September 11 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

One more type of the Astrology is Babylonian Astrology, and its influence can be seen even to this day since it is also called the Astrology of Vision because the events visible in the sky are monitored and explained.

It shows vision into the things that are not just happening among planets, but also meteorological phenomena like thunderstorms, earthquakes, etc.

It is even in those ancient times known that for example, certain events on the earth depend on the specific activity of planets. For instance, fertility was dependent on Venus, and wars from Mars.

So the connection between the people and Universe is well known from a long time ago and to this day also. Now, all of us can participate together in this process of discovery, and today’s lesson is -look into the life of the people who are born on September 11 and are Virgos in a horoscope.

Personality and character

What Astro-numerologist say is that it cannot be denied that people who are born on September 11 are people who seem calm, and traditional, they look like average people, but in fact, they are the people who can, from time to time shock others, in most unexpected ways. They can show you one face, and in the next moment, they will shock you with something that you did not know that you need to hear, or they can reveal something about themselves that you did not expect to hear.

Cause you know these people have that shock value to them, and they are not afraid to use it in most unexpected ways, and they see themselves as courageous people born to wake up others from their denial; this is the secret mission that they use only in extraordinary times. They are most of the time true Virgos, the most down to earth people that you can find in the world; but of course you should never forget fire that they have in their hearts and knowledge in their minds. But they do not reveal all of their cards immediately; they wait for the right moment when their inner voice says that the moment is right.

These people born on September 11 enjoy different behavior than regular, and they are even proud of that, it is their individual courage to risk especially when they later remember those times, and the look on people’s faces when they say something shocking and controversial.

These people are excellent managers with excellent organisational skills that are an incredible way to know their associates and subordinates in an incredibly clear form, to transfer what they want and expect. People born this day love children and can be excellent parents when they decide, but they must avoid excessive criticism and complexity on the one hand and excessive leniency and tolerance on the other.

Love Compatibility

As lovers and potential partners, to the outside world, these people are magnetic and beautiful to the opposite sex; they are energetic, but their body language sometimes show something else, and it does not always follow their hearts.

They can, at times, hide their real emotions and can be rather exciting people to have in life – but never easy. Experience with people of this date is always exciting and intriguing.

Psychologically, people born on September 11 have a strong need for expressing all kinds of love; and here it is an excellent time to speak of their need to have not just human desire, but much more in life. They feel like love, in general, is a moving factor for all things in life, and they are those who can make that difference in the world.

These people born on September 11 are in their worse stages when their thoughts, behavior and needs are pointed to some goals that are undermined by greed and boredom.  But they still have a need for stability in life, and these phases are not common in their lives, their final need is to found long-term relationships or a stable family institution.

Purpose and Career

It is said that people of the September 11 have a brilliant, versatile mind – no doubt they are interested in a variety of things – after all here we encounter Virgos who are under the numerological influence of the numeral 11, that is consider to be very interesting and compelling.

Internally, these people have prominent religious lines that they can discover later in life, in one way or another. While they work something that they love, these people are practical and extremely sensible, they like doing things in their own way. When we say that they are sensitive we are not talking about their weakness but rather their strength and power over others; they know what everyone wants and can do so that they can become leaders in a way.

In business matters, people of the September 11 are cunning, and rarely when they make a significant mistake in dealing with those matters. This is all thanks to their ability to estimate human nature so they can guess what lays behind someone actions. They should always listen to their intuition, and they can be wiser than their “opponents”, which is excellent for any job. Of course, this naturally brings them enemies in work, and these people born on September 11 can experience significant setbacks in action, as a result of other people (it can happen for example that others steal their ideas).

These people have a sound and rational mind, they have a business mind that is well developed and can be pointed to the notion that they are the first do something in life and business (this is why they travel a lot), and they are never as happy when they achieve their intentions.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 2 and the planetary connection Moon-Mercury rules persons born on September 11, and by all numerological aspects, this is one extraordinary number. Numeral 11 refers to the physical plan as well as symmetry worship, so these people like to have everything in life according to their own idea of what life should look like. And numeral 11 is the number of great energy, so these people are in a position to experience different things in life that others cannot reach. And we are not talking about good and joyful things in life.

People who are in number 2  often look for people to love and to work with them, rather than to do things on their own, not because they can, they like to have support, since they are emotional humans, and the numeral 2 is responsible for that.  The creativity of these people is additionally strengthened by the combined influence of the Moon and the Mercury, which is the ruler of all Virgo sign people. Between the Sun and Mercury, there can be burns and loses or there can be the high power that is directed to the right direction. We have already spoken about the obstacles that can be in their path at times.

