September 10 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

We spoke so many times about the influence of the Astrology, in all parts of our life, from work to love, and spiritual well being is also somewhere on that list. Astrology and knowledge is something that is closely connected to the personal growth and development that can be achieved if we listen to what stars have to say.

Astrology can be one form of healing (nurturing all aspects of human destiny and life in general) where the purpose is to find balance in life, by challenging planetary influences that can be diagnosed through traditional astrological practice. Ok, we will agree that professional astrologers will do this job correctly, but with the study and useful information, you will be able to be at least solid in this task. This branch can be used in the times of need, when we don’t know which way to go in life, for a diagnosis of a particular problem; in a certain period or when we look at the whole experience, but this branch promises to heal and nurture.

The goal is to find the astrological influences by bringing planetary energies into balance, and as well as a systematic approach to healing by looking at planetary positions and aspects.

In this article, we will deal with the primary balancing system by looking at the Astro-numerical aspects of a date September 10.

Personality and character

Unlike some other Virgos, these, born on September 10 have more energy and good will, have one kind of mental kindness and harmony, gather a wide variety of people around them, and need to express their feelings.

These Virgos born on September 10 are considered to be happy if they find an activity that can later become a passion and even further their purpose in life. However, they often look for a career for a long time and only then choose a profession in their life or build a family structure that suits their character -as true Virgos these people like their life to be organised and well balanced. Do they have that always? No, but they try very hard to achieve.

These people are efficient and rarely overestimate their capabilities, while others leave the impression of balanced and stable individuals. But they can sometimes make plans that are not really as they should be, and in this way they can accumulate their stress, that can later become a chronic problem.

But their fate is not so perfect and without problems, and they may experience some very unpleasant experiences from time to time, but will overcome them with will and determination. These people most often face the problems of the nervous and psychological nature, and it is all because of the exposition to stress and in the times when they are under the excessive pressure.

On the other hand, lives of these people will also have some pleasant surprises, because people love these people, and will do anything to make them happy in a way, and help them in any way they can. To have this in life is a real gift. Partly because of the kindness that these people born on September 10 will find happiness from sources least expected, and their rise will be rapid, both financially and socially.

Love Compatibility

These people are attentive and kind; and are real caregivers who are interested in the welfare of others.

It is not easy for people who are born on September 10 to deal with stress, and they have many stressful situations in life, so this issue is very problematic, and it takes time to be solved. When they find themselves in demanding conditions or in situations where their actions are subjected to the examination of others or even worse criticism, they feel small and hurt. That’s why they opt for unusual lovers who draw lots of attention while working behind the scenes to ensure their success.

Although Sun that can be found in their chart increases illusions that can lower their practical nature, it can bring unusual situations through marital-emotional relationships; this is a type of Virgo that can emotionally be prone to hallucinations, spiritual feelings, strong emotions, but which often have significant changes at the partner level.

The critical point in the life of the people who are born on this is the point where they need to work on their strengths and focus.  Although they seem to be entirely turning to their business, sometimes they seem uninteresting for other problems, these are people who react very hard to more difficult situations, never mind if those situations are connected to them or the people they love.

This clearly shows that these people have great hearts.

But their lovers have a hard time with these people, since their mood varies from great exposure, ambition, imposing authority to complete the distance and the need to be in the solitary.

Purpose and Career

Virgos born on September 10 are active and energetic; they have a motivating temperament, and can achieve much in r life and subsequently in their jobs; and all thanks to the great strength and endurance. These people have good nature and what they do in their personal life is something that they like to keep to themselves, and they do not wish to attract much attention to themselves.


Often they have increased work they accept but their career is never in the first place, and they have plenty of time for family and friends.

The assignments already of these people “react” with stronger motivation and need for work. But these people must have an earlier, more difficult way of effort through relationships, an attempt to get to housing security because they all come with a lot of work and renunciation. They do not like to owe anyone and promise what they cannot fulfill, they are strict regarding this matter, and it is understandable why they are demanding in some way.

With material security, they feel much better, and although they act and have the feeling that is one “black sheep” in the work environment, they demonstrate their commitment in situations when direct help is needed and more significant.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born in the sign of Virgos that are born on September 10 are ruled by number 1 and the Sun-Mercury planetary connection. The Sun gives them great creative energy and a well-developed ego, as well as a positive orientation towards life. And in combination with the fast-moving Mercury, it indicates a more clear danger of insufficiently realistic approach to life, even if these people don’t see that as a real problem.

This can be seen in the times of creations of some basic plans. If they work on these issues in a sense that people who have this combination in their life can use certain periods to bring more attention to them, there will be times when they can point their energy to the important things. This connection can bring fruitful results primarily to artistic creativity, especially for work.

