzo Piano, an Italian architect.

1954 –  Michael Patrick King, an American producer, director and screenwriter.

1956 – Kostas Karamanlis, a Greek politician and statesman.

1973 -Nas, an American rapper.

1974 – Hicham El Guerrouj, a Moroccan athlete.

1974 – Sander Oliseh, a Nigerian footballer and coach.

1977 – Malik Bendjelloul, a Swedish documentary director.

1978 – Silvia Navarro, a Mexican actress.

1983 –  Amy Jade Winehouse, an English singer.

1989 -Jessica Brown Findlay, a British actress.

1990 – Juwon Oshaniwa, a Nigerian football player.

1990 – Douglas Costa, a Brazilian soccer player.

People who are Virgos, born on the September 14, and under the double influence of the planet Mercury, that rules all communication skills as well as intellect, you can imagine how much power they have on their hand. They are those who make an influence on their environment, no matter if they choose to do so, or that situation occurred unintentionally; they do it well. And the best bit is that these people point their energy to the good cause, to the improvement of the world. But we also must add one more thing is crucial here – they like to tailor their world as they see fit, and who can tell is that the best solution?

We have said that these people are fascinated to the occult and spiritual matters to a great extent; they are never bored or lazy to explore mysteries and to grasp the real causes of things that are hidden behind what eyes can see.