But this connection point to the diligent effect on intellectuality and it gives a line of craftiness and the ability to convert, and if the creation of favorable conditions leads that can lead to the success.

Their numbers are 11 and 20, and their color is bright yellow.

Historical events on September 11

When we, modern people hear about the date September 11, we will all agree that that date has just one connotation and that is not a good one. It is reminiscing on one particularly negative and painful event that shook the world by storm and made a lasting scar on all of us. Besides that event and we are talking about the terrorist attack on the US, few more important events happened on that day thought the history.

1273 – With the election of Count Rudolf von Habsburg for the King of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation, the quarrel over the throne was ended.

1697 – The Austrian victory in the Battle of Zente, de facto ended the Great Turkish War.

1709 – Anglo-Dutch-Austrian troops under the command of the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy accomplished victory against the French at the Battle of Malpas.

1801 – In Leipzig, the romantic tragedy of Friedrich Schiller’s “The Maid of Orleans” was premiered, experiencing great success.

1830 – The Republic of Ecuador was established as part of Colombia’s Confederation.

1855 – After 11 months, siege, British, French and Turkish troops occupied Sevastopol, the most important Russian base in the Black Sea. This ended the largest operation in the Crimean War.

1870 – King of Sardinia Victor Emanuel II attacked the Papal state in Rome.

1963 -Austria has signed an agreement on the cessation of atomic experiments.

1973 – In Chile, the right-wing junta under the leadership of August Pinochet Ugarte (and with the help of the United States) carried out a coup in which the president Salvador Allende was overthrown.

1995 – Thousands of people demonstrated in the streets of Paris in protest of the renewal of French atomic tests that were conducted in the Pacific.

1997 – Scots in a referendum have accepted a plan by the British Labor Government to establish the Scottish Parliament for the first time after nearly 300 years.

2000 – Russian and US cosmonauts Yuri Malenchenko and Edward Lu completed the six-hour release into open space at the International Space Station.

2001 – Around 3,000 people were killed in a suicide bomber attack at the World Trade Center in New York and in Washington, in the Pentagon building.

2013 – More than a million Catalans have created a human chain to support Catalonia’s independence.

Famous people born on September 11

No matter how much September 11 sound negative when we remember all the negative events that took place on that day, we must say that this date produces good and successful people.

1524 – Pierre de Ronsard, a French writer.

1816 – Carl Zeiss, a German mechanic and entrepreneur.

1877 – Felix Dzerzhinsky, a Polish-Russian communist.

1882- Asta Nielsen, a Danish film and theatre actress.

1885 – David Herbert Lawrence, an English writer.

1903 -Theodor W. Adorno, a German sociologist, philosopher and composer

1917 – Ferdinand Marcos, a Philippine politician and president of the Philippines.

1935 – Gherman Titov, a Soviet cosmonaut.

1937 – Tomas Venclova, a Lithuanian writer.

1940 – Brian De Palma, an American director.

1945 – Franz Beckenbauer, a German footballer and coach.

1945 – Karlo Rekalkati, an Italian basketball coach.

1957 -Preben Elkjær Larsen, a Danish footballer.

1962 – Julio Salinas, a Spanish footballer.

1965 – Bashar al Asad, a Syrian politician, statesman and dictator.

1967- Harry Connick Jr., an American singer.

1970 -Taraji P. Henson, an African-American actress.

1971 – Markos Moulitsas, an American political activist and blogger.

1971 – Richard Ashcroft, a British musician.

1974 – Orlando Duque, a Colombian extreme jumper.

1977 -Ludacris, an American rapper.

1979 – Eric Abidal, a French footballer.

1979 – David Pizarro, a Chilean footballer.

1991 – Kygo, a Norwegian record producer, and musician.

The time for a conclusion is here -we need to sum up all that we know about these Virgos, born on September 11, who are under the influence of the planets Sun and Mercury that can be complementary to each other but are also too energetic in some way. We will also say now, that people of this date are those who are under the influence of the numeral 11 that is considered to be the number of greatness and immense energy. So these people should carry that energy through life, and this is something that can be seen through dual impact both negative and positive at the same time. They can go through major pain to receive greatness in life, but can also achieve something that only a few people can have in life.

All in all, people of September 11 have something that can bring them great joy in life, but also are the people who can have a different test in life, all as a part of learning process and discovery.