Those who are dominated by the number 1 tend to be the first in everything they do, and not just first but the best, they see themselves as the bearers of the new things and people of new energy and ideas.

Their numbers are 10 and 19, and their color is pink-white.

Historical events on September 10

This date was connected to the war events, especially during the WWI and WW II, but we tried to find some other relevant events that are connected to this date.

1509 – About 10,000 people died in Istanbul as that city was hit by the strong earthquake that became later known as the “Small Judgment Day”.

1526 – Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, after the victory over the Hungarians in Battle of Mohács.

1721 – Sweden and Russia in Finland ended the Great Northern War, which began in 1700.

1813 – In the War of 1812, the American forces led by Oliver Hazard Peri defeated the British at Lake Erie.

1823 – Simón Bolívar became the President of Peru.

1898 – The Italian anarchist Louis Luccheni carried out an assassination attempt in Geneva on the Austrian Empress Elizabeth.

1919 – Austria and the Allies signed peace, by which Austria recognised the independence of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

1939 – Canada announced war on Germany. Canadian troops fought in the World War II as part of the British army.

1941 – In Oslo, after numerous strikes, German occupying forces introduced a state of emergency.

1942 – The Royal Air Force in the World War II attacked Dusseldorf with 476 planes, which threw 100,000 bombs into that German city.

1943 – After the capitulation of Italy in World War II, the Germans occupied Rome and placed under the Vatican Protectorate.

1945 – Vidkun Quisling, the head of the puppet government of Norway, was found guilty of betrayal and sentenced to death for cooperating with Nazi Germany in World War II.

1955 – A massive police action against organised crime was carried out in the southern province of Calabria.

1962 – In London, 15 Commonwealth members voted against Britain’s accession to the European Economic Community (EEC).

1967 – The citizens of Gibraltar rejected the referendum of joining Gibraltar to Spain and decided to stay under the British administration.

1974 – Based on an agreement reached in Algeria, Portugal recognised the independence of Guinea-Bissau.

1981 – A picture “Guernica” painted by the famous Pablo Picasso was returned to Spain.

1989 – Hungary opened the border to the West and allowed the departure of some 7,000 refugees from East Germany to West Germany.

2002 – Switzerland, after the referendum, became a member of the United Nations.

2003 – Swedish Minister for foreign affairs Anna Lindh stabbed her at a shopping mall in Stockholm and died a day later

Famous people born on September 10

From the Roman Pope to the actors and movie and fashion designers, they all find a place on our list of the famous people who are born on September 10.

1487 -Julius III, a Roman Pope.

1714 – Niccolo Jommelli, an Italian composer.

1751 – Bartolomeo Campagnoli, an Italian violinist, composer and conductor.

1794 – François Benoist, a French composer.

1839 – Charles Sanders Peirce, an American philosopher and logician.

1855 – Robert Koldewey, a German archaeologist.

1886 – H.D. Hilda Doolittle, an American poet, a writer of novels and memoirs.

1890 –  Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian-French fashion designer.

1890 – Franz Werfel, an Austrian writer.

1892 – Arthur Compton, American physicist.

1917 – Miguel Serrano, a Chilean politician and writer.

1927 – Yma Sumac, a Peruvian singer.

1938 – Karl Lagerfeld, a German fashion designer.

1945 – José Feliciano, a Puerto Rican musician, singer and songwriter.

1952 –  Bruno Giacomelli, an Italian driver.

1953 – Amy Irving, an American actress.

1960 – Colin Andrew Firth, an English film, television and theatre actor.

1964- Jack Ma, a Chinese tycoon.

1964 – Yegor Letov, a Russian singer.

1968 – Guy Ritchie, a British director.

1974 -Ryan Phillippe, an American actor.

1974 – Ben Wallace, an American basketball player.

1974 – Javi Moreno, a Spanish footballer.

1976 – Gustavo Kuerten, a Brazilian tennis player.

1983 –  Jérémy Toulalan, a French soccer player.

The conclusion is in order, all with the purpose of better understanding these people who are born on the September 10 and who are Virgo Zodiac sign that is a sign connected to order and practicality. But their life is under the planetary influence of the Sun, so these people can lose their practical and realistic side to them when they became overwhelmed and under pressure to be the best and the first in everything while receiving attention (or care) from others.

People born on September 10 are not so bound by tradition and origin, but in some way, these people attempt to discover how they fit into that tradition practically. They, as all Virgos, try to find their place in the world, and they do all of that to make practical life that is in correlation with happy and peaceful lives.